Part 4 How to make a squeeze page

everybody welcome to profit co-pilot my name is make it meanie and this channel is all about helping you to get more independence and freedom through online entrepreneurship. So if that sounds good hit the subscribe button and you get another article like this tomorrow so today we’re talking about squeeze pages you might know them also as landing pages and these allow people to subscribe to email lists in exchange for a lead magnet which we created yesterday. Now I am going to use software called thrive architect. But listen you don’t need to invest in any software to do this do. You know. what you can sell pan online business and make money from it practically for free using free methods in using free tools that is an option for you if you want to go down that road of course if you invest in professionally designed software and platforms then you will get to where you want to go quicker. But you don’t have to invest that much obviously. I would say get a real domain name so you’re. You know. proper domain name professional domain name it doesn’t matter if it’s or even a dot info if you want it doesn’t matter invest in in proper hosting that I think that’s essential and in an email list builder so something like activecampaign or a weber for the purpose of speed and simplicity I am using thrive architect we’ve got lots of options when it comes to squeeze pages I like to have control over everything in my business and that’s why I recommend using thrive themes if you’re absolutely lazy and you just want someone to do it for you which is another option we have and why not then I can recommend commerce warriors and they will build a funnel system for you and do all this for you and I think it’s somewhere between $99 and 300 dollars a month for that back and certainly recommend those guys if you really don’t want to invest anything at the moment just head over to type in the plugins landing page or squeeze page and there you’re going to get tons for free. Okay, so just go through find one that suits your needs save yourself a few quid if you want to so I’m using thrive themes and thrive architect. Because that is what works best for me at the moment that might change tomorrow who knows so in WordPress we’re going to go to the pages section we’re gonna hit add new then we need to give this a title so free ebook for detox and it would thrive architect and then here if we go to this little cog we can choose let me find it choose a landing page template and we’ve got loads to choose from here ready-made ones for us now. Because I’m using an e-book I don’t need to show article so let me just have a look through some of these let’s go for a really simple let’s choose that one I’m not going to mess around with this too much apart from I’m not too keen on the pink background so I’m gonna get rid of that get rid of the image I’m just going to keep it white keep it very simple for. Now so the components that we really need on a squeeze page and it doesn’t matter what system you are using. But the components are always going to be the same so we will either need some kind of visual reference to the to the lead magnet so we can use a article. I think that produces the best results in my experience anyway or we need a digital version of a product of a book so here I’m going to change image I’m gonna get one that I’ve already got made so hit that and then you can see the some kind of visual reference. Now one of the most important things on a squeeze page is the headline so we need to make. It really bold promise so feel great look great seven days the next some days complete good to detox we might also want to say that it’s free so maybe – free really make free bit stand out. Now we can get a bit wordy if we want to. But I found that just having a few bullet points conveys the message really clearly. Because people don’t read big chunks of text on squeeze pages there were watch a article and all that stuff. But really they just want to know what you can do for them very quickly so they can make a decision do they want it or not so let’s drag in some bullet points let’s scroll down to style list drag this into thrive what do we want to put it. I would say underneath the. Yeah, that’ll do so we’ll put benefit one then two three and just like your headline we’re gonna have benefits here so on the page there’s going to be at least four benefits. In fact, in the headline we have got three maybe four benefits maybe five if we include the fact that it’s free so feel great which is a benefit look great which is another benefit in the next seven days that’s a benefit with the complete guide to detox another benefit and it’s a hundred percent free which is another benefit so as you can see what we’re doing on the squeeze page is loading up the benefits and that’s the secret to a really effective squeeze page one that converts really well is just stack up the benefits and then here we have the opt-in form and we can connect that to a service here I’m going to connect it to active campaign connect it to my website I’m going to give it a tag t-top a detox PDF continue then we set these as required. Now the redirect URL this is really important for you. Okay, I want you to paste in your website address here so it’s going to be that’s the website I’m using for this demo. So I would call it detox OTO and the OTO stands for a one-time offer and this will become clear as we go into this process so I’m going to take a note of the name of the page so detox OTO and then I’m going to hit save on thrive. Now we go back to the pages bit in WordPress add new and here I want you to paste in detox OTO or whatever you call in the page and then we hit save draft. Now here we add media we can go to upload files and here we drag in the PDF document and set it as a link to download and the reason that we have called this an OTO one-time offer is. Because at some point in the very near future we’re going to put an offer on this page for our customers or potential customers so I’m gonna leave it there. Because I’ve given you an awful lot of information a lot to do today so get cracking set up your squeeze page upload your lead magnet to WordPress set the links make sure that everything is connected properly so when someone subscribes to your list that we’re redirected to the right page make sure that page has got download link to your PDF I’ll leave it there hope you found this useful if you have then hit the like button below. Because that tells me I need to correct more content like this and don’t forget to subscribe to the channel hit a little Bell notification icon and you will get another article like this tomorrow and that will help you to get more independence of your freedom through online entrepreneurship thank you for watching hope you have a great day and I will see you tomorrow.

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