Robinhood App Vs. M1 Finance Which is Better

What is up. ladies and gents welcome back to the good old tech crack house here. Now the article today actually revolves around the Robin Hood app so feel free to enjoy the article like share and subscribe and stick around for more and without further ado I’m going to go ahead and transfer over to the computer What is up. ladies and gents welcome back to the good old tech crack house here actually just covered this portfolio so I’m gonna back out of it. Now um anyway today I just want to and the icons I have that’s insane I’ve been doing a lot of stuff on Robin Hood anyway basically today I wanted to talk about Robin Hood versus m-1 finance alright and just cover some basic things about both the apps and which one I think is worth honestly using depending on the situation that you’re in. Now both apps. Okay, I’ve been with Robin Hood for a very long time I’m not gonna lie I like them a lot I’m kinda partial to them. But I try not to be biased. Okay, that’s the thing I like I’m gonna finance a lot too. I actually just started using them I don’t think they’re bad at all I think they’re a very reputable company and honestly I like their setup their layout is good the design with the app everything is very nice it’s easy to use etc etc it’s it’s a very nice app overall so the thing is here. Okay, do I like Robin Hood better or do I like and won’t finance personally personally I kind of and this is gonna sound real sacrilegious I kind of like m-1 finance a little bit better as of right. Now then Robin Hood. Because the thing I like about em one finance which actually I think really shines through to me is the ability to use the em1 finance app to actually make portfolios make portfolios and quite frankly those portfolios are quite nice you just change the allocation that you want you put your money in and you choose what you want to buy you choose how you want your money to be distributed. Now you can do that same thing with Robin Hood alright you can buy whatever stocks you want it’s very simple very easy you just have to be willing to allocate them manually you have to be willing to count shares count prices etc and. You know. divvy up your own percentages and that’s totally fine too. I actually like doing that I find it kind of therapeutic honestly I really do not mind it so the thing is in terms of. You know. layout design they’re pretty comparable in terms of features I do like em one finances ability to actually allow you to build portfolios. Now one thing that I like about Robin Hood more than I’m one finance. All right, is basically m-1 finance does charge a fee they charge at 0.35% feet which may not sound like much and it’s really it’s really not they it can kind of stack up if you have a lot of money in the account that’s a point three five percent charged each month that’s point three five percent not 35 percent not three point five percent point three five percent it’s roughly a third of one percentage point so it’s a very very low. Now if you’re thinking about that in similar terms Robin Hood would actually have certain ETFs that charge you dearly for your holdings however they’re usually point zero three percent so like a very very little money on a thirtieth of one percentage point or so would actually be that value as opposed to a third the thing is they’re not very expensive those ETFs. You know. they they manage your money too. But it’s a little bit different than it is with them on Finance and one finance mik portfolio put your money in very simple very easy Robin Hood you don’t pay anything at all. But it’s a little bit more hands-on. So. It really depends on what you want what you like if you’re new to investing I might recommend M one finance. Because you have a ton of flexibility in terms of buying actual shares of companies etc you can find anything you want really and you just plop your money in and allocate it how you want so setting up a good portfolio. You know. that’s not exactly the easiest thing to do and one Finance does have some decent pre-built portfolios. But you’re going to do some research still to basically get a good portfolio so it’s kind of like Robin Hood. But it’s just a little bit easier to use I suppose so that’s basically what I think of Robin Hood versus Emmel to find it so far, I’m gonna make more articles like this so let me know if you enjoyed let me know what else you think and – have a good one folks and adios.

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