My Stash Invest MAX PROFIT Portfolio After 1 Month!

What is up. ladies and gentlemen welcome back to the tech crank house so as I stated earlier today when I was covering my acorns article for the week. I actually did say that I’d be doing a stache update tonight and well here it is this is your stache update so get pumped. Because stache has been doing a fantastic job of growing pretty well over the past month. Now I do actually think that that’s really. Because I’ve been keeping my eye on it I’ve been guiding it I’ve been holding it soft little hand through its infancy and I’ve been trying to help my portfolio out. Because I don’t think I don’t. You know. I don’t want things to go south like they did want to experimenter with stache before. Because I thought before that you could just pick stash ETF that was a pretty stupid approach. Okay, and buying every ETF on stash is pretty stupid also alright that’s the worst thing you can do with stash. All right, I’m not kidding I really think that it’s best to pick a select number of ETFs on stash that perform well that have low expense ratios and that are just better overall. Because why would you pick ETF that suck alright I’ve done that to pass it does make any sense I’m done doing it alright so that’s my little rant. But anyway stash over the past month with my guidance and with a little bit of help I started with 250 bucks each week I have $10 Auto deposited and five of those dollars each week are deposited into American innovators and five are put into Internet Titans so those are growing reasonably quickly just from my auto stash as being put in. But at the same time the growth overall is really pretty good. Now and it says $27 of growth over the past month that’s not quite true. Because this is carrying over growth from my previous portfolios it’s actually about 22 bucks of growth for the past month which is insanely good alright if we’re looking at this here four weeks of Auto investments that’s roughly 40 bucks. Okay, $250 initial that’s roughly 290 initially invested that’s about $22 of growth over the past month so honestly. You know. is this bounce last not necessarily. But BZ test that I’ve selected are doing very well so far. You know. and people have been asking me. You know. if I put this much money into stash and then it grows that much each month I’ll have this much money right and it’s no that’s that’s not true that’s not guaranteed nothing with investments are guaranteed. I think that honestly so far, during this month I’ve been getting really lucky I’ve been really trying to really trying to manage the portfolio. But at the same time quite a bit of luck has been involved here. You know. the market doesn’t always perform this well and to be doing this well with my stash account I think that’s it that’s a great sign of luck and of market outcomes being kind of circumstantial. So you don’t know if you invest $300 in the stash you’re not going to get a guaranteed outcome of blank it just doesn’t work like that and nothing is guaranteed in the stock work in any way. So it looks like honestly so far, stash investors outperforming acorns and that’s not what. I expected at all. But I’m really thrilled about it so as I said I did really hand select the stocks in stash and it’s really been kind of grouped by me personally. So, you know. results may vary depending on whoever’s investing results will vary it’s pretty much guaranteed that there are no consistent results for everyone so anyway folks I just bumped my laptop apartment anyway thank you so much for watching I really hope you learned something if you want more updates follow the tech crackhouse twitter it’s listed in the description below and sticker up for more content folks and if you enjoyed this content from the tech crack house feel free to leave a like share subscribe if you wish to support us monthly feel free to check out our patreon page until next time ladies and gents you all in the next article this has been mike signing off.

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