Part 10 How to approach affiliates to promote your product

hey everybody welcome to profit copilot my name is May Kamini and today I’m feeling really terrible I’ve got the dreaded man flu and I know that you really want to carry on with the profit from your passion training course so no days off for me I’m going to continue teaching you everything that you need to do so today is all about affiliate marketing I’m going to show you how you can attract affiliates who will promote your products for you and in return for that promotion they will earn a commission on every sale. Because when you get the right affiliates on board in my experience you can make five figures per day so I’m gonna run you through that. Now it’s a very lucrative business model if you’re on a ramp up quickly online you need affiliates to promote your stuff I think long term it’s probably not a great strategy. But certainly to give you that initial cash injection into your business it’s a fantastic model. Because you can make a thousand dollars a day ten thousand dollars a day fifty seventy who knows typically we would offer between 50% and 75% per sale. Now if you think that sounds like a lot you’re right it is a lot we do give away a lot per sale. But we don’t have to really worry about the the marketing side of things when we are on this side of affiliate marketing as opposed to the other side. You know. what we actually do both. You know. for best results do both sell products and run affiliate offers of your own so I’m going to give you some do’s and don’ts to help you attract more affiliates and higher quality affiliates too so the first thing is do fill a gap fill a need find out what your potential affiliate partners are promoting find out what they’re not promoting find out what they need and then if your product fills a gap if it matches in need in their business they will be more inclined to promote you also if. You know. your earnings per click let them know it. Okay, well if you’re getting into this for the very first time you might not have an EPC so that’s. Okay, don’t let that deter you when you do have your EPC let future affiliates know what that is that’s earnings per click. So it tells them how much revenue they should expect to make for every visitor they send to your sales page it’s very good way of enticing high-level affiliates to promote your stuff also do let affiliates try out the product first don’t just tell them that you’ve got this awesome product you have to give them access to it offer a copy they will decide if it’s right for their list or not make sure that you’ve got the commission percentage somewhere in the email you send or the Facebook message that you send make sure they know how much you charging per sale let them know of any upsells that they can also profit on and also be a real person don’t use avatars or cartoon things to try and hide your identity be real. You know. if you have track record success of running a business or a website let them know about it let them know that you are a real person you’re not one of these anonymous people that hides behind an avatar with a fake name and all that stuff people don’t like working with people who do that generally also if you can offer them a special bonus it’s unique to them and their list. Okay, so. Now some don’ts don’t lead with your commission okay. Yeah, no it’s tempting to say I’m gonna offer you 75 percent per sale. But guess what everyone’s doing that ok it’s not a big deal if you come to us with a big percentage a big Commission percentage we’re not wowed by that obviously you have to have that information in the email or the message somewhere. But don’t lead with it. Because that’s an immediate turnoff also don’t be smiling don’t kiss us too much obviously a little bit of flattery will go a long way. But too much again is another turnoff it feels manipulative your candor feels fake and generally we avoid working with people who are fake right so be real big or thent ik be consistent throughout your you’re dealing with everybody in your business also don’t be rude or egotistical. So you might feel that your product is the best one on the map that has ever been around. But most product vendors feel the same way too so don’t be rude about it don’t be egotistical don’t insist that they promote you and also don’t expect to reply good quality affiliates are bombarded with offers every single day and there’s only a very small percentage that they can say yes to so don’t be put off don’t be deterred if you don’t get reply it just means that it wasn’t the right product for that list don’t take it personally just knuckle down move on to the next don’t take it to heart. Because there is going to be plenty of affiliates out there who need to promote a product like yours ok. So I hope you found this useful put it to good use make more money as a result. You know. you can get that 4 figure income add a 5 figure income using this exact process that I’ve given you today so use it to promote yourself promote your products recruit affiliates make money. Because you can do it to the only person holding you back is you right so there’s nothing to stop you just go ahead recruit filius get your products out there start making some serious cash ok thank you for watching I hope you found this useful if you have hit the thumbs up button below subscribe to the channel hit the little notification bell and you will get another article from me tomorrow even if I am still dying with man flu I’ll see you then have a good day.

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