Newbie Affiliate Marketing Blueprint

today I’m going to give you the blueprint you can use to fix your affiliate marketing problems increase your opt-in rate and virtually print money on demand after this welcome back to profit copilot calm my name is Mick Meany and this is all about helping you to get better results online so today I’m going to give you an affiliate marketing framework that you can use to virtually print money on demand and this structure that I’m about to give you I have heard people achieving a conversion rate of 80% me personally I have never achieved more than 76% but. Because we’re all different and we have different ways of doing things and approaching things and different levels of determination there is a high probability that you will surpass by 76% and if you do please let me know. Because I would love to use you as a case study so let’s get down into this so a very common problem that people experience when they start affiliate marketing is they will use ready-made squeeze pages and landing pages they will take an off-the-shelf version of the affiliate system that they have been sold and they will upload that to the Internet plug it in and expect that to make money for them on autopilot it doesn’t work that way. But I’m going to show you a way that does work so we’re going to use a digital whiteboard for this if you’re listening on the podcast don’t worry I’m going to describe what is happening. So you won’t miss out. So it usually starts like this you will be sold a generic landing page from an affiliate marketer so we’ll call this a landing page and that is where people will opt in to the company’s email list so the affiliate company that you’re dealing with will recommend that you funnel traffic from a variety of sources into their email list so visitors land on the landing page they opt-in to the email list and then they’re sent to a sales page where they can buy the product. But what happens is. Because the landing page that they’ve sold you is generic and there are literally thousands of other affiliate marketers using the exact same landing page the traffic sources the places where you advertise and promote your offer well they’re all seeing the same offer. Because you have so many affiliates promoting the same thing so what happens is when a landing page should be receiving a twenty five percent conversion rate what’s actually happening is it drops down to ten percent down to a five percent conversion rate and that kills your profit so the lesson here is if you are buying for example a pl or product or an affiliate product and you have a ready-made template that you can just plug in to the internet and send traffic to stop you will not see major success if any level of success with that strategy. Because although that landing page might look brand new to you in the niche that you’re promoting it in loads of people have already seen it and they have either opted into it or they have ignored it and they’ve refused to opt-in so the pool of people that you can expect to do business with the to buy from you is shrinking continuously shrinking. Because more affiliates promote the same offer using the exact same landing page so the solution is to change things up so make a brand new landing page maybe put article on there change the offer I’m actually going to tell you how to do that in a second and also instead of sending traffic to somebody else’s list you want to get your own list. So this is a list that you control instead of sending traffic to somebody else’s business and in leads into into their funnel make sure it leads are opting into a list that you control and what happens when you do this you can still promote the affiliate sales page and profit from that. But when you have your own list you have complete control and you can email any offer you like whenever you like. So you can email your list links to other sales pages other products and this effectively becomes free money it is virtually like printing your own money. So if you want me to talk more about this strategy that I’ve gone through in this article let me know I hope you found it useful if you have hit the like button below subscribe to the channel to have a fantastic weekend and I’ll see you very soon take.

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