Stash Invest Account 3 Week Update! Compared to the S&P 500

What is up. ladies and gents welcome back to the good old tech crack house theory I hope you’re all having a fantastic fantastic day and today I’m actually just going to go ahead and kind of do what I do with acorns and take a similar look at my stash invest portfolio which actually started with two thousand dollars. So you can see it’s dipped just a little bit. But. You know. I don’t have too many complaints about that. Because this portfolio is definitely more moderate than my acorns portfolio so it’s bound to have more difficulty it’s going to dip more and I am totally. Okay, with that. Because honestly it’s something that’s got to happen it’s an indicator that the market is working as it should honestly or as it has historically worked in the past so. Yeah, I’m not I’m not too upset about this. You know. as you can see after three weeks the portfolio is actually down to nine thousand nine hundred and five dollars and forty-five cents. So it has lost money and that’s perfectly. All right, as I said. You know. dips are expected and. I actually hear the 20 holdings I have they aren’t super important to this article so I’m just going to go ahead and talk about this for a little bit and my expectations in the future and how I think things will go from here so actually in my acorns article I examined how the S&P 500 index lined up with the account value and I’m actually going to do this for this one too however it’s a little bit harder to say. Because this actually doesn’t have any sort of mountain plot or anything or I don’t believe that it does anyway pretty sure it doesn’t so we’re not going to worry about that. But I program i’m going to go ahead and kind of draw some conjecture about the the results here based on the S&P 500 outcome however i’m going to go ahead and leave this up for a little bit longer just. Because it gets really hard to see when i minimize so. Yeah, so as you can see the account has actually lost so far, point six two percent. Now I do have to mention that I did some experimenting before and some of that could be some of that loss could be residual from the last experiment however. I would say most of it as actually. Because of this portfolio so so far, it’s not really doing fantastically and. You know. three weeks is not a long time to invest in three weeks honestly your portfolio could end up the complete opposite of what you started with. Because three weeks is just not it’s not added would time do you really see how portfolio is developing. So this is really more of just kind of like an update just kind of tell you what’s up with the account and I’m really expect it to be doing a whole lot right. Now. You know. this five-dollar loss or still is really honestly pretty acceptable. I mean I definitely I don’t think that’s anything to complain about. I think that honestly the account I believe will recoup from this and I would expect it to. You know. exceed one thousand dollars at least if not go higher so we’re definitely going to see what happens in the future. But for the time being I will go ahead and actually look at the S&P 500 right here I said that really fast so as you hover over the past month and actually as you can see. Now what did. I actually invest with this. Okay, I believe that I invested yet three weeks ago probably made at februari i’m going to guess submit februari. So you can see actually actually know probably. Yeah, probably late februari right around here let’s keep that up you can actually tell that if you invested around this point you would have actually lost money in the S&P 500 index and that is exactly what is reflected in this portfolio ok. Now it’s not a huge loss. So you can see that i did actually invest i believe probably around here so. Because it’s probably creeping up on 4 weeks. Now and. You know. around this time from there to here i suppose is not all that creative a loss it’s decent. But it’s nothing drastic. You know. if I manage to invest right here and I. You know. lost out here then I I would be. You know. even farther into the hole I suppose. So I don’t really consider this to be a bad outcome I consider this to be pretty average so far. You know. only three weeks I really can’t ask for all that much so especially with the moderate nature of the portfolio. Because it’s definitely moderate there’s no mistaking that. So. I mean I have 20 different selections here each of them vary in terms of stability so it’s just it’s what. I expected this is pretty much what I had the monitor mix although I’ve kind of done it up myself we’re not really worried about these interest rates rising could affect this to some degree I’m sure of course. Because it is still within the regular stock market. So I would not be surprised at all. But. You know. we’re going to see what happen so anyway I think that’s going to do it for this article ladies and gents so let me know what else you want to hear about what you want to see and keep it right here at the google Tech crack else and have a good one folks and audios.

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