Part 1 How to monetize your website

hey everybody welcome to profit copilot my name is Mick meanie and this is all about helping you to get more independence and freedom through online entrepreneurship. So if you’re not subscribed at the moment click the subscribe button hit the loan application Bell if you’re watching on YouTube and then you will get the next article in this series tomorrow. So I have been thinking long and hard about how I can deliver the best value to you through these articles so what I have decided to do is I’m going to create a brand new website I’m going to monetize it and make it a success and I’m going to document the process I’m going to show you how you can do it too I’m gonna do it step-by-step. So you can follow along you can point and click your mouse where I point and click mine and then every day we will slowly build a successful business together. Because you’re going to see me do it from scratch and I’m going to show you how you can do it too. So you have probably not seen anything like this before. Because I have condensed them boiled down all the stuff that you need to know and I have taken out all the stuff you don’t need to know so I’m gonna run you through the entire process in this article to see if this is the right thing for you. Because listen everyone out there is promising you overnight millions and saying that you’re gonna make tens of thousands in your first couple of months it’s not true. Okay, that there are people out there who prey on people’s lack of knowledge in this thing and I really want to stand apart from those guys and separate myself and I figured that if I show you how to build a business that you’re passionate about based on interests that you already have I figure that is such a positive contribution to the world and to my market here it is every that’s involved. Okay, and I know it looks like an awful lot of stuff. But when we break it down step by step it’s actually a fairly simple process so the first thing that we need to do is decide what we’re going to sell. Okay, and I know that it might seem like you jumping in at the deep end. But we’re not actually going to make anything yet we’re just going to have a rough idea of what we want to make. So this comes down to your passions okay. So I know that there’s a lot of talk about finding the right niche and all that stuff. But here’s what here’s what you do if if you are in the right niche just go to Amazon whatever topic you’re thinking about starting in just go to Amazon see if there’s books and magazines about that topic if there’s already information products out there then fantastic you’re good to go. Okay, this is not complicated stuff and whatever you’re passionate about that is your niche and the best way of really finding out if you stuck you’re not sure what your niche is what is it the spend your time thinking about when you’re with friends and family what do you like to steer the conversation towards what topic is it that you you really feel that the world would be a better place if more people did X Y Z that is the thing that you should build a website about and chances are if you’re watching this you already have a website a blog set up about that or you’re creating content in that niche anyway. So this series is just for people who’ve already got that sorted out they already know what they want to contribute to the world. So this isn’t about niche research any of that stuff I have other articles about that if you need to go to the YouTube channel or profit copilot com have a look through you’ll get those the first thing that we need to do is outline have a rough idea of what you’re going to sell it’s going to be a digital information product. So it could be a PDF or article series or an audio series doesn’t matter right. Now all you need to do is have a rough idea of the content of that and I’ll get into this into in the next article or you through how to do that then once we have an idea of what we’re going to sell we’re going to create a blog post based on that content then we’re going to create a lead magnet something that will entice people to join your email list we’re going to create a squeeze page for that then we’re going to build the email list and this is the start of a sales funnel and I’ll show you how to build sales funnels and marketing funnels in this series then once we are building an email list we need to test affiliate offers and this is to give us an idea of what is working in the niche what kind of things people are responding positively to and that will give us an idea of how to position a market the product that we intend to create then we need to create the product and I’m going to show you how to do really quickly really simply it’s and it’s not going to take you weeks to do. Okay, we’re going to make it maximum in a few days and then we’re going to create the sales page there’s so much information I’ve got a few about writing sales copy and persuasion techniques all that stuff that’s so passionate about that area and then we’re going to recruit affiliates to promote the product for us they’re going to become like a virtual sales army who will go out and bring money into our business and then we’re going to get advertising for long term growth so there’s a lot of ground to cover I know that by the end of the series you will have a awesome profitable business and you and. You know. what it’s not going to cost you anything from me I’m going to give you the information for free. Okay, and that’s. Because I really want to deliver the maximum value that I can to you. So if this is the kind of thing that you like to see more of hit the like button. Because that tells me to create more content like this then subscribe to the channel hit the little notification bell and you’ll get another article from me tomorrow and that will help you take the next step in this process towards generating more freedom and security and independence and all that good stuff for you and you found so thank you for watching have a great day and I will see you tomorrow and we’re gonna take the next step in this process.

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