Lesson 2 Part 5 Setting Up The YouTube Channel Correctly

hurry back we’re back guess what I had I had bojangles that boo jingles that’s why I hat. Now what we’re gonna do we’re gonna figure out we’re gonna not figure out we’re going to finish up this cream count process here and create password hey I’m gonna use an email uh-huh let’s do that. Okay, and one flat this if I’m not a robot. Now if your robot don’t don’t don’t try to attempt this. Because if your robot you cannot do it. You know. you only got to be human to do it like four if you’re human you’ll be able to do it. Now what you’re going to do even sweat truck or imma do like trucks partly difference for you. All right, hey clarify then we’re gonna sign it up I’m gonna save. Because we may need it in the future. You know. what to do that gonna pay get this edge team 2xl when we do put an area code of somewhere let’s see area oh area code ah let’s say Ariel Colo Charles notoya 470 for learning type in 70. Okay, there we go we got a phone number copy this number what we can do as we copy the number what to do this physically after you copy your number like this right here. Okay, copy it exit out text. Now and what I want you to do I want you to click on call so call me with an automated voice message and I want you to put paste the number in there like that and i want you to click Submit. Okay, that’s that’s all we’re going to do right. Now ok go back over so basically what I did I waited a minute. Yeah, I’m go back over to text. Now see if I message how can we see we have any had anything yet so here’s time I’m gonna head to get back out of it and give it a little bit more time for the message to low ok so leave this windows open leave this windows open right here and we’re going to wait for that ok exit out that well I want you to do also is open a new tab goes on me for YouTube again excuse me what I want you to do is I want you to come over here i’m going to go backward what click on CH my channel Article Manager like this is on channel click on advanced it right yeah. All right. Now what I want you to do I want you to edit it. You know. create tells tell a lot of challenges decided two things that nature is how many United States keywords i want you type in what tickler keywords just involved i’m gonna say gaming gaming articles you like fun cat articles town cuter so those those are my keywords there’s going to be a comma detail allow advertisements to be displayed alongside my articles I want you to uncheck that right. Now if they will enter space add yep I want you to do that right there alright for hours when I’m going to worry about this yet allow my channel to appear in other challenges just waiting knowing people subscribe to my channel and I want you to uncheck this one right here and i want you to click save. Now I want to stay in here. Now stage right here. But button drastic is about to change once you verify youtube channel guilty okay. Now I message out delivered we don’t want to play it you should not get it with anyone else you and I don’t want to look at Africa to fill out your code is seven one seven six five nine again. You know. who it is 71 so we gots out text. Now now and you could say you can see is that congratulations with YouTube account has. Now been verified so. Now we just read our YouTube channel so it’s very right. Now that point. Now look at this. Now before it was for things like it. Now it’s a little bit I see at least two more boxes highlight here for us they enable thing. Now what I want you to do that here on this screen is I want you to it if you save it. Now make sure you taste it once you refresh it associated website is right here has appeared what you’re going to do in this case is take your domain. So you can say like your domain and you’re going to add your domain right there and what it’s going to do is going to say so she ate with this site you must verify you you home this own it so you’re going to click on this verify button right here so let me login here login to my google account and it’s going to give you an HTML file what you’re going to do you want to download this on a little bits right here you’re going to upload it onto your domain there and then you should be able to click right here to confirm and then you’re going to check right here I’m not a robot and then even verify that’s all you’re going to do. Okay, so that’s mainly the chill of everything I wanted to show you this article of how to really get your account up and verifying it. Now what we’re going to do we don’t go into getting a article specific article so let’s say something like coin CC creativecommons what we want to do is go back to where we uploaded this article first email click on upload article editor and after we get over there we’re going to click on CC and then we’re going to click on quick creative common that’s def ccc well CC whatever onion tongue twister you so what I want you to do. Now is find a niche which you feel like promoting anything you feel like somebody. Because in this matter if three things are going to be testing as article keywords those three things are the three things that which was actually test in this scenarios as article and cures. Okay, so what I want you to do is type in something you want to tell right so let’s take coin hack. All right, all of these articles that same creative commons we can legally use those articles legally no problems this isn’t black hat is completely y hat pletely legal by youtube which the user and the creative of these articles lately gave us access to use their articles. So if you want to do that come over here to CC and you can do that. Now creative comments I’m gonna see let me see if I can find a article I want to utilize mmm yesterday free iPhone alright here’s one go right here here’s one right here contest. So I believe you wait wait turns out out that I have we probably with you so long it only may not give you the back way like I keep drivers or maybe if you like to start over so many one in so long this is my get one is slightly on you leave a comment down below no no no see that’s a article right there we can legally take. But simple simply doing something very simple dragging it right here we have that article Bible to get out anyway turns out out. But I have waited and I think it probably you solo it all don’t live in a nut dip in the back way wait like I keep the driver or maybe if you do I like to start over so many you wanna do so long this is my current way I want another time apparently I’m running out on this article. But the main gift is I want you to create article right there and your article is. Now in your channel and then we’re going in the next article edit this article in form of matter where as you can actually use this article for article ad ass ok so that’s what we’re going to do in the next article we already set up a channel where you.

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