Robinhood App Earning ~$15 Per Week My Current Portfolio!

What is up. ladies and gents welcome back to the good old tech crack house here. Now the article today actually revolves around the Robin Hood app so feel free to enjoy the article like share and subscribe and stick around for more and without further ado I’m going to go ahead and transfer over to the computer what is uh please gents welcome back to the adult tech crack house as I previously said today I just actually want to talk about my career portfolio which is earning roughly fifteen dollars per week or two dollars per day. Now basically that’s an average of the account basically what it should earn over the the course of a year or so basically broken down to certain time periods based on estimated growth so not necessarily 100% like it’s it’s not paying out that much per day like two bucks per day I’m still playing a monthly different portfolio rest assured. All right, I’m still very interested in that I just uh basically I wanted to go ahead and put my money back and some blue chips. So it can kind of sit and do some work while. I actually keep looking at monthly to monthly paying. You know. stocks to make a monthly paying portfolio the thing is here this is actually pretty much all comprised of blue chips. So if you’re interested in this setup I would. You know. definitely recommend checking these out. Because they’re obviously very interesting so the first one we have is Vanguard total stock market ETF. All right, very good fund. I actually have been invested in this one for a while. Now and I got to say I like it. Okay, it’s a pretty run-of-the-mill ETF honestly like pretty good market cap and everything like that seventy five point eight billion dollars of market cap which is honestly pretty nice overall. So I really have no complaints with this one. Yeah, I. You know. I like it and then. I actually have one hundred and twenty it’s one hundred and twenty dollars for sure I have fourteen shares of the stock currently so my total equity value is about 1700 witches. You know. it may be a little bit higher than most of the stocks in this portfolio. But anyway next we have MGK which is the mega cap 300 growth etf fifteen hundred dollars of equity in this one you can see the market cap here is definitely much smaller. But it’s basically a mega cap. You know. growth ETF consisting of many stocks that have been honestly doing pretty well over the past short while so. Yeah, next we have vu g which is Vanguard growth ETF basically this one 15 close to sixteen hundred dollars of equity also then you can see the the murga camp is a little bit better on this guy here it’s pretty small dividend deal. But that’s not really these this is pretty much just a strong growth portfolio next we have the eye USG and the iShares S&P US growth etf basically. Yeah, this one’s not too bad also about $1600 of equity in this one so far, it’s done decently market cap pretty small in this one to dividend yield not really that amazing either. But. You know. next shaunb at u.s. large camp and growth etf this one is actually has the smallest dividend of them market camp pretty good once again and. You know. quite frankly. Yeah, decent equity value probably. I mean 1639 is is not too bad. But the overall cost of the portfolio is actually $8,000 so that’s pretty much why I have put in there right. Now and it’s distributed among these five which are actually very low expense they’re they’re not very expensive to own at all and I want to make a article about expense ratios too so basically I just want to cover that really quick. Because. You know. why not I think it’s a very interesting thing to talk about and I like talking about it. Because honestly the yields are pretty good with that pretty satisfactory I think and. Yeah, so that’s going to do it for this article folks so feel free to like share and subscribe and stick around for more and adios.

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