Stash Invest IS NOT BS! An Updated Opinion

what’s up ladies and gents and welcome back to the tech cash house. So if you like this content feel free to leave a like share and subscribe and hit that little notification button below to receive an update every single time the tech cash house uploads another REO alright ladies and gents. So this is actually kind of rare. But I want to kind of post a correction to a previous article that I made where I stated that stash invest is BS. Now in that article if you haven’t seen it I did. You know. I really kind of trash-talk the app and I stated that it is more profitable to use the Robin Hood app to trade the various ETFs that are available on stash and you can make more money doing that I talked quite a bit about that in that article. But honestly I think I was a little harsh on the app and I say that primarily. Because I really didn’t consider The Fool. You know. sort of I guess applicability that stash has especially when it comes to different sorts of investors I’m very much a type of investor who likes that more control over his stocks and investments and for that reason I really prefer to be more hands-off and I prefer to use apps such as Robin Hood for example where I can kind of have more freedom I can make a little bit more money in my own way. But I didn’t really give it full credibility for what. It really deserves ok stash invest is a platform that is really pretty easy to use and if you use it correctly as I’ve learned in my past articles it can actually do pretty darn well. Now you might be looking here and saying well you’ve made $64 with the app and your total return is negative one hundred and sixty three percent and your holdings here aren’t very substantial I have run more tests with stash and I’ve done so in the past and I’m actually going to start running a few more tests again. Because. You know. it’s it’s pretty fun to experiment with this app and I kind of pick different ETFs that are actually worthwhile and I’ve assembled a little portfolio here that I think I’ve wanted kind of try to build off of in the future. But anyway in the past I just kind of looked at stash and looked at the etf’s that didn’t perform as well and i thought hey this sucks you can save money by investing on other platforms and by pretty much investing in these same ETFs and that’s true. Okay, you can you can avoid paying a dollar per month if you use other investment apps however if you’re a new investor and you won by fractional shares of different ETFs or you want to kind of be more guided through a process and have it a bit more simply set up for you and that’s not a bad thing at all. Okay, I don’t want to make it sound like I’m insulting anyone’s intelligence by saying this. Because if you’re a new investor and you want to get your feet wet with investing and you’re comfortable using stash. But not another app that is totally totally fine and I want to kind of change my stance and say that I would recommend really using any app that you can get into and that you understand. Because minoo I really did trash-talk this app before in a couple of articles. But I went back and I said in a couple of other articles it performed well and I showed my performance with it and it was actually. Okay, so really. You know. my opinion was a little bit rushed I’m more than happy to admit that I have done more research with the app and I’ve kind of learned the ins and outs actually the $64 return here I made on an initial investment of I believe about two hundred and fifty dollars and then I added in about five five or ten dollars a week and that return was actually outstanding for the amount of money that I had invested in the app it was something like 20 20 or 25 percent it was really high and I will actually link a couple of those articles in the description. So you can see what I’m talking about. But I just want to make an update and kind of talk about that. Because really. You know. I don’t think it was fair to the app my opinion was relatively preliminary and I want to go back and correct that and. You know. I feel like it’s it’s really important to be honest and I was being honest in that article. But it’s also important to give something a chance I’m not being paid by stash invest or anything like that to say this and I wasn’t paid by other investment apps in the past to talk poorly about different investment apps. So this is roids my opinion unbiased. You know. really I I’m trying to be honest with all of you this app does work well and it can perform very well if you invest correctly and if you make good investment decisions in the app so keep that in mind please I just want to make a article about that and kind of clear up some confusion. Because I’ve been getting a lot of comments about the past article where I say the stash is BS and really. You know. I want to move beyond that and kind of just just move past it. Okay, I’m gonna keep using the app and experimenting with it I’ve been off of it for a few months. Because the articles were really getting redundant and they weren’t all that substantial I was just logging in each week and saying hey here’s the account look at it and that’s that’s not the kind of content I want to provide as much I want to dive deeper into different things different aspects and I want to give all of you more useful information so just want to make a quick article saying that thank you all for watching I really do appreciate it and I hope this is kind of clear some things up so thank you all have a truly fantastic fantastic day and I’ll see you all in the next article as always thank you so much for watching your viewership is greatly appreciated and we hope to see you for the next article this channel is powered by viewers like you. So if you want to support the tech cash house feel free to visit our patreon page.

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