My controversial secret for high converting sales copy

hey guys welcome to profit co-pilot today is a very controversial article my name is Mohini and today I’m gonna tell you my number one copyright in secret and I’m a little bit nervous about releasing this into the wild the number one secret through great in high converting sales copy has been to use something called Barnum statements. Now the reason I don’t feel bad about using these in my sales copy is. Because I’m not trying to deceive anyone so Barnum statements they are the things that we all feel every human being feels a certain way. But we never admit it we never talk about it for example you probably have a great need for people to like and admire you. But you would never admit that that is Barnum statement another one is that you hear calm and confident on this on the surface. But underneath there situations where you’re you’re panicking we all experience those kind of emotions. You know. the Barnum statement could be that you’re too critical of yourself sometimes or that you wonder if you’re on the right path if you if you’re making a big mistake with your life these are the things that we all know as humans we all have these emotions and thoughts and stuff and they feel deeply personal to us. Now use news ago there was a psychologist I think he was called for he did an experiment and it’s called the for effect he got a classroom full of students he wrote out personality traits for each of the students gave them an envelope they opened up and then they had to score out of 10 or something like that of course most of the students gave it a 9 or a 10 or very high scores and then at the end they were asked to trade pieces of paper it turned out they all had the same information on the piece of paper they all shared the same personality traits and this is why horoscopes work really well sorry if you’re into horoscopes and you read them every day its Barnum statements it’s the flora effect no it’s it’s the digital or the print version of cold reading and that’s what we’re doing here wouldwould you were using cold reading techniques to build rapport and get people on our side and we’re doing it in an ethical way. Because we’re not trying to deceive anybody we’re using psychological techniques to make our message clearer so I’m gonna go into this in a lot more detail in articles in the future. But this is the starting point this is highly controversial highly effective sales techniques they say is like as close to the Jedi Mind Tricks stuff that we can get doesn’t only do stuff that you are completely comfortable with so thank you for watching if you’ve enjoyed this article hit the thumbs up button below. Because it tells me that I need to make more articles like this for you and also subscribe to this channel hit the little notification icon and you’ll get another article for me tomorrow that’s going to help you to get just a little bit more freedom and independence through entrepreneurship have a great day and I’ll see you tomorrow.

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