My Acorns AGGRESSIVE Portfolio After 5 Weeks!

What is up. ladies and gentlemen my viewers out there it is time for another weekly update on my acorns app portfolio so in case you don’t know this is an aggressive portfolio it’s actually set up pretty decently and. You know. the performance so far, has been honestly pretty good so in case you weren’t familiar 250 dollars is why I started with 4 this portfolio based amount and then each week $10 is added on top of the initial balance. So, you know. when that’s considered the growth is really. You know. a lot of it might seem to be coming from the addition of money. But at the same time it’s still really growing pretty well without the money actually being considered so we’re looking at the performance here. Okay, one month growth here is actually 1.9 2% so that’s kind of. You know. hard to hard to understand. Because it’s actually been about five weeks so let’s go to the three month outlook as you can see here we start at about two hundred and fifty three dollars and thirteen cents and. Now we are at roughly what is the current value three hundred nine dollars and 56 cents. So, you know. when we look at that you can honestly see that the growth is really pretty good overall so since it’s been five weeks we’ve had roughly fifty dollars added in so we have a growth of about nine dollars or nine dollars and 56 cents or so actually way we have to consider that three dollars we’re in the portfolio to begin with so a growth of roughly six dollars or so over five weeks. So, you know. for an aggressive portfolio on acorns I don’t consider that to be too bad. You know. I might expect a little bit more growth from a more aggressive portfolio. Because this is the most aggressive portfolio that you can actually use with acorns. So, you know. with that being stated I would expect maybe twice the current growth that we have. But it’s kind of hard to say. Because I’ve never run an extended test with an aggressive acorns accounts. Now if I had I would know what to expect more from this current test. Because. You know. I would kind of know how everything goes. But so far, I’m I’m. Okay, with this I’m. Okay, with the outcome so far. Because. You know. while it hasn’t grown at an incredible exponential rate it has still grown some. But I think that’s very important. Now the market hasn’t been insanely good over the past five weeks either it’s been alright. But it hasn’t been. You know. incredible or anything there have been some definite dips and that has kind of taken away from some of these success of the portfolio. So, you know. especially over the past two weeks or so. Because you can see it was really growing very well and then you kind of started to have some some declines here especially here around the August gang of August. So, you know. with those factors considered it’s still doing relatively well is it doing as well as. You know. I would like it to not necessarily I would like to see a bit more growth especially from a more aggressive portfolio such as this I really thought that starting with 250 and adding more each week would be enough to kind of propel it forward a bit more. But as I said before. You know. I don’t really know what to expect with this yet and that’s why I’m running this tent. So, you know. acorns is it meeting my expectations it’s meeting them it’s not blowing me out of the water it’s doing. All right, well I continue to use it and run this test yes I will. Okay. So, you know. just something to think about right. So if you see any other YouTube channels with article similar to this one. You know. I can thank them personally for stealing the concept. But anyway I think that’s going to do it for this weekly update article so as I always say I will have my stash update article posted later this evening specifically around twelve o’clock or so. So if you’re interested in that feel free to check it out and. Yeah, so acorns doing. All right, will sail stash is doing later and have a good relationship keep progressing that drag hell if you enjoyed this content from the tech crack house feel free to leave a like share subscribe if you wish to support us monthly feel free to check out our patreon page until next time ladies and gents you all in the next article this has been mike signing off.

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