Investing Tesla Vs. Every Major Car Manufacturer Who Wins

who’s up ladies and gentlemen welcome back to the good old tech crankin so first things first Tesla is actually talking about releasing I believe it’s an automated electrically powered of course. Because it’s Tesla semi-truck on the 26th of October 2017 or teasing it or something like that I think it’s 26th of October which is in my opinion extremely exciting um electric semi trucks could really make a huge difference in the automotive and transportation industry I don’t want them to be really automated too much. Because. You know. I think that semi truck drivers deserve to work and they’re an extremely hard-working bunch of people if you don’t care about so my truck drivers then that’s fine. But at the same time. You know. I do think that they deserve jobs so that’s Tesla. But anyway that’s aside the point of this article so looking at this portfolio here we just have Tesla in it. Okay, it’s just a pie with Tesla that’s it 100% Tesla just a solid loop I’m not gonna say that any more times I would actually I’m going to be running experiment. Okay, where I compare Tesla a portfolio of entirely Tesla. Okay, only Tesla in this portfolio with another portfolio that contains it’s not this one I’m sorry it’s not that one either that’s Tesla that contains all of the big car manufacturers that are actually tradable on the essentially the the mainstream in the United States stock markets so we’re gonna be comparing Ford Thor Toyota Honda General Motors and Ferrari all with Tesla so it’s going to be all of them competing together. You know. competing against Tesla which is kind of like the underdog. But while it’s an underdog it’s kind of an automotive giant right. Now Tesla is I think really on the cutting edge of technology their business model is relatively intelligent however they aren’t really able to produce as many cars as I think they would like to be they might remedy that with the gigafactory. But in terms of quality control I’ve seen a lot of Tesla’s where their roofs leak their tailgates don’t close correctly where doors don’t align properly so their quality control I don’t think personally. I personally don’t think can compete with the car manufacturers that I have listed here like GM for example Ford Thor Toyota etc they have a level of fit and finish which is impressive to say the least they’ve really refined that over the years and. You know. even as car companies themselves as businesses they’re pretty solid and they stand a pretty firm if we look at the details for this here we can see that the average return over the past year or the year today performance for this portfolio is twelve point five five percent which is not incredibly impressive. But at the same time it’s steadfast. Okay, the past one year thirty percent which is actually quite good if we look at Tesla once again you can see that the I’m so gonna go back I go to the details you can see that the performance for Tesla for the year-to-date is fifty nine percent the year the one your performance is eighty six percent so looking at this here Tesla has the competitive edge when it comes to growth. Because they’re a slightly newer company they’re they’re kind of cutting edge like I said they appeal to a certain audience so they have the opportunity really to enter into the market in an explosive manner and that means that their stock could skyrocket as we’ve seen the other car manufacturers have been around for a while so they’re more stable and dependent the Tesla portfolio here has no dividend yield the other one which lay back out once again and go to it has a dividend yield of roughly two percent. So, you know. a pretty evenly healed portfolio is what I see here with Tesla I don’t entirely know what their performance is going to look at and I don’t think you can blame me for that. Because I don’t think anyone really does so it’ll be an interesting comparison I’ll probably put about 300 to 500 dollars into both of these maybe a little maybe a little bit less depending on why I decided on doing. But I think it’ll be very interesting to see and honestly. Yeah, so stick around for more content folks thank you so much for watching keep right here in the tech crack fantastic and I use if you enjoyed this content from the tech crack house feel free to leave a like share subscribe if you wish to support us monthly feel free to check out our patreon page until next time ladies and gents see you all in the next article this has been Mike signing off.

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