Lesson 2 update 2 the Next Morning YouTube Ads CPA

so he’s gonna cast me Jeremiah literally literally just woke up it’s added to the chorus. Because it’s ten o’clock in the morning here and see what I kept paying done so far, as s’mores we just been briefly go over it and see what’s happened and that’s Mike so obviously you see I spent like sick 6:58 whatever made on two bucks at the outer properties family we made money. But it’s not in profit yes so we spend made elastin and what we spent solely in the whole four or five dollars. Okay, what we’re gonna do is we’re gonna go inside a campaign you wanna see what’s what’s. Now that necessarily as a fact in our campaign here dad’s just gonna wish it. You know. thought I didn’t after all I kiss the keywords that’s just my. So I guess this keyword like here human lives a high volume of traffic so what I’m doing pause these skiers. Because it the coronation that’s all um do things yes Jim just like happy decreased bit also. All right, so that’s why I beat for day spent seven knowledge me to be and I come back in part a couple more hours that’s it.

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