Part 9 Unlimited blog post ideas

hey everybody welcome to profit copilot my name is Mack meanie and this channel is all about helping you to get more independence and freedom through online entrepreneurship. So if that sounds good hit the subscribe button and you will get more articles that will help you to achieve that so today is all about finding content for your blog posts we’ve got a few rules for this first of all you can’t sent most answer questions they’ve got to be burning questions ok you can go through forums and Facebook groups have a look at the type of questions people are asking and also fax the frequently asked question sections on websites and forums are goldmine of information to give you the type of information that people want to know the answers to also your piece of content must solve one problem ok we don’t want to tackle a bunch of different if you issues we just want to solve one problem and the solution that you give them must be actionable and it has to deliver results they have to be able to achieve something by the end of the blog post so how do you find content for your blog well here is a website called answer the public comp so. Because we’re going to write a blog post about detox I’m just gonna type in detox depop it’s give me Deepak sorry and then see what happens so I’ll take a few seconds to generate a bunch of ideas and look at this this is so much content you will never be able to use all of this content look at this just ideas that you can take from this is a really good starting point for for your blog post. So you could just take one of these you can export it save it as a CVS and let’s just click on any one of these and then it will take us to Google and we can see. So this one is our detox supplements safe that could be a really good blog post and here we have loads of ideas see how everyone else is doing it here we can see what kind of stuff is ranking at the top of Google we can get into the SEO stuff later on. But there you go that’s a really good way to generate content ideas so that website is caught answer the public comm there you go hope you found this useful if you have hit the thumbs-up button below. Because it tells me I need to make more content like this for you then subscribe to this channel hit the little notification belt and you’ll get another article like this one from me tomorrow and that will help you to get a bit more independence and freedom through online entrepreneurship I’m going to take the next step in this journey to help you profit from your passion so thank you for watching have a fantastic day and I will see you tomorrow.

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