Stash Invest Account Update! Starting from Scratch

what’s up ladies and gents and welcome back to the tech cash house. So if you like this content feel free to leave a like share and subscribe and hit that little notification button below to receive an update every single time the tech hash house uploads another REO What is up. ladies and gents. So I want to give you a quick little update on stash invest in how my portfolio has been going lately in case you weren’t familiar I did actually do quite a long trial run with stash back I think about one or two months. So, you know. probably closer to two months ago and it went really pretty darn well. Okay, I had a total return for an investment of like 400 bucks a total return of like $66. So I was actually really pleased with that as you can see up here on the upper right where it says total return that’s kind of skewed right now. Because it’s not it’s not accurate it holds the total return for your for all of your portfolio’s that you may have ever invested in so really that’s a pretty poor reflection I have not returned to six hundred and eighty seven percent I wish that I had. But I I cannot claim to have done that on this app so how is this set up. Now. Okay, essentially what I’m doing is I’m putting in twenty five dollars into the portfolio each week and I’m putting five dollars into each of these ETFs each week so it’s twenty five dollars overall five different ETFs so we have these social media mania ETF first that’s I’m a big fan of that one the return has been pretty good so far, internet Titans second once again pretty good American innovators third money machines fourth which is one that. I actually haven’t tested thoroughly which is doing. Okay, so far, and then robots rising in fifth which is typically the slowest to return however it does have some weeks where it definitely has an uptick and that is always nice to see. So I like robots rising for that reason I’m a big fan of robotics and honestly I do think that it definitely holds the future for certain sectors of businesses so that’s the set up. Okay, social media mania internet Titans American innovators money machines and robots rising so of course all of these can be found on stash invest pretty simply if you have the correct portfolio allocation I believe that you have to have moderate outlook to find some of these. So if your risk allocation isn’t at least moderate you probably won’t be seeing some of these show up on your selections. But if you have the right allocation it’s all pretty much gonna be good to go it is really easy to get into ok. So I like that about stash and I’m really hoping that the return with this portfolio is going to be as good as last time. Now the reason why I’m adding $25.00 each week as opposed to a major lump sum is I believe it lets you weather the market a bit better and deal with price fluctuations a bit more evenly than just buying in all at once where especially with stash invest and acorns for example you don’t have as much control over on your money as actually invested. So it just kind of puts it in there whenever and you might be buying high when stock is high and then you’ll of course lose money from that which you don’t really want to do. So I like doing it weekly. Because that lets you kind of round on the market like I said another thing about doing or investing weekly twenty five bucks a week I feel like it’s more realistic it’s a really great way to save just investing like twenty five bucks a week. It really makes a huge difference especially when you’re looking to build long term wealth. Okay, you don’t just invest a lump sum to build long term wealth you can. But it’s got to be a pretty significant lump sum okay. But if you keep investing keep investing keep investing only if you only have $500 at the end of each month to invest that’s a huge difference. Okay, if you invested five hundred bucks a month until you’re 60 or something judging. You know. saying that you start at the age of 30 you’ll have a lot of money by the time you’re 60 you’ll be in pretty good shape so that’s the power of compound interest really and that’s the power of investing frequently. So this is the portfolio for. Now I am really interested in seeing how it goes from here it should be pretty cool I think and I’m really I’m pretty excited. So I did make a article in the past where I said stash to us as BS that was before I had really done too extensive of experimenting with it and. Now. I would say that I’m much more broadly familiar with it and that I am more of a fan of it. Now so anyway folks thank you all for watching stay tuned for more updates on this like I’ve said in the past it’s incredibly stupid in my opinion to buy every single ETF on stash you want to buy every single stock in the stock market or every single ETF in the stock market I it just doesn’t make sense okay. So if you’re looking at a stash profile I would definitely consider keeping it down to five stocks or five ETFs rather. Because that will give you a good well-rounded exposure without over exposing yourself so anyway folks just a little tip I thought it throw on the end there thank you all for joining me and I’ll see you all in the next article as always thank you so much for watching your viewership is greatly appreciated and we hope to see you for the next article this channel is powered by viewers like you. 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