Investing My Portfolio Earning ~$5 Per Day! $7,200 Setup

What is up. ladies and gents welcome back to the good old tech crack house Thursday I hope you’re all having a good one I know that I am. Because today I’ve been working on my portfolio a little bit expanding it based on a couple of different things I think should help with performance and just kind of compounding upon it so I’m going to go ahead and go through and talk about everything that is currently in my portfolio it’s mainly based around like an ETF backbone of various ETFs that I think are worthwhile however they’re fairly different although they are high performance so they’re they’re performing pretty well overall which. I personally go for what I’m investing kind of differentiates my investment strategy from what. You know. stash invest provides primary stash get stash out of here this is not about stash this is about my portfolio it’s about seventy two hundred dollars and with the actual lab. You know. the growth and the dividends being paid out it’s an average growth of like 27 percent per year or something like that it’s pretty good overall maybe not 27 percent maybe 25 percent counting dividends okay. But it’s actually pretty decent so counting growth and dividends it’s like five bucks per day of growth. Now once again that’s growth. Okay, so that’s not. You know. I am relying on growth for this portfolio pretty much it’s not to dividend heavy of course the ETFs have dividends. But they are definitely not the sole focus of the portfolio. So I know that a couple of you want a portfolio update article or more of them. So I decided that I would go ahead and update you once again. So this is my portfolio as he concedes that about seventy seventy two hundred dollars. Now I did actually add nine hundred and today which Robin Hood recently has been having like a glitch where it actually shows that the $900 is like growth for the day that’s not. Okay, that’s not the case that’s really annoying I find that extremely annoying the Robin Hood does that you save that issue. But it would self correct quickly. Now it doesn’t like to do that as much so I’m going to go ahead and go through everything show you the equity holdings and just kind of just kind of. Yeah, just kind of talk about it. So it should be pretty interesting. So I thought about actually ordering these alphabetically I don’t believe that they are ordered alphabetically. So I apologize for that they’re not super organized. But it should still be. You know. pretty easy to understand so. Yeah, let’s go ahead and get right into it with uh any and you menu refers it is the USCF restaurant leaders fund. Okay, a bit of a mouthful. But a very good fund it actually tracks an index of restaurants interesting thing about this ETF is. You know. it doesn’t have much volume at all like most of the time which is kind of unsettling especially today it’s like been extremely inactive which I find weird I only have one share of it actually 17 dollars and cents per share that’s my equity. I actually had some money left over after buying some mainline ETF. So I want to add to the portfolio and I decided that it would be good to put it into actually I put some of it into a few penny stocks and the rest of it actually into menu. Because I think it’s a very interesting ETF it tracks some of the most successful. You know. restaurants that are actually available on the stock market today which is kind of cool. Because. You know. many of those are actually pretty expensive such as Chipotle and stuff like that so that’s menu. Okay, next we have ewo which is the vanguard MSCI Emerging Markets ETF I talked about this one my last article a little bit. Okay, about a thousand bucks of equity in it total return it is down a little bit. But to emerging market ETF so the volatility is a bit higher I’m. Okay, with that. Because. You know. with greater risk generally comes greater rewards especially with these emerging market ETF so Kay you can see the one-year performance on this one 19% growth that’s pretty good menu one your performance forgot to look at that 17% growth also really pretty good. Okay, so moving along here xt o ki shares exponential technologies etf right. Now to bad etf at all it definitely tracks more technologies than anything else obviously bigger tech companies 32 percent growth for the year practically 33 percent which is really good pretty impressive overall I really like the CTF a lot I think the growth potential is there I think it’s a good solid pretty solid investment honestly and that’s why I’m invested in it as you can see I have about a thousand bucks of equity and in XT there. Okay, so next we have vo og Vanguard S&P 500 growth ETF alright interestingly enough this one is one hundred twenty four dollars per share alright I have two thousand two hundred and forty three dollars of equity in this one I do think with this being an S&P 500 growth ETF it’s a good backbone of the portfolio hence why there’s a much higher allocation in this fund than there are then there is any other punt. You know. It really only makes sense so that’s V oog as you can see the 1-year growth here. Okay, 21 percent growth total return it is down a bit once again. Because it’s an S&P 500 market index growth fund a nice little dividend yield and that one too I got to say ve a here Vanguard MSCI ei fe etf. Okay, this is $41 per share as you can see I have 21 shares at a hundred and sixty one dollars of equity not too high I would like to buff this one a little bit however. I think that this one actually mainly tracks large cap small cap medium cap in European markets and not United States based markets which is cool. Because I did want a bit more exposure to those markets which i think is very worthwhile. Okay, so definitely. Something I would check out if you’re looking for exposure to markets that are us-based could be very interesting for you. Okay, when your growth on this one here 15% that’s actually pretty good also alright next vti. Okay, moving on to vti the Vanguard total stock market ETF I like this ETF a lot it does cover pretty much the entire market which is really interesting all sorts of facets and the ad sets and all sorts of cool stuff with this fun. You know. it’s really a pretty solid investment overall I have about a thousand bucks of equity in that one growth over the past years eighteen percent that’s pretty good. Okay, eighteen percent I really can’t ask for. You know. a whole lot more than that. But. Yeah, next last. But not least we have VB which is the Vanguard small cap EGF I did adds more small cat based oxen here. Because I’m really looking for growth especially. You know. aggressive too speculative growth even which is always a good thing so. Yeah, that’s one year there I’m going to run through the penstocks in another article actually. Because I’m kind of treating that as a separate portfolio to the one that I’m actually running currently in terms of the larger ETF so those are the larger ETFs and the funds that kind of make up the whole backbone of my portfolio just thought I would show to you again once again it’s about seventy two hundred dollars so really pretty reasonable in terms of overall investment. You know. I’m definitely going to put it above ten thousand soon and probably ten ten to twelve thousand or so is what I’m going to go for so we’re going to see how that goes should be pretty interesting stick around for more content folks thank you so much for watching I really appreciate it have a fantastic day and on you.

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