Stash Invest Account after 6 Weeks!

What is up. ladies and gents and welcome back to the good old tech crack house today I’m actually going to be covering a feature or features of the stash invest app. So if you’re interested feel free to like share and subscribe and stick around for more folks and I’m going to go ahead and transfer it over to the computer what is um please and just welcome back to the google Tech crack house here as I. You know. just actually stated in the intro basically today I’m going to be talking about something that is. But kind of on my mind and that is. You know. pretty much stash invest and. You know. it’s been it’s been six weeks. Now since I’ve been invested in stash invest so it’s been a month and a half which is honestly a little like the time. Now my issue with stash invest is this the stock market has been not incredible over the past one and a half months. But it hasn’t been all that horrendous my stash invest portfolio which is a good. You know. conglomeration here of many different securities has actually just pretty much been consistently dropping. Now and that’s not including the money that I have to pay every month to actually keep using the app the thing is I don’t blame the app necessarily for any drops that might occur also i’m going to take a quick drink real quick. Okay, okay. Now that i got that out of the way i don’t blame the stash about that. Because honestly the app doesn’t really have much to do with the loss of money you can see that actually only five of these holdings 1 through 5 here have actually been profitable and this one has only been profitable by one cent. So, you know. quite frankly all of them the bottom 15 have lost money so I’m actually pretty amazed at this portfolio isn’t doing worse than it. You know. is currently. Now my allocation might have something to do with this drop. Now I say that. Because my Robbins our portfolio over the past month and a half has actually done pretty well. So I really have nothing to complain about their I just think that this allocation was just not not great and. You know. my acorns account is up thirteen dollars which is once again not fantastic. But this is down almost ten dollars which is really not good to see so the thing is I don’t blame the app I might consider doing some sort of reallocation. But after six weeks as. It really made me money no not necessarily it’s lost money and with the money that I’ve paid. You know. considering that i probably paid the fees to be using the app twice. Now it’s not that great that’s. You know. two dollars more of a loss so so far, the the net gain is negative twelve dollars or so which is as I said. You know. not too great. But I’m definitely keeping my eye on the app and i’m using the lots of other apps too so very exciting a very exciting time and i think that’s going to do it for this article folks i just wanted to get in here and talk about this app just really nice and quick. Because honestly it’s after six weeks is not doing as well as i thought it would be. But we could see it turn around once again i’m going to stick with it and kind of hold it in there and i’ll see where everything goes from here so. Yeah, fingers crossed I guess is what I’m going for. But anyway folks i hope that you all have a fantastic fantastic day and if you like the article feel free to leave a like share and subscribe and audios.

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