Part 6 How to make an online course

hey everybody welcome to profit co-pilot my name is Mohini and this channel is all about helping you to get more independence and freedom through online entrepreneurship. So if that sounds good hit the subscribe button and you’ll get more articles in this series so today we’re talking about creating an online course. So this is quite a milestone in the training series as. You know. we’re going through the profit from your passion training course I’m showing you how to monetize your website properly for the long term and of course that’s hard right it takes time and there’s a lot of hard work involved. So if you’re happy to do that then you will reap the rewards for years to come so today is all about making an online course. Now when it comes to making courses you don’t have to be an expert a lot of people fall down at the very first hurdle you just got to be a few steps ahead of you students and you got to show them the journey that you’ve been on and. You know. allow them to follow you that’s all you have to do and then the actual content of your online course so remember this framework that we had in one of the first articles where we have the escape from a problem and we take them through all the steps they need to take to arrive at a solution or we just go back to that product framework drill down into the next few things that we need to do and then we create an online course based around that and we have to make it how-to content so it’s got to be step by step and you’ve got to take your your customers on a journey from not knowing how to solve a problem all the steps they need to take in the order they need to take them to help them get results quicker than they can on their own that will become the basis the outline the structure for your online course. Now if you are really stuck for steps just have a look at you to me have a look at other courses that are on the market see what they’re doing look at their structure. You know. have a look on forums have to have a look at the frequently asked questions section have a look at blogs have a look at on Quora check reddit see what questions are being asked about your industry about your niche and what problems people have and then that can give you lots of ideas for your online course. Now when you’re actually making the course you can use PDF so just write out chapter after chapter if that’s your thing. You know. you don’t have to write 200 pages or anything like that the the actual course that you sell does have to have. You know. a lot of meaty content so we we don’t want to sell stuff that’s full of fluff and all that stuff we want to actually have valuable highly valuable content in there that actually helps your customers to solve a problem and you can deliver that through PDF or a collection of PDFs or if you want to make more money then use article I’m going to show you the the exact stuff that I use in my business if you want to use that as some kind of template and also no matter what format you are delivering the content in so be it PDF or article or mp3 you have to make sure that every single module covers one particular task so we don’t have a article with a bunch of different topics or tasks in there we break it down into smaller chunks and that is really so your customers can digest the information easily they can copy and replicate the information easily they’re not getting bogged down with loads of different ideas so we make it one article or one chapter per one task and then when it comes to pricing your online course at the low end we have around thirty dollars for a PDF right up to around five hundred dollars for article content so the pricing that you use will massively depend on the niche that you’re in the pricing structure of your competitors there’s a few variables in there and ultimately it’s the price that you are happy with I know that teachable encourage you to sell every course a minimum of $100 well you to me I think they they kind of suggest around 15 $20. So. It really depends on you and what you’re comfortable with so let’s get into the equipment that you might want to use so the first thing that we’re going to need if you’re gonna do article is well a camera. Now you can use something like a smartphone that’s more than acceptable. Now. You know. all these I’ve got HD output they’re all fine if you want to go a bit fancier then I can recommend something like this this is the Logitech c920 it’s an amazing webcam I don’t use it anymore. Because I’m using the DSLR. But I made a bunch of courses with this and it served me really well a few years ago and it’s still probably the best HD webcam on the market in my opinion you’ve also got things like your flip they’re still really usable and good. So you might have one of them lying around put it to good use we’ve also got the DSLR which I’m using at the moment I am using a canon 700d I just can’t remember what the camera is and it’s a good entry-level DSLR so there’s your cameras you’re gonna need a good microphone and if you’re gonna invest in anything in your business. You know. once you’ve got the holstein and you’ve got your domain name and you’ve got your autoresponder the next thing that you really should invest in is a microphone a very good microphone resist the urge to buy those cheap no brand microphones I spent years buying them and they just break and the recording quality is so poor just invest your money in something decent so one option is something like that it’s just the lapel mic it will just clip on to your shirt and then you plug it into your camera or into the computer and you’re ready to go this one is an audio technica very good brand again stay away from the cheaper ones of course we’ve got the blue Yeti which let me lift it up for you so these are very popular microphones sorry about the noise so that’s why I use when I’m on the computer we’ve also got something like the zoom h4n very good microphone this might be overkill some of you needs and then we’ve also got something like the rode articlemic pro I can recommend that one all these microphones I’m showing you at the moment are the ones that I would suggest you invest you only need one. But if you’re gonna buy a microphone buy one of these and then if you’re using article we’re gonna have to have some lighting so typically you would get these big soft boxes you don’t actually have to have one of those. But if you were if you are considering lighting think about the position of the lights. So I like to have three-point lighting so above here I’ve got a softbox on a boom type thing I’ve got some lights to the side of me that’s called three-point lighting. So it gives the the definition around my my outline. So I don’t blend into the background let me show you so that’s without the hairline so as you can see it’s not too great. I mean there you go you can see how how the lighten has a real impact on the quality of your article. But you don’t have to have that set up. So you don’t need the soft boxes you can actually just use one of these these are little LED lights they are very powerful they’re a good option if you’re short on space or short on budget so there you go the brand really doesn’t matter when it comes to lighting I don’t think I’ve just used some really cheap soft boxes and they have lasted years and years LED lights will last a very long time and I don’t think the brand matters too much them oh there might be some debate about that I don’t really know. But they will eat through your batteries really fast so that’s something to consider so there you go I’ve given you the way that I create my courses anyway the process that I go through with creating the outline and. You know. the steps that I take to create it obviously I do more article than anything. Because it’s more valuable I can sell that a higher price and it’s quicker for me to to make as well. I mean remember in a previous article we made the lead magnet where you just recorded yourself talking for twenty minutes and then we had it transcribed and edited. But you can do that again with your online courses what I’m doing in this process is giving you multiple options and you will just decide whichever one works for you. So you don’t have to use article you can just go back and repeat the same process that we went through through the lead magnet and then tomorrow maybe on a future article I’m going to show you how to create trip wires using another method so you’re gonna have three ways to create courses and products through this profit from your passion training course there you go. So I hope you found this useful if you have then hit the thumbs up button below. Because it tells me that I need to create more content like this for you and then subscribe to the channel hit the Lord not occasional. So you get another article like this from me tomorrow which will help you to get a bit more independence and freedom through your website and online entrepreneurship so thank you very much for watching have a fantastic day and I will see you tomorrow.

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