My Acorns Account After Around 4 MONTHS!

What is up. ladies and gents welcome back to the good ole tech crack house today I will be talking about my acorns account after around four months of use. Now basically I had $1,000 in the account um the account was basically operating as highly conservative and recently pretty much moderate however. I actually got to a certain point where I thought that stopping this kind of experiment was acceptable which was four months more or less give or take and I’m not done experimenting with the app yep I decided to kind of rework some things and see if I could affect some changes that I think would be a little bit more favorable to me personally and. You know. just try some new things with the account so basically after four months or one third of a year the $1,000 highly conservative account had yielded two point one percent growth so a yielded twenty one dollars on a one thousand dollar initial investment. Now when you think about it that’s not all that bad. Okay, if you multiply that by three for the rest of the year that would be six point three percent growth so is that all that bad is that good is that bad basically it’s pretty neutral. Okay, it’s. Okay, it’s not exactly beating the market it’s pretty average. I would say market averages are roughly seven percent seven to nine percent per year in terms of growth so when you think about this theoretically with the highly conservative portfolio in acorns that’s actually not that bad. Okay, pretty much what. I expected the growth was somewhat gradual if we go to the UH performance tab here I’ll go ahead and look at that. So I kind of show you what I’m talking about the performance overall in terms of the past few months go to the six month outlook. Because it should be kind of hopeful they’ve just pretty much been straight growth so as you can see started at $1,000 right here and then did kind of slump kind of grew gradually then kind of shrunk down again then kind of kept growing growing growing growing my slumped again and then it actually pretty recently picked back up and I sold and when it. You know. was 1021 dollars so basically I pulled out at the account one I figured it was pretty much the most opportune time after that period and that’s actually pretty decent return. You know. two point one percent that’s really not bad I think that’s more than acceptable so basically one thousand dollars invested in acorns over the course of four months two point one percent return as I’ve said previously that’s not bad passable. Okay, definitely works I would be very interested to see interested per bit to see what a moderate account would do what an aggressive account would do so I’m actually going to try that. Now so. Now that I have 100 dollars back in the account I’m going to switch it to aggressive the highest aggression level I guess and we’re going to see what exactly happens with it I think it should be pretty interesting. Because. You know. more aggressive account would probably be pretty good in terms of. You know. actually um maybe generating. You know. some sort of growth and then after I think about four more months I’m going to go ahead and take a look at how this is performed and we’ll basically be able to see how it’s done and it should be all well and good so anyway folks that’s going to wrap up this article I don’t want to make it too long I think they’ll be unnecessary honestly so that’s the account after four months 2.1 percent growth on highly conservative that’s not bad I don’t think that’s too bad for a highly conservative account the consistency overall was honestly very good and I’m satisfied so that’s going to do it for me today folks have a good one ladies and gents and keep right here the tech crack house and watch out for those gains boys or at those gains boys they be making them gains alright if you don’t know what I’m talking about I’m talking about the boys that are always on Robin Hood trying to make the gains alright so watch out for them just be wary of that be a big view of a more conservative investor alright don’t don’t chase gains. Okay, I think that’s it for this article so have a good one folks check out the giveaways that are going on and have a good one and adios you.

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