Stash Invest Account After 7 Weeks!

What is up. ladies and gents and welcome back to the good old tech crack house today I’m actually going to be covering a feature or features of the stash invest app. So if you’re interested feel free to like share and subscribe and stick around for more folks and I’m going to go ahead and transfer it over to the computer. Okay, what is the place and gents welcome back to the girl tech crack house so as is tradition. I actually covered my my what was it my stash my acorns account pardon me earlier today so I’m actually currently covering my stash invest account which as you can see started with $1,000 and. Yeah, actually currently sitting at 1001 dollars and 43 cents so last week I kind of went off on a tangent about stash invest I was a little annoyed. Because honestly my investments were losing money they were doing very well and the app was actually a negative I had actually lost money overall. So I wasn’t really thrilled with that. But I decided to. You know. what keep the money in the app anyway. Because honestly if I pull my money out and disinvest then it’s not going to do me any good and I really need to keep my eye on the app kind of track it and see how things perform over the long term. So I had a lot of good questions about the app I’m actually hoping to be able to answer them all in due time. But basically basically basically what we’re looking at here is it’s actually grown a little bit. Now which is satisfactory I suppose so unlike the acorns account which. I actually covered earlier today this is much more of a kind of moderate to moderately aggressive portfolio as you can see we have the home sweet home here which is actually earning I’m going to ignore that for. Now which is actually earning a little bit of money it’s actually done pretty decently slow and steady isn’t doing too poorly Internet tightens water the world young money all that glitters actually a many of them have actually made money. Now and ending with blue chips so we’re at about ten and ten. Now that I’ve actually had money had growth I should say and haven’t had any growth so honestly that’s not too bad and. You know. someone asked me. You know. do you think this poor performance is due to your selections you think it’s due to the limited nature of these – invest options that are available and I would honestly say a little bit of both. Now I don’t really blame the app. Because the app doesn’t really do all the investing for you obviously you choose what you want to buy however I kind of don’t like with – invest how you have pretty limited options and really there’s not. You know. too much you can actually do you just kind of by certain ETFs put your money in and then it sits there and the ETF options are actually somewhat limited which I’m not really a huge fan of many of them aren’t really even that good so the thing is I. You know. stash invest is fine it’s just it’s not necessarily what I optimally. You know. love to see. But it’s not bad at the same time so the thing is. You know. we’re going to keep seeing how it performs how it grows I don’t necessarily know. You know. how quickly it will grow or at what pace or anything like that with the acorns account that I was previously talking about it’s actually a pretty slow and steady pace so to be quite frank it’s just it’s it’s a little bit more tangible overall I suppose. Because the growth is consistent it’s doing pretty decently it could it could take a. You know. a downturn however I’m really hoping that doesn’t happen and. Yeah, it’s just it’s it’s kind of hard to say so we’ll keep our eyes on it I’m not entirely sure what will happen by. Now that’s what’s interesting about looking at these apps so anyway folks I hope you all have a fantastic fantastic week and I hope you all keep it right here at the tech crack else if you like this article feel for your like share subscribe do all that good stuff folks and have a good one and audios.

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