My Stash Invest MAX PROFITABILITY Portfolio After 3 WEEKS!

What is up. ladies and gentlemen welcome back to the good ol 10th crack house here. Now today as I stated earlier in the day I will. Now be running over my stash portfolio and no not with the car. But with with a quick article to give you some updates and just kind of let. You know. how it’s going so my acorns portfolio that I have allocated in a similar manner is actually set to aggressive. I would say that this stash portfolio is moderate to aggressive it’s leaning probably pretty moderate or moderately aggressive it’s probably not quite as aggressive as the acorns portfolio. But at the same time it’s still performing really pretty well overall. Now I just as with acorns I have an auto stash coming through for this portfolio. Now I was kind of forgetting to actually allocate my funds myself. So I set up the auto stash slightly differently. So. I actually have five dollars of American innovators being purchased per week and five dollars of intranet Titans being purchased per week so those are both automatics. Now I no longer have to go in and actually allocate funds myself so it’s going to make the portfolio performant the better. Because it’ll just be done automatically and I don’t have to worry about forgetting about it. So, you know. with that being said this portfolio is really performing pretty well so far, I started with $250 I believe that I’ve actually put about 30 bucks in so really the return so far, is probably around $25 this is skewed. Because this accounts for previous investments also with stash which I don’t really like that they still include that I wish that there’s a way. You know. that you could wipe that acorns actually clears that data after a certain period or after all of your money was is withdrawn after all of your money is withdrawn is when they clear it so that’s nice this doesn’t have that feature unfortunately. But we can still actually see that it’s doing quite well it’s 304 dollars of returns so far, so let’s look at the allocation really quick I have about a hundred bucks in American innovators this one is up for 0.75 percent so far, it’s doing really very well social media mania I have about 90 bucks in it’s up 5.70% so far, which is once again really quite good robots rising is up four point two four percent so far, and I have fifty five dollars in that when I believe which is not bad once again and then Internet Titans is up five point nine five percent and I have forty five dollars of equity in that one. So, you know. really they’re all doing very well and I’m very satisfied with this so far. Now I was ragging on stache a lot. But I think that. Now that I’ve seen how I can really allocate my money and really do do well with certain ETS on stash without really buying what they recommend or just. You know. going for what I think is best this could be profitable. Because. You know. stash they have a lot of strange gimmicky type names for their ETFs like American innovators social media mania I’m very much an analytical investor and I really like to look at what is performing well so hopefully my research into these ETS will help with the return overall we can always hope right we’ll see what exactly works out with this. But so far, stash is just barely outpacing acorns and that’s not what I expected. But it’s a friendly competition and stash is really doing pretty well so anyway folks if you like stash. You know. what to do if you like acorns. You know. what to do also feel free to leave a like share the article subscribe to the channel. It really helps us grow and we really appreciate it and let me know what else you want to see folks so thank you so much for watching keep rhaegar the tech crack house and have a fantastic day if you enjoyed this content from the tech crack house feel free to leave a like share subscribe if you wish to support us monthly feel free to check out our patreon page until next time ladies and gents you all in the next article this has been Mike signing off.

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