My Acorns Aggressive Portfolio After 2 MONTHS!

What is up. the ladies and gents welcome back to the good old tech crank counts time today I’ll actually be giving you an update on my acorns aggressive portfolio just kind of talking about how it’s doing etc and it should be all good. Now I want to actually preface this by saying the basic idea for this portfolio is I started with 250 dollars up front around 8 weeks ago and every week I add in an additional ten dollars into the acorns portfolio itself and I kind of go from there and see how things grow. Now what I’m talking about this I also have roundups turned on. But they’re from my PayPal account and some things have been going wrong with the round ups lately so they haven’t been working necessarily as well as they should which isn’t good for acorns. Because I’m also kind of doing an acorns and stash comparison kind of test and my stash article my eight-week account stash article update will actually be posted tonight at midnight. So if you’re interested check that out at that time if not catch it tomorrow morning. You know. feel free to check it out I would encourage you to and without further ado it let me go ahead and kind of talk about the portfolio just a little bit. So this is actually the most aggressive tiered portfolio on acorns pretty decent allocation line go ahead and take a look here large company stock 68 bucks small company stocks hundred twenty bucks emerging market stocks 68 bucks real estate stocks 33 and finally international large company stocks $50 so when we’re looking at that breakdown you can definitely see it is pretty darn aggressive. Now small company stocks over the past month or two months have actually been suffering a little bit they haven’t done incredibly well. So I think that’s why we’re kind of seeing the portfolio. You know. performing in a little bit of a lank luster way okay. Because as you can see 35% of the total portfolio allocation is made up of small companies stocks. Now going back to the performance graph here we can actually see that over the past two months or so we’ve had a growth of about eight dollars which is 0.61 percent for growth. Now for the whole year that works out to 0.61 times twelve Oh God that’s roughly six percent five five to six to seven percent sorry the math is escaping me right. Now per year of growth. Now when I think about growth on the whole that’s not that good especially for a more aggressive portfolio. I think that for the past two months my Robin Hood portfolio is probably up four to five percent so we’re just kind of putting that into perspective it’s probably about three to four to five percent once again the discrepancies here are fantastic. But McGrath is higher is what I’m trying to say and the growth on stash invest is also higher. So this kind of leaves me scratching my head I do think that. I actually do want to actually do actually actually actually I want to go ahead and look through the acorns listing of what stocks are being held in the segreto portfolio. Because right. Now it’s not really performing up to my expectations so we’ll see how it goes from here. But as you can see the total profit over the past two months it’s been. Okay, it still made money. But at the same time. You know. hasn’t been outstanding or anything like that so we’re gonna see how it develops from here once again as I said definitely feel free to check out my stash invest article that will be posted later tonight should be pretty helpful also and pretty interesting in and of itself so thank you so much for watching everyone really appreciate it Cabrera here at the tech crack house check out our patreon if you’re interested and that’s gonna do it for you folks so adios if you enjoyed this content from the tech crack house feel free to leave a like share subscribe if you wish to support us monthly feel free to check out our patreon page until next time ladies and gents see you all in the next article this has been Mike signing off.

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