lesson 1 Part 2 Of Setting Up An YouTube Paid Ad

All right, school this is what we’re doing here this article right here what we’ve got to do are literally about to set up a campaign and all that good stuff which is just the next process in this article. So this is one of my YouTube challenges called market a la carte noodle and what I’m about to do is I’m about to I gotta connect it to a Hostgator account and I’m a login tool mark de la carte and domain and I’m a creative foul index file undermines pace so that’s that’s initially what I’m about to do right here for this channel and I’m put this going there I’m also going to take a conversion pixel tool and I’m going to put it in. Yeah, or this how we’ll be tracking. Okay, so we’re gonna be tracking completely with ours who not gonna necessarily be tracking with what you might call it tracking software like CBP Laos or prosper we’re gonna completely solely be tracking with YouTube as here. All right, so let me go here to file manager and see did I say you just. Yeah, that’s safe. Okay, I’m gonna go to HTML and then we’re gonna go to mark Jane Lockhart which is right here and what we’re gonna create folder say mine did we say mines plural mine. Yeah, I think I’ll freeze mines pearl yes I’m gonna say mines Hey alright words that’s plural and not coral makes a big difference taketake knowing that foul we’re gonna say index.html alright and what we’re gonna do here I’m gonna change this to the s I’m gonna do. But Eddie disco edit Joanna let’s go to the article. Yeah, I see it coffee $10 guy my name is Jason white and what your setup Jason we’re gonna do let me get a redirect code so nearly just happen redirect HTML code you see how I just went in Google they’re not special nothing at all. You know. I use Google a lot to find answers to this stuff and I use other people too so got this copy this I’m gonna take this redirect Co gonna place it right there. All right, oh when do unto that link right here copy this gonna take it and put it right there. Okay, and what we’re gonna do here. Now is we’re going to finish our campaign setting up our campaign and all that good stuff copy this article URL make sure I changed just. But before I can get mine it’s paid say use cool. All right, over new year campaign Amy that’s cool with me is cool all this stuff’s cool in streaming article discovery has make sure we’re doing that budgets in dollars. Yeah, Network partners so I’m gonna do this one right here only youtube article on youtube search we’re gonna do us that’s necessarily where this campaign wants to be advertised country us excuse me – so linguish. Yeah. You know. it’s mobile tablet we got a we have abroad right. Now so we’re gonna leave all that blank next week and let it load up here. All right, we do want to take our article place it right there and strain and let’s see what these things they continue to read my story below ooh ooh. All right, check the right there let’s do that. I get paid for surveys I think sir surveys and get checks I like that alright description watch this article a 2d it’s good call to action to you. Now many page what we’re gonna do we’re gonna go to article watch page initially maximum CP v I’m gonna set that at 7th that’s what I like to start my campaigns at. Now you’re targeting when new keywords I’m gonna say surveys for cash my ash cash and what we’re gonna do here we’re gonna click on find related keywords alright make money online surveys I like it I like it I like it I like it I like it I like it screw everything else. I mean keywords was that like six seven six let’s get one more be sexy no yes that one too. So I got eight keywords in it so I’m click done alright so really what I’ve done here I literally set up a campaign we got an ad copy right here we have our bids set we got our keywords we know it about targeting. Now we’re gonna click Save ad group I campaign is set it should be set so we should be keywords. Yeah, we got our keywords right there so. Now you see I can’t very good this campaign five minutes to is a client campaign is not necessarily CPA stuff alright so we got that set. Now I’m gonna go back over here to the article when they edit the article. Now. So you can click on this pencil icon. Okay, that’s how all this no we can’t. Yeah, we need this open we need to go to tools go to that whereas excuse me screw you two right. Now go back to ours I’m gonna click on tools click on conversions. All right, see how much time got off so we got like three minutes left. All right, click on the red plus on the create a new purchase my own website I’m gonna say my space alright that’s what we’ll name it. All right, we’re gonna play give it a value each version goes one dollar we’re gonna keep that right there click on save and continue at the bottom gonna copy this and we’ll go over here on pace inside that same redirect file so that same file that we edit the code and put a redirect script to absolutely attract I think whatever we’re gonna put a conversion pixel right there to and once we do that we’re gonna save it which is a success save it again make sure it says Buddha and. You know. we can exit out you we got a conversion pixel out there and we got to true that campaign is. Now set what we’re gonna do. Now who’s gonna click over here in YouTube where you edit the article so we should go back to the article and click on the pencil icon and click on edit chillip like this what you’re gonna do then you’re gonna click on call to action overlay and what we’re gonna do is say headline cash for or you can say something slick like this click here for a surveys Oh check this out BAM good coughs no I’m gonna do here I’m gonna take a link go to article let’s see here polls polls Oh and we’ll take this link right here initial domain gonna take this link right here copy it put in displayed put in destination URL and we’re gonna save. All right, so we got our call to action overlay so what that basically does is watch this little corner right here boom. Okay, look at that you see this look at this look at this alright. Now what we’re gonna do there we’ll go to in screen right and a notation screw a notation we don’t do it in rotations we don’t I’ll see you in the next article. Because we don’t do any occasions.

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