MONEY MINDSET: 5 Ways To Come Up With Money Fast

All right guys. I’m recording this video to help all the people out there that struggle with money in their lives. They struggle with finances, they’re unable to invest in themselves or they can’t afford something or it’s too expensive for them. I’m going to cover two different components with you guys in this video. I’m going to cover the component of mindset and psychology around money and investing in yourself because I found this to be the most important thing that holds people back. Over the last week or so, I’ve probably talked to maybe two hundred people around my whole Affiliate Marketing Mastery launch, my training program. People that want to start an online business or they want to invest in the training but they can’t afford it. It’s too expensive for them or they have some belief or story that holds them back, that prevents them to be able to invest in themselves and really commit themselves to building an online business and doing what it takes. I want to address that because that’s really the critical piece that holds people back. I also want to talk a little bit about practical ways, practical strategies that I’ll share with you guys in this video, of ways you can come up with money in your life. If you’re someone that you say, “I don’t have any money. I can’t I can’t afford something. It’s too expensive.” I’m going to show you how that’s a story that you tell yourself that isn’t true. That story prevents you from growing and building a business and changing your life to invest in yourself and it keeps you exactly where you’re at. Because the truth is, if you’re resourceful enough, you can find the resources. There’s ways right now in your life you can come up with money in the next few days, the next few weeks if you’re committed enough, if you’re resourceful enough. I’m going to share with you guys a few different practical strategies from my own life and what I’ve seen other people do as well. That could hopefully help you guys out to invest in anything, to just overcome this hurdle that’s holding you back and holds so many people back. Because I see the desire from people where they want to change. They have the intention, they want to change their life. People that are struggling, you’ve got to do something differently to get out of the place that you’re in. You can’t expect to do the exact same thing over and over again and for things to get better, to progress. You got to do things differently, you got to be willing to invest in yourself and commit fully to getting yourself out of that situation. I think one of the best ways to do that is find a training, a course, some resource that can guide you out of there. Because it’s so hard to do it but it’s that hurdle that holds people back because in order to acquire the knowledge and skills to be a successful person, you got to invest in yourself. People see the results and success that I have in my life, and how do you think I got that? How do you think I got to where I am today? Do you think that I just went to Google and I did a search for how to build an online business and read an article on how to build an online business and I built a million dollar business? Of course not. Do you think I went to YouTube and I searched for how to build an online business and I found a YouTube video, a 30-minute video that taught me everything I know today about building a business? Of course not. The way that I got to where I am today, which is now having made millions of dollars in my business, is by investing in myself. Investing in training programs, courses, mentors, seminars, experiences to grow, to acquire the knowledge and the skills that I have today to produce the results that I have right now in my life. I invested in the courses, the training and massively in myself. I probably invested over $100000 into myself. I’m going next month to Tony Robbins’ Business Mastery which is a $10000 seminar. You guys see the launch I’m doing with Affiliate Marketing Mastery, I invested in a course to be able to learn how to do a product launch and create products and do everything that I do, that was called Jeff Walker’s Product Launch Formula. It’s a couple of $1000 course. To be able to build a YouTube following, a blog, social media marketing. I’ve invested in all these different training programs and courses. In fact today I’m doing a webinar. I just bought the other day something called Webinar Jam Studio and Webinar Genesis and EverWebinar that was a lot of money. Because I invest in myself, that’s what allows me to make money in my business, to acquire the knowledge and skills to grow. Investing in yourself is critical. That’s how you go from A to Z. Invest in yourself, have a training program that can guide you from A to Z. You got to take action and then apply what you learn. If you can do that your life will transform for the better. Now, what holds people back is the mindset, the psychology. People have this story that they tell themselves in their lives and often times the story is, “I don’t have the time or I don’t have the money.” I’m going to look at both of those and just dissect and dispel both of those myths and show you how that’s holding you back in your life. When it comes to time, we’ll talk about time. We all have the same amount of time, okay? That’s the one thing that’s equal amongst every human being on this planet. We all have time. We all have 24 hours in a day. I have the same amount of time as you. It’s how you use your time and how you prioritize your time that matters. A lot of people, what happens in their life is they value watching TV, spending their time doing that more than the time they could spend working out at the gym or building a business. Most people they value sleep more. It’s all about how you allocate your time. Most people they sleep 8 hours, some 9 or 10 hours. Other people they’re willing to sacrifice some of their sleep and sleep 5, 6 or 7 hours to get an extra hour to out of the day and then be able to invest that time into their body or their business or things that are more important for them. You see, we all have the same amount of time, right? It’s just where you allocate and spend that time. When you say to yourself, “I don’t have the time for something.” That’s BS, a belief system because we all have the same amount of time. You have the time but you’re just basically saying, “I’m not committed enough to spend that time and sacrifice something else to 101 00:06:06,969 –> 00:06:10,659 invest that time in something else that might be worthwhile for myself.” Same thing with money. Everybody has money. You can’t say, “I don’t have money.” Everybody here has money. If you don’t have money and you don’t have a job, then what are you doing watching this video? What are doing you doing on YouTube? What are you doing on Facebook? What are you doing on Snapchat and Instagram if you’re someone that says that you don’t have money? Because you should be spending your time not comforting yourself and spending time on social media. You should be spending that time hustling to make money. You should be spending that time at your job, investing that time to earn money back and then utilize that money to invest it in yourself. At something that’s more worthwhile so that you can grow and improve yourself and change you life, so that you can get out of that job and create more freedom and more time for yourself. We all have money. Again, one thing I really believe is that resourceful people find the resources. Money, time, is just resource. If you’re committed enough you can find the way. There’s been many times in my life where I was in a position where I was desperate. One time for me I was living in my friend’s living room, my friend Depash. Not too far from where I’m living right now and I didn’t have any money and I was caught up in that story. I was living in his couch and everything but I knew that the only way that I’d change my life is I needed to make a bold move. I needed to take a chance, a quantum leap in my life. I was reading all the books ad everything but that wasn’t making a difference. I needed to go big and I needed to invest in myself. There’s a seminar I wanted to go to, it was actually in New York, in Albany and I didn’t have a money. It was a $1000 plus travel and everything to go there. What I decided to do is be resourceful and say, “You know what? I can find a way if I’m committed enough.” What I decided to do was host a carwash fundraiser. I went to a gas station and I said, “Hey listen, I want to put on a fundraiser carwash and it’ll be great for your business because I’ll bring people into your gas station.” I got three friends together and what I did was I made these signs and they held them up on a Saturday and Sunday, that said, “carwash by donation.” We’d ply down cars and the cars would pull up for the carwash and I’d approach each person and say, “Hey listen, this is by donation, you can give whatever. You can give a dollar, you can give $5 10, 20, $50 if you want. Basically we’re raising money so that I can invest in myself because I want to change my life and I want to build a business and I want to go to the seminar and I want to be a better person so I can add value to people.” Sure enough people would give and we’d wash the car, we’d do a great job and some people would give $10, some people $20, some people $100. That one day I think we raised over $900 and more than that after the weekend. It just goes to show if you’re resourceful and committed enough, you can always find a way. Stop telling yourself the story that you don’t have money. The only time I believe it’s acceptable not to have money is if you’re young, which I get. Because when you’re young you haven’t gone to school, you haven’t invested in yourself, you don’t have the skills or knowledge or whatever. It can be a little bit tough because you might just have a minimum wage job and live with parents and live under those certain circumstances. Although I’ve seen people, in fact my Affiliate Marketing Mastery course, we got a guy in there that’s 15 years old. We got a few guys that are like 18 to 22 years old that have joined Affiliate Marketing Mastery and found ways to come up with money. I’ve been blown away by that. There’s always people that are resourceful enough to find a We’ve had this one guys, he convinced his dad to invest in the training program for him. Again that’s just an example of wanting something bad enough and willing to invest in yourself and commit yourself fully to it. That’s one time where it is acceptable that I get. The other time is that if you live in a part of the world where there’s no opportunity for you. You live in Africa and you don’t even have a pair of shoes and the government, everything is just against you. That’s a rough situation, I have a lot sympathy for and that’s why I try to build houses and schools to help people get out of those situations. Because those are people that don’t have opportunity like you and I have. If you have an Internet connection, you’re watching this on your mobile device or your computer, you’re better off than most people in the planet. You have been given gifts that most people can never dream of and you have amazing opportunities to work and make money and invest in yourself and change your life. You’re not taking advantage of it when there’s people … For me there’s just no excuse. Those circumstances, I get it. If you don’t have money, I totally get it because you don’t have the opportunity to create wealth for yourself like people like you and I have. In those circumstances, I believe it’s acceptable. If you don’t have money in your life and you have a job, then why don’t you have money? I don’t understand how people like that go to a job, they spend 9:00 to 5:00 and they still don’t have money. That’s just poor money management. What are you doing with your money? That’s a really critical piece, is making sure that you know how to manage your money. Are you taking some of the money that you make? Are you investing that in yourself? Are you putting it aside for opportunities to grow, to get out of the situation you’re in? Are you just spending all the money that you make? Are you eating out? Are you watching TV and paying for things that just are unnecessary expenses, that don’t enhance the quality of your life? I’m just blown away by how many people they spend money eating out, drinking Starbucks, smoking cigarettes, entertaining themselves and spending money on those things and then they say that they don’t have money for things. That’s just ridiculous. It’s just totally wrong priorities and a different value system. I’d much rather spend the money that I make improving myself and growing as a human being rather than just wasting it on things that doesn’t really enhance the quality of my life. It’s being smarter about money and how you spend it and shifting your mindset around that, which is really critical. Now I don’t want this video to be too long, so I’m going to share some of the strategies on how to come up with money. One strategy right now is sell stuff. I’m sure you have material possessions, you have assets. Sell it. Really look at everything you have and ask yourself, “Is this making my life better? Is this enhancing my life? Is this something that I can live without?” If you’ve got a PlayStation or an Xbox, sell that. In fact that was one of the first decisions that I ever made because I was a video game guy. When I was 17 years old I used to play PlayStation and all that sort of stuff, online games. I sold all that stuff, I sold my TV because I realized that my TV and PlayStation was holding me back in my life. I used to play Diablo 2. I sold my characters. I spent like thousands of hours to build up my characters and acquiring all the items and equipment and stuff for Diablo 2. I was able to sell that. That was an asset and you know what? It was one of the best decisions I made because them I just spend all that time that I wasted playing video games and watching TV and I invested that time and money into a business and changing my self and improving my life. I don’t understand, I lived years without TV. I don’t understand why you need to have a TV. If you’ve got a computer, that’s good enough, you can stream stuff. If you want to watch a movie once in a while, that’s all you need man. You just need your computer. You don’t need to have a TV or whatever. People spend a thousand dollars on a TV but they won’t spend a thousand dollars to build a business that can change their life. Totally wrong values. Another thing a lot of people do is they spend all these money to have a car. Why do you need to have a car? The whole purpose of a car is just for transportation. That’s the main purpose number one, as a bare necessity to get from point A to point B in the most efficient way possible because it’s faster than walking. For me, for years in my life I had a beat-up Honda Civic and at one time a Honda Accord. That was a 1986 Honda Civic that was a thousand dollars. That’s all it cost and it wasn’t even worth while to buy collision insurance and a car insurance because if I crashed into something and it was my fault, it’d just make more sense just to get rid of the car because it was only a $1000 car. At one point too, I was living in downtown, it cost money for parking so I sold that car. I was like, “I’m just going to take the bus.” That’s why there’s public transportation and there’s different ways to get around. If you’ve got a car that is a $10000 car, $20000, $30000 car but you can’t invest money in your improvement and in building a business. Then you’ve got a car that is actually holding you back, just sell it and replace for a cheaper car. Make a sacrifice in your life, just short-term. A short-term sacrifice so that you can get ahead and benefit yourself long-term. Because if you will only make the sacrifices, a few years from now you’ll be in position you can buy as many cars as you want. You can do what you want, you can have that freedom to do whatever it is that you wish. Selling stuff is great, looking through. I’ve got a friend, Ronnie Coisson, who’s been the multi-millionaire, Internet marker but he’s been living, the last two years, with two suitcases. He just travels the world and stuff. You don’t need to have all these material possessions and all these stuff. You can get rid of a lot of stuff, you can get rid of clothing. You can get rid and sell that stuff and immediately make money. Put it up on Craigslist, put it up on eBay. Selling stuff is great. Another thing is just work more, get another job. Most people they’re spending their time again watching TV and on social media. Spend that time and get another job. Get a job on the evenings or weekends and then work a little bit of extra hours at your job. I worked at a construction job part-time to supplement my online business. I was getting paid $15 an hour, I was just like helper at a construction site and I’d demolish stuff and it was not fun at all. Definitely online marketing is a lot easier but that’s what I did. I did that temporarily to make some extra money. I remember one of my first jobs, I worked at a car dealership and you check in when you get there in the morning. Then based on how many hours you work, you check out. For me, if I worked a little extra hours or whatever, I’d get paid overtime. I’d happily do that. I’d spend more hours and ask the boss, I said, “Hey, can I come in on the weekend? Can I work a few extra hours? I want to make a little bit more money.” If you can find ways to add more value to you job and get paid overtime for it, then why not. Why not sacrifice that for the short-term to make some money so that you change the course of your life and your future. Why not just go to a temp agency. These temp agencies, they’ll give you work on call. Someone is sick for a job, they can send you in and you can go in and do that. Go on Craigslist, there’s so many things that come up. Opportunities you can apply for to get some extra work. Again, I provide all these options for people but most people they say, “I don’t have the money.” Then I provide all these options and they’re like, “Oh, well.” What you really find, it’s not that they don’t have the money because you can make the money. What really matters, what it comes down to, is they’re not committed enough. They’re not willing to do the work, they’re not willing to make the sacrifice and they just don’t want it bad. Sure enough those people will stay exactly where they’re at in their lives. The years will go by, a year, 5, 10 years, they’ll be exactly where they’re at. For me that’s the most painful thing because they regret missing out on opportunities. For me it was just so painful that I just knew that I needed to do whatever it took. A lot of people say, “I can’t afford something.” My answer is you can’t afford not to. You can’t afford to continue living your life the way you’re living your life. You can’t afford living your life broke and struggling and in debt and unhappy with your life. You can’t afford to keep living that way. Again it comes down to being committed. Here’s another thing, I shared the carwash example, that’s a great one man. This weekend, call 5, 10 gas stations, say, “Hey, listen, can I put together a carwash?” Make up little signs and then get a bucket. They have a hose there and you just need some sponges. You can raise 500 to $1000 in one day of working at a carwash. You just need a buddy or two to help you out. Again, it’s just being resourceful. Here’s another one. I remember at one point for me … This is a great one, put together a poker night or some sort of event activity with friends. For me I put together a poker night at my place, had my friends come over. I said, “Hey guys.” I said, “$20 buy-in, 1/2 of the pot is going to go towards charity or 1/2 the pot can go towards your investment in a course or whatever it is that you want to do with the money or whatever. The other half the winner wins.” People would buy in for 20 bucks or whatever or I’d order a pizza or whatever it was and have everybody chip in for that or a little bit extra. It was a great easy way that I was able to make a couple of hundred dollars and just having the support of my friends so that I could start my business and invest it to improve myself to become a better person. Your friends and family, people in your life, they should be supportive of you. They should want to help you succeed in your life and help you grow. If you don’t have people like that, then you got to find them. You got to find people that are going to be your cheerleaders in life and help you become a better person. There’s many different ways guys of coming up with money, raising money. You can put together a GoFundMe page. There’s people that will fund you, there’s random people. I’ve randomly funded people I don’t even know just for fun on the website because I’m passionate and excited for their stories. I want to contribute to them and help them out or whatever. I’ve done things like that and one thing I’ve learnt is that part of the process in the learning and growth, is not the course or investing in yourself, but the journey you go through to find and be resourceful to come up with the money. I remember one story from Tony Robbins where he wanted to go to this seminar and he asked his uncle who was rich. He said, “Hey, you’re rich, why don’t you pay for this seminar?” His uncle said, “No.” Tony said, “Why not? You have all these money, why won’t you pay for me to go the seminar?” He said, “Because if I paid for you to go to the seminar, then you would miss out on the growing and the knowledge and the resourcefulness you got to go through to find a way to come up with the money to go to the seminar? That you wouldn’t value it the same way if you don’t earn it.” Tony actually thought his uncle was a jerk but he knew that he was right. He found a way to come up with the money and sure enough that seminar changed his life and allowed Tony to do what he does now today, inspiring millions of people around the world. Because he invested in himself. He went to that seminar, he took every note, maximized everything because he valued it so much because of what he had to go through to find a way to attend the seminar. To come up with the money. You always value things more. The bottom line is guys, there’s always ways. There’s always a way. You can cut on some of your expenses man, stop going out to eat for a month. Stop buying new clothes, stop spending the money on all these different things that you don’t need that don’t change your life for the better. Make smart investments, smart decisions that enhance your life. For you to become more so that you can become a better person, so that you can make more money and be more successful. Remember guys, it all comes down to commitment. How committed are you? I think I always think about, if someone had a gun to head, you would find a way. If someone said, “I’ve got a gun in your head. I’m going to kill yourself and your family. You got to come up with $10000 over next week.” You would find a way to do it. Then part of the process too is put yourself in the scenario where it becomes a must. I remember for me when I moved into the pent house a few years ago, it was a big stretch for me. I decided, “I’m going to find a way. If I can’t find the way, I’ll make the way. I decided, “I’m going to put myself in the position, I’m going to put the deposit and sign a year lease. A lot of money, over five grand a month for the rent. I said, “I can get by the first month but the next months, I’m going to find a way. It’s going to force me to grow in my life. It’s going to create this pressure within myself where I burned my boats. There’s no going back, I’ve got to find a way.” When you put yourself in that position you become resourceful and it’s amazing what you’re capable of when you’re truly resourceful and you want something bad and you’re truly committed to it. This applies to anything in your life guys. Never say to yourself, “I can’t afford it, it’s too expensive or whatever it is.” That’s just a story that holds you back, it keeps you where you’re at. If you want things to change, you need to change. It starts with changing your thinking, your mindset, your beliefs, your money blueprints. It’s going to change your life. I’ve been working with and talking to so many people now about Affiliate Marketing Mastery and it just pains me because I see so many limitations. I want to help everyone. My course, I believe it’s worth over $5000. In fact, to be honest with you, it’s worth millions of dollars to me because that’s what it’s made me in my life. What I’m sharing and teaching to help people. The real value, people look at the expense of something, “Oh, it’s $1000 for some …” That’s nothing compared to what you can make in your business. $1000 to invest in the knowledge, the skills, the training to build a business and then it has the potential within a few months to make you thousands of dollars back return. Millions of dollars over the next decade of your life if you choose to take it that far and really work at it. That’s nothing, like it’s just ridiculous the mindset that people have around it. No wonder some many people struggle because of that. I just don’t understand it to be honest with you, because it’s just not logical to me. For me what’s logical is to find a way to come up with money by working extra and saving myself a decade of time by investing in a training program. That’s just what makes sense because it saves you the failure or the time of having to try to do it on your own. For me I invest thousands and thousands of dollars in myself to save myself time. That’s why I’m a millionaire at 30 years old. That’s something that most people never achieve and most people that do, they achieve in their 40s or 50s or 60s. How did I fast track my success in my 20s and become a millionaire? It’s because I invested in myself and I kept investing in myself. I kept learning and growing and evolving to get to where I am today. All that you see that I have and who I am, is because of that. I would never trade that for anything in the world. I’ve always learned from everything I’ve done. Everything I’ve invested in myself has made me who I am, a part of me. The question is, “Do you have the courage to face your fears and overcome that story and go for it? You can do it without investing in yourself, but for many people that never happens. They stay where they’re at for their entire life. I’ve got friends like that in their 40s or even 50s, they never invested in themselves. They’re exactly where they are man. They’re exactly at their job. They’re exactly struggling financially because they just never invested. The only difference between me and them, I just wanted it bad and I was committed to it and I was willing to invest in myself. They had too much pride and ego and, “Oh, I can learn that on my own or whatever.” They just stay stuck for their entire life because they’re not asking or looking for help. I know this is not for everyone. There’s a lot of barriers that come up around this. I’m really trying to speak to the people right now that are committed, that have the desire, the willingness. They really want to make a change. I’m not talking to the dabblers right now. The people that really want to make a change. I really hope that this message can help you change your mentality and I understand success is not for everyone. You can’t help everyone, unfortunately. I do the best I can but the other person has to be committed on their end to make the changes and do the work and be resourceful. I found that people that are committed, they always get rewarded for it. The universe always rewards people that deserve it, deserve success. Success is reserved for those people. That’s why it’s such a rare thing because most people just aren’t willing to commit themselves and do what it takes in all the things I described. If you’re committed enough, you find the way. If you’re not, you find an excuse. That’s it for this video guys. I hope this can help some of you but that’s it guys. I’ll talk to you guys again soon. Take care.

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