My Acorns Portfolio After 15 Weeks Future Suggestions for the Account

What is up. ladies and gentlemen and welcome back to the good old tech crack house so in this article I’m actually going to be covering the acorns app. So if you like acorns feel free to leave like share subscribe and hit that little Bell button the notifications button below receive a notification every single time the tech crank house releases another article other than that folks let’s go ahead and get right into it alright ladies and gents welcome back to another acorns article so the point of this article is actually not to talk about the accounts performance over the past 15 weeks it is right here in front of you if you do want to look at it. But that’s not the point of this article I as I said in my previous article and thinking about reallocating the acorns portfolio into a different portfolio type to to essentially experiment furthermore with the app. Now I’ve performed a pretty long test in terms of holding holding different things for acorns twice. Now those tests consisted of both an extremely conservative acorns account and these are probably going to keep. You know. sorry I was talking about something that’s not on the screen for all of you I thought I steered God anyway right what was I saying. So I performed an experiment where I used a an extremely conservative acorns account and that went. Okay, I’ve performed an experiment. Now where I’ve used an extremely aggressive or so they say acorns account for roughly 15 weeks and that went alright I’m really interested. Now and I think you can probably see this coming to see how exactly the account would perform under monetary conditions or moderate aggressive or moderately conservative conditions I want to see kind of more of a moderate blend from the portfolio itself and just kind of see how everything performs. Now as I mentioned extremely conservative and extremely aggressive in acorns are not as Extreme as you would like to think they’re definitely tailored in a way that caters to more of a mainstream investor the extremely aggressive is not going to include penny stocks or anything too speculative which is good if you do want to keep most of your money. But it’s not really all high-risk it’s relatively tame and looking at it here you can kind of see what. I mean it’s primarily large company stocks. Now those are risky. But they’re not all that risky. Okay, they’re risky. But they’re not insane so when I’m looking at this I really do want to see more risk than this. But with the acorns probably not gonna get that so with that being said I am interested in kind of switching back to more moderate account I want to see how exactly it works I want to see how things do and I really I think it could be pretty interesting. I think that acorns is more moderate overall even the extremely aggressive portfolio concern to be actually kind of moderate I don’t consider to be all that extreme. So, you know. quite frankly it’s it’s really not all that intense and I I want to test more of a moderate set up. Because I feel like that’s also what a lot of people go for so let me know what you’re really interested in I think that’d be fantastic if he did I would really appreciate it and I I would like to hear your feedback so like I said this is roughly the account after 15 weeks. So if you’re interested in that you can see here I started with 250 dollars in the account I had 10 dollars each week and then it kind of scaled nicely dividends were reinvested I think sometimes however that’s a bit harder to track now. Because the acorns display screen has changed a bit so keep that in mind. But anyway decent performance I’m relatively happy with it. But. Now let me know what else you want to see and I would be more than happy to oblige you as always ladies and gentlemen thank you so much for watching your viewership is greatly appreciated if you have any questions comments concerns or anything like that if you have any questions comments or anything like that feel free to leave them down in the comment section below and I’ll do my best to get back to you other than that folks please tell your friends family relatives whatever else about us and I’ll see all of you next time here the tech crackles and adios if you enjoyed this content from the tech crack house feel free to leave a like share subscribe if you wish to support us monthly feel free to check out our patreon page until next time ladies and gents see you all in the next article this has been Mike signing off.

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