lesson 2 Intro Of Setting Up An YouTube Paid Ad

hey. Now this is just an update to part lesson two is which I’m going to be sharing next and I just wanted to show you that in less than one necessary that was just a setting up process so the next lesson I’m gonna be going over. You know. setting up the big counter and things of that nature and all the other good stuff I didn’t share it in there and then in less than 3 i’m going to be talking about some more detailed content which i haven’t shared in less than one nor two alright so tomorrow I’m going to be dropping in lesson two and I want you to pay pay attention to that and tonight I want you to go ahead and focus on us and wanting to see how things are working. Because that’s nice initially what everyone want to see. But you won’t have a great set unless you see lesson two also okay. So I just want to share that out there and get that get that out there. Okay, so see you in the rest of lesson to tomorrow. Okay, so next day be tuned check it out feeding feature.

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