what’s up ladies and gents welcome back to the tech crack house thank you so much for joining me today I hope that I can teach you something if I do feel free to leave like share subscribe do like itself anyway folks I’m going to go ahead and get right into the article. Because today I’m going to be actually sharing with you pretty much the best performing ETFs on stash invest alright. So if you’re interested investing on stash. You know. I won’t fault you for that it’s a pretty decent app and if you want to use it fantastic go ahead alright. But you do want to be careful about what you invest in on stash certain investments are definitely better than others. But. You know. if you want to explore feel free. But if you want to do decently or have high-performing EGS check these out. Now these aren’t. You know. my word is. In fact, I did my research and look through all these pretty carefully. But also my screen recorder is like off let me kind of boo this while it’s live no I can’t hold on a second I gotta fix this okay. All right, there we go. Okay, I apologize for that anyway it’s a minor mistake I think so I’m going to run through these really quick and basically talk about why they’re good and show you some of the performance overviews and hopefully that kind of convinces you. Now if you are interested in these I’ll basically give you the tickers also not basically I will give you I’m trying to stop saying basically I’ll give you the tickers on Robin Hood or whatever. So you can invest in these and these ETFs elsewhere aside from stash invest if you so choose. But starting with stash I’m actually going to go ahead and get right into the the down-and-dirty here I guess so. Yeah, anyway first we have American innovators here great ETF. All right, if it will just hurry up and load would be fantastic. All right, there we go so as you can see here I’m currently up 2.2 percent honest I haven’t been invested in this NS ETF for long so that’s kind of like. Something I should ignore overview though. Okay, overview is pretty good you can see the holdings and all that performance. Okay, the total here today return is 19 with 42% which is really quite good. So this is one of the higher one on the list. Okay, nineteen point two four two percent is even higher than it was when I first created this list of the best performing ets on statch inves so it’s really doing a pretty good job at performing honestly pretty well so that’s American innovators the ticker for this one is actually VG t VG T alright. So I will try to put these in the description also next moving on here with social media mania performance overall here is thirty four point seven four percent before the year so far, which is honestly quite good also that’s a great return attracts social media stocks I believe such as Tencent Holdings which is a big social media group and China’s a conglomerate I believe facebook twitter twitter twitter you got to pronounce it like that Twitter you can’t just say Twitter like a normal American you have to say Twitter anyway enough of that so the performance is honestly quite good as you can see only three percent ash community owns it for some odd reason. You know. the ticker for this one is actually SOC L so 30 percent performance honestly very good performance overall moving right along here we have robots rising as you can see here it’s based around robotics although not like it it centers around many different robotic companies not just like one or two so anyway overview here you can see iRobot Raven industries daifuku Intuitive Surgical of cans cog neck so basically many of the big robotics names there yes Kawa disco electric group performance here is up 22 percent for the year so far, so it’s honestly a pretty good performer and it is a bit riskier I won’t deny that. But it’s honestly pretty good overall. So if you can see who owns it here four percent of stache community owns it and this is a problem that I have with stache alright stache really gets you to invest based on cool ETF titles do people want to invest in robots rising or social media mania. You know. one sounds so sweet and one sounds so bland. But one is performing better than the other one so anyway folks forget I said that. All right, the ticker for this one is our OBO if you want to find it on Robin Hood next we actually have Internet Titans last. But not least ya the ticker for this one is FD n and I believe that the performance is up 22 percent for the year so far, even higher than it was when I created this article so or it created the concept for this article when I wrote the concept for this article it was at 18% return for the year so it’s current even since then you can see the risk levels moderate once again top holdings Amazon Facebook Netflix alphabet bank PayPal alphabet and Class C. Okay, so we get Class A Class C Salesforce com eBay Expedia Citrix all the good names in an Internet Titans there so anyway folks I think that’s going to wrap this article up I just want to make some some some kind of detailed kind of a detailed rundown on that sort of thing. So I hope that helps if you are investing with – good luck to you if you wanna buy these on Robin Hood or any other investment platform you can do that so anyway folks thank you so much for watching once again keep wearing here at the tech crack house have a good one and on you if you enjoyed this content from the tech crack house feel free to leave a like share subscribe if you wish to support us monthly feel free to check out our patreon page until next time ladies and gents – you all in the next article this has been Mike signing off ah.

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