My Stash Invest Max Profit Portfolio After 15 Weeks What do you want to see next

What is up. ladies and gentlemen and welcome back to the guerrilla tech crack house in today’s article we’ll actually be covering the stash invest apps. So if you like stash invest feel free to leave a like share subscribe and hit that little Bell button below the notifications button. So you can receive a notification every single time the tech crack house uploads another article other than that folks let’s go ahead and get right into it right ladies and gents are just as with my acorns article previously and I upload previously today this article will focus largely on what you want me to do with my stash invest account next I will probably still be invested in the stash invest app. Because I think it’s a relatively good app overall it’s not exactly as freewheeling as I like it’s a bit more restricted insofar as you can only choose ETF’s to invest in which is as I said it’s kind of restricted so not exactly what I’m used to. But I do select the app and I think many of you like it too and you want to know how to maybe use it a bit better so there’s nothing wrong thing and that’s that’s pretty good and investing is always in my opinion a good idea. Okay, so right over the past 15 weeks I’ve had two hundred and fifteen dollars of upfront capital in this account 250 it sound like I said 15 of upfront capital in this account and then every week I’ve added in five dollars to American innovators and five dollars into social media mania. So this account has been growing pretty well over the long term over the past fifteen weeks and has returned fifty eight dollars and three cents which is a 14 percent growth rate. Now if you average that out for the year that’s roughly 56 percent or so which is honestly that’s pretty good. Okay, that’s that’s pretty satisfactory. Now unfortunately I don’t necessarily think that growth can’t continue at such an even rate and even since last week you can see that the growth has slowed down. So, you know. these stocks aren’t necessarily guaranteed to keep growing of course. I think that really goes without saying. But essentially what I want to do is maybe pick some different ETFs aside from these ones that I’m currently invested in and just kind of mess around with them. Okay, I did actually uh Wow. Okay, real estate tycoon great I’m not get out of here thank you I’m really interested in checking out some different ETFs so let’s go to discover investments really quick and as I said this is the performance over 15 weeks. So if you’re here for that that’s what that looks like. But I want to get into some more on speculation right so these are performed pretty admirably so let’s go to discover investments. Now essentially Stannis does cater your investment availability or your ETF availability to your risk exposure. So if you have a medium risk exposure will have different stock options than a high exposure type person I guess so that does factor into this anyway so we have combat carbon let’s click on that just to kind of check it out please get out of your stash good lord dividend yield. Okay, the ticker here is CR BN performance for this one for the year today is actually nineteen point five four percent many of these companies are focused on essentially cutting down on their carbon intake I know that Microsoft or Google not carbon take carbon output google has recently pretty much converted all to electrical power for most of their facilities which is pretty cool not exactly what I’m interested with that one too much although that one might be wanted to check out so I’ll go and flag that one defending America this one’s pretty popular right. Now I think for obvious reasons performance thirty one percent growth over the past year and/or year-to-date honestly that’s pretty good. Okay, that’s that’s pretty good. So this one it’s another one I might be interested in go. Now though add that one to the list partly raw earth I’m not super interested in that one water the world not really interested in that one to do the right thing let’s check out this one overview. Okay, a lot of big companies here s USA so we have 3m Microsoft it sense your Apple etc ecolab performance decent some weird dips here that can’t be right that’s going to be something strange um who owns that 4%. Okay, then address in that one so essentially I’m gonna go through and hunt for some more etf’s I do you think we’ll probably pretty good and I’ll let. You know. in the future in the near future what exactly I am looking into and let me know what you think let me know what you won’t want to see you for me and I would be more than happy to oblige you so. Yeah, as always ladies and gentlemen thank you so much for watching your viewership is greatly appreciated if you have any questions feel free to leave them down the comments section below and other than that folks tell your Tomatoes about is tell anything you want to bound us anyone and see you all next time in the next article and adios if you enjoyed this content from the tech crack house feel free to leave a like share subscribe if you wish to support us monthly feel free to check out our patreon page until next time ladies and gents see you all in the next article this has been Mike signing off.

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