South Africa’s Youngest Millionaire Trades FOREX

This is actually where I grew up that that’s my grandmother’s place, um, I spent a number of years more than decade living in these streets, um, however for me uh you know it’s not a lot of young people a lot of black people who make it out of the Sun shape and do well for themselves, but at the same time, there are people such as your son Dylan song goes he grew up in this Township and right now is running one of the most successful companies in South Africa and it’s one of the people that I used to say in what, if he can do it why can’t I just 23 years old sandy Lachey’s he has become one of South Africa’s youngest millionaires, but he admits that he made some very risky decisions my parents gave me my tuition fees for a year to go and pay for University and I she took them tire mount and I threw it in the forex market as she started I’m trading through Standard Bank Online where I was buying and selling stocks um, but at that time I didn’t really take it that seriously after working on a few businesses I realized that you know, if I really put my entire energy into this thing I could actually make it big being a young trader started networking with other people already in the trading industry that’s when I was introduced to what we call currency trading which is the forex market then I moved over when we started the business it was very challenging and difficult for us as young people we never studied business management we don’t come from an economics background or those kind of things for us it was more about you what get a company registered just get it off the ground open an office and you know just jump in the deep end and of which when we got starts that’s when we realize things are not as easy as they look you can’t just open the laptop and start trading you got to understand what you’re doing and that’s way my company comes in there for us it’s about grooming people and making them understand that when is the right time to buy when is the right time to say and how do you go about avoiding losing your capital we want to empower everybody about Forex you know we want to make sure the masses know about trading I might be holding you on and I have a repeat of what happens what happens consume dollars I hold on loses more value hold on lose more than eventually what I’m holding on to has no faith as a company we do what we call free beginners classes, so essentially anyone in everyone irrespective of background or education qualification they can come to for Friedkin’s closed-door which there is no fee for that they don’t even pay for the seats when they attend and essentially you pretty much give them all the basics they need about Forex and what we do as a company I wanted to know opportunity to become one of the most respected billionaires in Nigeria how did sign in his room work blackboard from a Township in Durban make, so many billions in his lifetime when you get in some trouble near ship the first thing in your mind is money, but you know I need to make money I need to feed myself I need to be able to take care of my expenses, but once you have done that you start looking at a bigger picture that you know what I’ve got employees to take care of I’ve got I’ve got people to make sure that we take care of our clients and of different cities, so for me it’s more it’s more about giving value than just making money at this point.

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