LIVE $2K FOREX TRADE STRATEGY (How to trade support & resistance live )

What is going on everyone I’ve never done anything like this before, but I thought it would be like mad cool to show you guys an entry in an exit, because I feel like you know a lot of traders even you know even myself and really guilty of it you screenshot your profit, and then kind of show the world, but you don’t necessarily show why or, um, you know even how you were feeling when you took a trade it’s just kind of like they’ll take trade or you just show like I said just your profits it’s just like, cool you know I woke up this morning and made nine grand and, but not necessarily really showing the sentiment behind the trade or just like how you I said how you were feeling and just kind of like what your analysis on the markets were and I know a lot of you guys are my friends that trade, um, you know or like people whether you’re my student you know, so you’re in my group or you probably coach with me or you didn’t know much you know on my friends list and, so whether you’re a network marketer or you know whether we just been friends I don’t know I have a lot of friends who do a lot of different things on my page, so I can’t really call it out, but a whole point is this like I said I just want to show you guys something cool show you guys my entry, so beforehand I haven’t taken a trade yet, but, I’m going to show you and walk you through super quickly, so you get to kind of watch me and I’m a speed up the video definitely, but, I’m going to show you and set my charts up and show you guys, so actually just I just went to a blank chart, but, I’m going to show you exactly like why, I’m going to take this trade the sec and actually the trading usd/cad, so for anybody who’s familiar with forex that is the u.s. dollar versus the Canadian dollar one of my favorite charts, um, and I’m from upstate New York, so no wonder I want to watch you, but, um, either way, I’m going to show you how I would set my charts up, and then what I’m looking at and what exactly, I’m going to do, so you’ll get to see real quick and actually you can see my little profit box down at the bottom I took some trades this morning like literally I was asleep trading in my bed and it was like 7:00 a.m. and I just started present button, but I knew why I just you know wasn’t up on my computer, so I bought in and let price rise a little bit, and then just hopped on out, so it’s almost like a scalp, but you can see I’m a like to something this morning was you know really easy money off of those trades, but I’m getting ready to take you know a serious trade and I already have my other charts set up and I mean show you that one laugh, but went to a blank chart, so going to start it real quick real quick to show you um, so, let me show you guys I do something I I’m a price action trader I trade just strictly price acts and action technical analysis I don’t trade any indicators anything like that I trade strictly like one well guy no cause it structures I just say zones do I trade support resistance and it’s a lot of fun, because I don’t have to worry about you know indicators which pretty much the reason why I don’t like indicators is, because they lag, so you know I feel like people that trade with indicators you know the markets are almost like you know driving a car in traffic and, so, if you were driving your car you wouldn’t put your car on autopilot you would want to know how to maneuver and steer your car you don’t want to know how to brake and accelerate and you know hit the gas pedal when, you need to and when you have an indicator basically on autopilot that’s really what you’re doing it’s like it would be like pressing an autopilot button and letting that autopilot Drive you in traffic and, so you’re bound to die or you’re bound to get in a really bad accident at least, if you’re just letting your car maneuver you through traffic and, so price action traders they’re professional traders you know they know how to enter and exit smoothly they know how to like I said it’s like you know, if you want to put it with the same analogy as a car you can maneuver yourself and really stay out of dangerous way, so that is pretty much the best you can at least and that’s the way that I like to trade personally and, so pretty much I’m right now just drawing support and resistance which none of you guys may not you know, so you guys may know what it is some of you may not you know I don’t know, but either way I’m just going to show you guys kind of what I’ve been doing and there’s a lot of different ways that you can draw this I just like to go in and draw it manually, so I’m starting on a day chart and we’ll work our way down to an hour for chart, so you can see I have now all these little zones, so price is currently live up here it’s at like 783 or 782 and I’m expecting it to drop that’s really what, I’m going to take my entry off of I’ve been doing it for a couple days you can see prices then here consolidating, so, I’m going to go back real quick and show you I’m expecting it to do some damage and when it does your girl will be super happy, so, if I come down to the hour chart see, so it’s in here and I’m honestly probably going to take an entry somewhere around here, I’m going to sell and you can see the reason why I would take a sell honestly would be, because for one I just be waiting for right now some sort of candlestick that kind of slows down, so a second ago I thought that my candlestick was going to be this candlestick, but it actually started to cry started closing above where I thought I was going to get an entry at, so I actually thought I was going to get an entry like way down here that was what I was expecting um, so, let’s see, but in price is moving me over right now oh, so I’m is kind of chilling and waiting on my 30 minute chart is where, I’m going to take an entry probably, because that’s where I’ll get the candlestick and I’m looking for a candlestick that kind of reminds me of something like this or like this or even like this, so, if it closes it’s 10:00 11:00 right now, so this is a 30 minute chart, if price closes beneath this and it kind of gives me a candlestick like I said that kind of looks indecisive some traders may call them reversal candlestick, so, if it throws me a reversal candlestick or, if it throws me some type of low pressure candlestick or candlestick with tons of wick I’m definitely going to take an entry, I’m going to take a cell and I’ll show you guys actually have one chart this chart is my zones drawn like OD, so it looks kind of crazy, but all it is Fibonacci which is another, um, tool and I bet like I said I trade USD cad 24/7, so I have my charts just set up, but, if price literally as you can see it’s hid it kept hitting it multiple times down here and I was taking cells off of that, and then you can see it came down and hit my support, so I would take some vibes off of that, so it’s been really it’s been a lot of fun trading it honestly over the last like week or, so that’s what I made a lot of money off last week, and then today like I said I bought in this morning, so around here ish was when I took my entry it fell on top of the support, and then I went ahead and bought on out, and then I took my exit up here, but right now you can see it’s way past that point now I’m waiting to sell, so, I’m going to take a cell and I’m probably going to let pricey to retrace down to the 23.6 mark on this Fibonacci or, if it goes ahead and wants to break through, I’m going to let it fall down to the 38.2, so we will see, but either way I wanted to show you guys you know exactly why I’m taking my entries and like I said for one major resistance point reversal candlestick patterns all of my zones have lined up and I’ve taken multiple trades off of it over the last weeks I’ve been able to see how price has been moving accordingly, so I’ve been watching it like a hawk and that’s what you want to do and, so you’ll see profits roll in I can show you guys some of my profits from last week on my when I close out this video, so, I’m going to make another video that goes with this one and basically it’ll be my entry, and then it’ll be up, so you guys will see you can expect an entry pretty soon and pretty close to where price is that right now, and then you’ll see my profit from it, so instead of me just posting profit you’re going to see actually the whole shebang which is cool, so yeah until the next video which will be like combined with this one I’ll see you guys soon I’m doing exactly what I said I was going to do um, but uh I’m still waiting, because this is the 15-minute chart, but you can clearly see pride price actually went like skyrocketed through the point that I thought it was going to go to or you know resist that it went up a little bit higher, and then it forms a doji on the 15-minute chart and this is the 15-minute chart right now, so form that doji all the way up at like the eight hundreds and now it’s down in the six hundredths which I really wish I would have taken an injury, because now sound in five hundred some Matt, but, I’m going to take my entry on the thirty minutes I got to be patient here um, but this is really good, because it’s closing beneath that fib line closing beneath that other resistance line which both don’t play as resistance, so yeah I mean I’m just chillin, if you look at this 30-minute chart in the show now 30-minute chart is cool too you can see, so I just want to see it closed beneath this yellow line close beneath it, because then, I’m going to go ahead and get my entry, but honestly I mean it’s definitely dropping you know obviously now you can see that they resisted that price point they’re not really wanting to go through, so in this next 25 minutes, if you know things don’t change I’m definitely going to take an entry and let it ride out, super quick update on what’s been happening price pretty much did exactly what I said I would do went up and touch the 700 area broke pass actually did like eight hundreds, and then it fell back, so you guys saw my entry and exactly what I said would happen as far as the doji forming or there’s a doji in a hanging man that formed on the hour chart, so I was already in the trade, because I kind of you know jumped the gun a little bit, but using my profit I ended up actually doubling up my positions just to be smart as far as you know my personal goals for what I want to do monetarily, but you know for anyone who just entered the trade prices dropped a couple hundred pips, so far, so I’m headed for the two hundred area that’s about what, I’m going to take profit at um, so, I’m going to give you guys an update at the end, but this is kind of the in-between or my beginning to mid stages here is a quick update on some at like 1800 it’s fiddled in between to Grandma it is actually in my 200s which is what I’m talking about as far as price on CAD it’s in my early to hundreds or late two hundred I guess, because it’s 296, but I wanted to come down I’m wanting it to come back down to the noun what know Holden it’s almost near the was that twenty I’m looking at price ball almost near the six thousand nine hundred thirty five ish range, because I see now prices book and broken through um, so my initial target you can see it’s hit it already and I mean like I said it came all the way down could see the wick on this candlestick it came down to like two thirty nine it’s 230 something which had me at about two thousand something in profit, so I’m, but pulled back on me a little bit, so I’m just kind of like chilling and watching it um, so I don’t know, if, I’m going to pull out or what, I’m going to do, but either way the whole point of this is just, so that you guys can actually see price moves and see it do exactly kind of what we talked about in the beginning our beginning stages of the goals of what do we want price to do from all the way up here when I entered in off of this doji and when I was on the 30-minute chart it looked a little bit like my ass this that was my entry up there all the way through my zones, so training is really easy and simple then you don’t know complicated you follow your own couple of rules and all your own couple of different things your own clues that you follow, and then you execute, so whether or not I, if I end up leaving it I will attach the last prophet, but I think, I’m going to go ahead and just close out, so that I can actually reveal the video, so that is what, I’m going to do now all righty, so you girl could not close out that profit, because I just want to see it retraced back down to where I know it’s going to go to, but you guys saw in the last video I mean this is not a little bit afterwards it was price was on right down near the 20 I mean yeah it was around like hold on just to see, um, oh my mom is featuring on the video, but, um, what I was going to say is it retraced all the way down into around right here came down and that was when you saw me like 1700 in profit, um, and, so, if it came back down to like the two 40-ish area that’s really where I was at the two grand, so I’m definitely leaving this open, because price is about to drop on it, um, you know tremendously, so it would be, so stupid for me to close it out and I’m probably going to even, if I drew the Fibonacci right now, I’m going to see, if I can show you guys even, if I drew a basic fib you can see, if I left this open the next place that it’s going to come down to, um, shoot what would that be like next places can come down to it’s obviously 38.2 which is what I talked about earlier that was my initial goal now I’m wanting to see it come down to around either the 50 or the 60 one point eight, so I don’t think I have enough patience to wait for it to come all the way down there, but definitely the fifty it’s going to come down to it for sure, so you know I’m waiting for it to come back down, but whole point of the video was for me to really show you guys how to take a trade, um, or some reasons why I would get into my trade and to show you that I actually take trades that win and know that I actually know what I’m doing when I do take trades and I think a lot of us have gotten away from that and our teaching kind of just like I said in the beginning of the video showboating a little bit someone’s you guys to see what you could expect from working with me and I do coach two different ways I coach from a group standpoint, so I have a group and a lot of you know it or you’re in the group and the group is only $75 one time to get in and it’s a really compact curriculum pretty much teaching the foundations of Rex all the way up until, um, you know how to get into profit we’re working on pretty much everything A through Z in the group, and then our private coach and the private coaching is my favorite thing to do private coaching is the way to go, if you’re someone who wants to create a lifestyle from trading and you want to actually profit from trading and you want somebody who’s going to pretty much do everything for you that’s what private coaching is for, so it’s like the way that I best explain it to anybody is, if you are a basketball player and your coach gave you all these different drills to go home and do by yourself of course you could go do them and you probably would you know you probably work out you know get a good workout in and you’d probably work on your jump shot and get your dribbling a little bit better, but, if your coach is hands-on with you, if you’re working with your coach and your coach can tweak every little thing that is how you see accelerated results kids that I grew up with that had one-on-one coaches became you know d1 athletes or whatever they went to college those were the kids that got scholarships that took it serious and they had private coaches um, so same thing in trading those are the people that make the most money most coaches that were coaches had coaches and, so I mean that’s the way to go, if you’re wanting to see massive profit and I’m only taking around five people right now to coach with, I’m not really focusing on private coaching it’s summertime I’m wanting to go into fall and really enjoy a lot of fall and enjoy a lot of different transition and business just looking at different opportunities, so I’m wanting to extend myself in my coaching and a lot of you guys have been wanting to private coach, so I’m really extending this kind of offer to anybody to really see like I said that you can profit you could do the same exact thing you just got to know how to do it you got to have the help, so definitely feel free to reach out to me any way you can hit me up in my inbox on Facebook or you can email me my email is storm B, so the initial B Luis at, and then my telephone number seven zero four two seven one seven eight one you can shoot me a text or call me and I’ll definitely get back with you, um, I’ll be looking forward to talking with all you guys who are super excited about getting your trading off the ground and seeing some really good profits like these some days like, so yeah I look forward to talking with everyone talk to you soon.

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