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What is up. ladies and gents welcome back to the good old tech crank house once again today I will be talking about my newly arranged portfolio basically why it set up the way it is why I think it should be decent how much money it should be netting me per week or whatever theoretically how much it should be netting me and also I changed my camera to 60 frames per second so hopefully it looks nice and smooth if you can watch it on YouTube in 60 that should be good for you if not I apologize. But. Yeah, so anyway folks hope you’re all having a great day and I’m going to go ahead and get right into it so basically with this my portfolio’s valued around around sixty four hundred bucks or something like that I’m not sure what the exact number is. Because I’m not looking at the home screen name where I think it’s about sixty four hundred if I’m not mistaken so basically with this portfolio I have done my best to kind of set up a nice structure where. I think there’s a good variability of. You know. different funds and things like that that should help me grow over all and they’re all allocated somewhat equally although I will go through and explain the allocations so many of them are ETFs and I do have a couple of penny stocks hanging off of the tail and I’ll probably talk about those a little bit I’ll be talking more about penny stocks in the future so watch out for those articles and. Yeah, so I’m going to go ahead and start right out with BW o here so as I said about sixty 400 bucks and I’m going to go ahead break it down for you so first things first. Okay, VW o and also I want to say this portfolio will probably net me about 20 bucks per week or so 22 to probably 25 to 30 actually. Because I believe it has a growth average of 22 percent annually which is quite good honestly for the for the ETFs I’ve assembled so we have VW or first things first. Okay, VW o is pretty nice it’s a bang guard. You know. emerging market vtf. So I like to hit those emerging markets. Because they have a lot of growth potential and they have a lot of growing to do I think they have. You know. a good amount of space to kind of move around grow some wiggle room. You know. and that’s good stuff I like that as invest I’m a relatively young guy. So I figured. You know. I got some time hopefully to invest and. Yeah, sometimes emerging markets can really be beneficial also I’m going to kind of ignore the dividend yield for these they’re probably around 2% total for each one probably bout two percent annually kind of negligible we’re going to just use that and add it on to the growth is kind of a base measurement that can kind of reduce some volatility in the account so yes. Okay, Vanguard MSCI Emerging Markets ETF I have one thousand dollars of equity in that one. Okay, next actually and you can see the one-year growth here is 21% next we have X T it is the iShare is exponential technologies ETF good stuff overall and honestly has good exposure to technology funds I like that kind of thing. Because I think technology is huge and it’s only growing really of course. You know. it’s not guaranteed to keep growing and I’m sure there will be some sort of setback with with technology before too long. But anyway one year growth for this one is actually 32 percent I have about a thousand bucks of equity in this one as well which is not too bad. But decent. You know. decent next way of EOG which is the Vanguard S&P 500 growth ETF this one. I actually like. Okay, 124 dollars per share not too bad alright I I like the other ones too I shouldn’t say this one I like one year 20% not bad growth. Okay, really not bad overall 18 shares at twenty four twenty two hundred dollars of total equity. So this is a larger one makes them probably. You know. a decent percentage thirty percent or so the account. But I do like to set different allocations basically for different funds I do feel like this one is basically more of a backbone kind of a kind of a strong probably more reliability higher growth fund. So I figured it might be good to have a higher allocation actually into it so. Yeah, there’s that one there. Okay, one year growth 20% as I previously said. Okay, also next we have V TIV T is the total stock market ETF gives you a nice exposure all around the globe once again kind of more emerging markets that kind of good I have about a thousand bucks in that one -. Okay, it’s not bad next we have VB Vanguard small camp ETF I like small caps as I previously said they have a higher growth potential usually than than large market caps which I do like. Because. You know. sometimes large market caps can be less exciting and grow less and long-run they are stable. But not as much growth potential there. Okay, so there is still some though don’t get me wrong about that one year growth here let’s go ahead and look at that 19% growth pretty good one of the lower ones on the list. But still pretty good overall. Okay, so as you can see I have about nine hundred and fifty three dollars in there of equity not bad. Okay, not bad so next we’re going to move on to the penny stocks I have been buying some penny stocks and actually um I’m going to be explaining my penny stock trading method in some upcoming articles so watch out for that that should be good. Okay, once again I keep this the 60 FPS looks super smooth and I just I love that. Okay, I should have should have done that earlier. All right, so I’m th LD DC th and delcamp is doing very well today I’ve been keeping my eye on it I’m actually I recorded this article twice today I started recording and hilariously enough. I actually was not recording to any sort of card on my emulator so my I just wasn’t recording anything at all and I have to reshoot everything it’s fine and it’s worth it. But like actually this morning I captured a trade I did with del cap live while I was doing this article and it was really cool. Because. I actually showed how I could make some money. You know. trading the penny stocks and. You know. I just I its anyway anyway I’m not going to complain okay. But basically. Yeah, del cante is on there alright FAL see Falcon. Okay, that was on there too Falcon software also. Yeah, penny that’s I want to talk more about penny stocks ball do that in future articles. Okay, next tip this is actually my watch list okay. So I only have Falcon Dell can and threshold Pharmaceuticals so far, I’m looking to add more. So I am thinking about your suggestions too for the penny stock article so I’m going to get into those later. But for the time being folks I think that’s going to do it for article. So I hope you all enjoyed have a truly fantastic day we’re almost at 10,000 subs which is once again truly super exciting for me so have a good one folks and adios you.

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