lesson 1 Part 3 Of Setting Up An YouTube Ad

All right, like i said in the last article we don’t do anything what we do in screen alright so basically make sure you click on your screen and script intersection going to do an in stranger then what we’re going to do and click on add element article or playlist most recent uploads that’s what you’re going to click click click on article and playlist create elements drag that right there make sure that you drive this all the way down to the laptop second for the player. Now once you’re going to do this I’m going to click on add element you want click on me when you want to click on marketing la carte remove type in mind ok that’s what I me. But let’s make sure let’s make sure to go to it she’ll say that saw me. All right, one click on next. But we heard your opinion matters get paid I’m do that sign up we’re going to get wendys and survey for cash types up survey for cash google images ooh too cliche ooh too cliche let’s go here’s who I guy here Kratos. Yeah, ah I like it wahoo lock it up let’s see here was this sign up for free we went up a cutoff for free beer papi there’s got to be a certain dimension let’s see here I think it does think it does did statistics let’s try this one oh look stupid move move see I move and square button with it I like this image I’m gonna say you down uncle back up did you chill won’t get the glue and on the image at cycle it is I’m over here I’ll click on change image just chip chip chip chip chip just just open great element screw you I be doing about 300 see if they got three about the morning here where you were oh well you will hope were you will oh shoot shoot shoot shoot shoot gosh. All right, let’s do this well click on surveys cast about a google thing will go its tools and click on your status and we do custom I go to question inside are you can do custom more tools exactly this exactly 300 by 300 time we’ve gone click on go go oh. Yeah, I’m going to use this one I like it look plain simple look save image I didn’t do save it PG we still get overloaded PNG first they also do its name there we go say say surveys wait then we got a jiff right there so what we did there create an inch screen great element in screen cannot start after first element I you want to be a thought huh i’m confused i am mark mine hey you see I run into issues to. You know. I’m not all that perfect. You know. honestly issues to get paid ad p. All right, sign up here open create element ball. Now we’re going to say I’ll right click and move right there let’s resolve oh there we go eh eh Hey Oh in quick on vacation in Thailand it doesn’t matter where in the world you live there are companies that want your opinion and will pay you for it if you’re ready to learn exactly how you can start taking these types of surveys also just scroll down and read my story i’ll show you how to copy what i do and it move is collected. All right, see. Okay, look we dun dun dun dun i bargain over there cause an ischemic swing and copy this. But if I need ammo and Cooper article mixer got there brother it’s gone graduation I wait to your mom. So I can feel it rather answering right there view that link in description right there hope you like this technology. But main gym of our article is set that’s it how about this I have nothing else to do peace that’s interview that setting up the campaign and this series is part one and yes that’s nearly all we have to do here yep. But sit and wait for the results to come in and then we will actually come back and see the results the next day. Okay, see you later p.

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