Part 8 How to sell digital products

hey everybody welcome to profit called pilot I’m Mac meanie and this is all about helping you to get more independence and freedom through online entrepreneurship so today I’m going to show you how to upload the products that we’ve been making in this series and then hook up the bye buttons so people can buy the products that you’ve made so for this we’re going to use WordPress we’re going to use one of the pages that we made a few days ago and that was the one-time offer page so what happens is someone subscribes to your email list and immediately they are redirected to a one-time offer page where they are offered a one-time offer and this is a very low priced item that will trigger the feelings of impulse buying. So it makes. It really easy for them to just buy the product and then we send them those guys down a separate type of sales funnel to the people who don’t choose to buy so I’m going to show you how to set that up in this article it’s a really simple and easy process and I’m going to show you step-by-step how you can do it so here we are in WordPress this is the page that we made that contains the lead magnet if someone clicks that they’ll just download the lead magnet. But we need to upload the tripwire product that we made and then we need to upload the online course that we made so here we are in WordPress let’s go to media add new and what I want you to do let me just drag these in so these are the products that we’ve made we’ve got the lead magnet here which we’ve already uploaded then we’ve got the tripwire product which we made the other day and then we’ve got the online course which we made previously too so all we need to do is drag in that file and that will start uploading immediately and there you can see it’s almost a core of sent done and then on it goes. So you repeat this process for the online course as well. Now you can upload that as a zip file or if you using article you can embed the articles on pages yourself. It really doesn’t matter it comes down to what you’re most comfortable with for this purpose I’m probably going to use a zip file so there we are it’s. Now uploaded 100% how much click on edit this is really important have a look at file URL so we’re going to take all of that we’re going to copy it then we’re going to paste it in its a notepad or whatever equivalent you’re using just so we’ve got a copy of that URL and this is going to come in handy in a second so we repeat the process again for your online course and again take a copy of that URL and I’m going to show you how we hook up the by buttons. Now so here we are at jvzoo and I really recommend using jvzoo if you’re brand new to selling online courses and products and stuff like that. Because this lets you get up and running really quickly so start selling it here and we’ll have to register for a new account and here in jvzoo we add new product and here we add product name internal product name description and the kateri look at all the categories we’ve got in jvzoo. So you can sell in all these niches and. Because this product the first one that we’re setting up is called a tripwire it needs to be a very low price item so them charging seven dollars for this and then I’m going to allow sales we can change the launch time if we want oh that’s good let me say something. Okay, this is really important with products of the day on jvzoo if you are awarded with jvzoo product of the day you can make five figures in 24 hours no sweat. So you want to make sure that you give them a fairly high Commission to make it worth their while to promote you as product of the day so make sure that you’ve got PayPal and stripe set up at the very least PayPal manually proof Phillip affiliates I would recommend and then seller details you need to put in your support email address that kind of thing just don’t worry too much about this stuff apart from here. Now product delivery remember that we copied that URL copy that and that becomes the thank you download URL page. Now we can get a bit fancy with things if we want to we can add an upsell on that page. But we’re not going to worry about that. Because jvzoo can do that for us so oh good we just hit save my product and we’re good to go oh I forgot to add the sales page so we just go back to the website grab that URL of the sales page paste it in sales page URL and then we should be good to go so we just do that process again for your online course and then set the price and stuff however you like it and then in jvz we got a sales funnels and we set up a new funnel and here we add the trip wire product first and then secondly we add in the course that you’re selling for this I’m going to just add a random product from my catalogue and there you go so when someone purchases the trip wire product they will then automatically be offered your online course which is going to be a higher price and that’s your upsell sequence done in jvzoo all we have to do. Now is hook up the Buy button so we go to chewier button make sure that we’ve got the sales funnel selected detox detox upsell for me and then we choose the Buy button that would like to display I’m going to choose that one I’ve go back to WordPress paste it in and. Now we can set the sales page for the trip wire so one-time offer get the mindset for the tugs success and then we’d add in benefit 1 then we add some strong sales copy perks with reasons to buy and then we hit update let’s have a look at the page. So you can mess around with the template and the theme and all that stuff you can make it look really great. But just for the purpose of simplicity and to get you up and running as fast as possible this is what we’ve got so far, today so they’ll we’ve got a very basic sales page and there we have no thank you I just want to download the complete guide to detox and that is that the lead magnet so what happens someone subscribes to the email list immediately afterwards that offered with this low priced item the tripwire if they don’t want to buy it they can just go ahead and download the lead magnet and that’s it the next thing you have to do is just create another sales page just like this for your online course. So you just repeat what we’ve gone through in this article so I’m going to leave you there next we’ve got to hook up the blog post which is going to bring people in to the website we need to sell the adverts to retarget to those visitors and we need to sell the follow up sequence in autoresponder that’s it then we’re done so hope you found this useful if you have hit the thumbs up button below subscribe to this channel hit the little notification bell and you will get another article like this from me tomorrow and that will help you to get more independence and freedom online entrepreneurship thank you very much for watching a hobby of a fantastic day and I’ll see you tomorrow.

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