M1 Finance App What Stocks can You Buy with M1 Finance

What is up. ladies and gents welcome back to the urinal tech crack house here today I will actually be covering the m1 finance app. So if you like this content feel free to like the article share the article subscribe stick around for more folks and I’m going to go ahead and get this started ok ladies and gents welcome back to the good old tech crack house here hope you’re all having a fantastic fantastic day today and if you are feel free to subscribe and stick around for more. Because we are almost at 7500 subscribers everyone and it’s going to be fantastic when we get there so today. I actually just want to look at the m1 finance app and see what stocks are actually available for our purchase on the app so I’m going to go through the Nasdaq stock list I’m going to go through the New York Stock Exchange stock list and then the AMEX or AME X Stock Exchange and that should be good so we’re going to start out here with PIH. Okay, they have PIH alright. So this is a property insurance holding so I’m just going to go through a bunch of these here you are and they have turn ok very good let’s see here let’s her flowers Nick FLW s you have flowers inc ok that’s to see why they have that let’s skip down the list a little a CI a and and s that it’s the ID and a ra y got that oh man this is there are so many stocks let’s go to a page for tea or something more obscure might be hanging out. Okay, so so far, so good for the Nasdaq anyway. Okay, and whoops mkh may have that fi the UV they have that to hook up so that satisfactory I think for the Nasdaq companies let’s go to the New York Stock Exchange. Now and one has to NCS to have that and P Tian has mm. All right, n e e they have an extra energy. Okay, that’s good and L search criteria might be a little bit shaky for that one let’s try that and L industries. Yeah, they have that one. Okay, no and no no one to have that. Okay, so once again let’s skip ahead to like page 44 or something and then o ut they’ve got that OC Owens Corning incorporated they have that tube so basically Nasdaq and New York Stock Exchange are available so let’s move on to Amex here where am ii x looks like. Yeah, ii GRC. Okay, they’ve got that one wrn we got that one w YY have that one X key and key forget that. Okay, so with that being the case let’s go ahead and actually look for um some sort of foreign markets. Okay, let’s try Nintendo stock I totally forgetting the ticker Nintendo stock right. Now. So you want oh. Okay, so that’s not intend oh and that’s that’s. Yeah, different so basically I don’t entirely know if they have access to foreign stocks or anything like that foreign stock tickers let’s find some of those I just want try to you more. Okay, European no no no wait that’s under Nasdaq. Okay, so basically all American exchanges I think are actually available and that’s pretty satisfactory for me. Because that’s actually a pretty broad range. So if you’re interested in something specific on the American market system they probably have it otherwise I can’t really speak for foreign markets right. Now I’ll probably make a separate article on that. But. Yeah, that’s just a little bit of a test I want to run and I hope you all learn something. So if you didn’t like share and subscribe and adios folks.

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