Part 7 How To Make Quick Sales With Tripwire Products

hey everybody welcome to profit copilot I’m Mike Ranney and this channel is all about helping you to get more independence and freedom through online entrepreneurship so today I’m going to show you how to make a trip wire product trip wires awesome let’s get into this so trip wires cover the cost of your adverts so obviously we are going to promote your stuff through advertising it’s the best way to get traffic and leads into your business. But when we use a trip wire product it essentially means that all the traffic that we’re getting is coming to the website for free. Because the trip wire is so low-priced and so enticing that it covers the cost of our advertising so we also use these to build trust so it’s a great way for your prospects or your customers to get to know you and start that relationship building process the rapport and all that stuff that becomes so profitable later on down the road in our funnels which we’ll get to in this process so trip wires are low prices of products typically between $7 and $30 we would keep them within that range they trigger the buying mode so they’ve changed the conversation in your prospects head from how they going to buy to how much are they going to spend and that’s the real purpose of a trip where obviously we have to deliver outstanding value in the tripwires really deliver over deliver. You know. make sure that the customer is gain absolute value for money. But we also use them to upsell to our main course remember yesterday we made the online course well the tripwire is going to promote that course so that helps you make more profit in the end so how do you structure your trip wires well there’s actually a really good formula or system that I have for you that you can just follow. You know. you’ve got multiple ways of making these which I’ll get into in a second. But imagine this as almost like going for coffee with someone that you’ve just met so the lead magnet is like asking for the phone number then the trip wire is like going for coffee and then the online course is like dating maybe that will help you to understand how this thing actually works so with a trip wire. Because it’s low price it’s low risk. You know. so we make it almost like it and then a snap decision and impulse buy the content the structure of the trip wire should make a promise thus first thing that you want to do in in your product if it’s PDF or article does mark then you show the end results of that promise and then you include some testimonials even if that testimonial is your own that’s perfectly cool and then you highlight common problems and then you get a bit personal in there you reveal your struggle you share over yourself share your story. Because the story is what people will remember and that will help you to bond with them quicker. You know. think about. You know. since like caveman times stories have been used and parables and no list of all the way through history we really connect with information when it’s told to us via story so we want to share your struggle tell people where you’ve come from the journey that you have been on and then we want to share your success so they can see that it is achievable for them too. Because if they have the same problems that you have experienced and they gone through the same the same process that you are going through and achieve the results that tells them that if they follow you they can achieve the same results as you so once we’ve got all that content in the tripwire the next thing we need to do is dispel some common myths and this helps position you as someone who is different to the competition. So you taking things that maybe are taking for granted common knowledge in your niche and then you dispel it you explain why it is wrong to believe that information and you give better alternatives and that’s where you give the solution and this shall be a really large section of your tripwire. Because this is where you actually given him the how-to information you give them the content the actionable stuff that they can use to solve their problem everything before that is all about the inner game the mindset helping them to realize exactly what the problem is how they can achieve it given them the self belief to do it and then you show them how to do it don’t underestimate the power of everything that comes before the solution. Because you need your prospects to believe in themselves and this of making the promise showing the results including the testimonials highlighting the problems showing your struggle sharing your success all that stuff allows them to develop the belief in themselves to solve the problem and that’s what it’s all about it’s this and kind of engineering their self belief giving them the motivation and the determination to improve the situation and then you give them the solution that allows them to do it and then once you have delivered the results that they have that they have signed up for that they’ve purchased they’ve bought into you which you’ve given the results that they need then you say well hey I’ve also got this and that’s where you pitch your online course and it doesn’t have to be a massive pitch. I would say keep the pitch to around five percent of the total of your tripwire product and that’s. Because we don’t want to sell them an advert do we want to give them absolute maximum value and then say well hey we’re gonna give you even more we’re going to help you take the next step on your journey we’re gonna make sure that you get long-term results and that’s where you you pitch your online course so how do we make these things well we can do PDF. So you can use Google Docs I really recommend using Google Docs you know. Because that means you can log in from anywhere with an internet connection using multiple devices I’ll sometimes work on the computer and then I’ll take a laptop and sit in Starbucks or somewhere carry on working and that’s. Because of Google Docs. You know. you can also use ms word or hey canva is really good too. You know. what I tend to do is write out my stuff in Google Docs or Evernote and then I take that and I put it into canva and format it and make it look pretty other good I’ve actually got another article about canva another option for you could be to do screen recording and I’ve done I’m actually doing one right. Now so here we’ve got like the little article screen with me live cam stuff and then down there next to me we’ve got all the text and stuff. You know. and all this stuff around me here that is just a screen recording so for that you can use keynote you can use PowerPoint and then record your screen and these slides with ScreenFlow or Camtasia or screencast-o-matic if you’re really on a budget ScreenFlow is probably the best one that I have used so far. But it is Mac only if you’re on a PC then if you can afford it go for Camtasia otherwise screencast-o-matic is a really good option for recording your slides so there you go I hope you found this useful hope that’s helped you to get everything you need to create your trip our products and. You know. what this is just one more way of creating products in this profit from your passion series I’ll give you three ways to create products. So you just choose the ways that resonate with you the way that you like doing it best and use that you can use the same method on all products or you can. You know. switch up a bit whatever you’re comfortable with there’s really no rules with this thing. You know. it all comes out to you and how comfortable you are with either being on camera or may can slides or writing out a whole bunch of text it’s entirely up to you so we’re going to leave it there thank you for watching if you found it useful hit the thumbs up button below. Because it tells me I need to create more content like this that’s my phone so I’m gonna leave it there thank you very much for watching subscribe to the channel hit the little notification bell and I’m gonna see you with another article tomorrow a great day.

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