Price Action Forex Trading Strategy By Nial Fuller (Tutorial)

hey guys now I’ll hear from learn to trade the market calm welcome to today’s Forex training video in today’s video it’s very simple setup I’m going to be talking about and be looking at a trade that’s recently formed on the gbp/usd is on a four hour time frame now let’s get on to the setup here we can see the chart was breaking from left to right we’ve got this one two three formation or the lower lows and lower highs that’s a very simple downtrend we’re looking for counter trend movement that’s any movement to the upside to create a shorting opportunity we’re also looking for key horizontal levels now this is a horizontal level that’s what it looks like it’s very obvious level where the market has reacted you can see this preview support becomes a new resistance and very simply it goes on and on throughout the chart this stepping formation is a classic clue for explosive trend moves on the Great British Pound when you have this kind of structured chart where the levels are being respected and that’s giving us two points of confluence you’ve got that downtrend you’ve got that horizontal level now that’s two points of confluence what we’re now looking for is the third point of confluence this is the third tick in the box we’ve got two, so what’s our third now the third will be a confirmation via a price action event a price action signal the way that I look to trade is I work out these points first you know I look for that downtrend I look for the horizontal level and, then I look for that hot point in the market where things are really boiling where they’re creating a trigger for an explosive move now when things come together we call that confluence or an intercept when we see these rejections on the candles that’s the confirmation to get into a trade for me now when I see these rejections, I want to see the market closing off the line now when I say closing off the line, if this is the key level and the market moves through and rejects the level that is a very high probability entry trigger for me I don’t want to see the market move through and close now with candlesticks the signal is only valid once that price is actually close that timeframe say it’s four hours and needs to actually have closed and moved on to the next bar to be valid, so we’ve actually got two strong rejections here of this level at 165 33 you’ll see both bars have actually closed off the level they punched through the level, but they, then closed back below we, then see the third candle right here that is the entry candle for me when we have the rejection of the highs when, then clean out those lows there was an inside bar a pin bar we, then broke those lows that is the confirmation for me to get short now this trade resulted in a four-to-one profit initially I was aiming only for two to one okay, but, because this market really broke away quite suddenly over the next 48 hours I was able to clean up on this nicely pulled in four to one, so I’ll show you how I place my stop and target I simply entered on the break of the low there I place the stop above the home and I aimed initially for a two-to-one target okay once it hit the two to one I was quite bearish on this, because we actually took out this low, so this increase my bearish bias I moved to a break-even stop through here, if it was a break-even stop I, then let the trade run now the market proceeded lower and I locked in four to one right here, so that was a four to one winner now the way we measure our profits is not in pips that’s why I haven’t talked about the distances of the stops and the amount of pips I’ve actually made it’s the measure of how much I’ve made in profit relative to what I actually risked and in this case for example, if the stop-loss was 80 points and my target was four to one it’s four times a is three hundred and sorry four times 80 is three hundred and twenty pips profit and again I don’t care about how many pips we make in a trade it’s the actual risk reward that’s extremely important now anyone that talks about trading certainly should be looking at logical and clean trading approaches and something that I certainly hold close to my heart is that what I offer is a genuine trading approach there’s no smoke and mirrors here there’s no indicators we’re not talking about how many glamorous pips we’ve made what we’re talking about is high probability entry points at confluent intercepts we’re talking about very clean charts we’re not using indicators we’re looking at things in terms of risk reward and these are all the elements of a very lucrative trading plan now I must say that this is not going to be for everyone things in trading do require effort and ongoing study yes this is a very simple trading approach I find it very easy to follow I find it quite amazing the consistency that some of these setups that I’ve invented and tweets they certainly pay off, but not all of them I mean I think at the moment the fake is running around 55% on the daily chart and the pinbar is working in around 60%, so you’re not going to be winning every trade, but you know applying that rich reward strategy that I’ve just talked about certainly helps get you over the line in terms of the month to month profit now again it’s not going to be for everyone, because not everyone likes to actually work at their trading this is not a passion for everyone some people see this is a get-rich-quick and a greed thing I’d say that what we’re offering in the members section and the forum and the trading course is something that is going to be an ongoing project you’ve got to have a passion for trading you’ve certainly got to have a longer-term outlook now it certainly can be done I’ve got plenty of friends that are trade I’ve got plenty of members that now trade full time and plenty of them have also chopped off the radar and I’d say that’s mainly, because maybe they just don’t have it as a trader maybe they’re greedy maybe they traded real money and blow up their account way too many times before they are ready I think that, if you’re interested in you’ve got a passion for trading this stuff is going to totally awaken you to opportu these, and, if you’ve got any queries at all send me an email, and, if you’d like to check out the trading course and members section of course you can check out the website WWE trademark accom hopefully see you in the members section and hope this video helped take care and good trading.

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