Stash Invest Vs. Acorns Investing TRUE TRIAL After 1 Week!

What is up. ladies and gents welcome back to the tech crack counts here today. So if you aren’t aware I’ve actually been running another trial on stache vs. acorns and I’ve uh I think I’ve set them up pretty adequately for. You know. kind of a trial that will truly demonstrate how the apps kind of should be used how they’re intended to be used and what I’m talking about here is um. You know. I’ve actually put a baseline amount into each app two hundred fifty dollars into sash invest $250 into acorns. But what I’ve done is I’ve turned on all the features such as round ups I’ve said in autos Auto stash and auto investment plan I guess for acorns over the past week so basically each week. You know. the acorns account receives 10 additional dollars and the sash invest account receives 10 additional dollars. So it kind of makes sense. Because we’re trying to use these apps basically how they’re intended to be used. I think that should make the trial a little bit more fair and adequate and it should honestly it should be a really good representation of what the apps actually look like. Now I wanted to talk about some of the finer points in this article basically around the the concepts of the apps and which one I think will honestly perform better. You know. which one I think has features to kind of put it above the other and. You know. definitively so far, I can’t really say that either app really knocks my socks off more so than the other acorns has advantages to it stache invest has advantages um so they’re both kind of outweighing the other in their own regard I guess which seems weird to say. But it kind of makes a lot of sense with acorns we have round ups and I’ve round ups turned on from my PayPal account and round ups are kind of nice. Because they take extra money off of purchases that you’ve made and they actually put that back into your account which can be very nice especially when you’re trying to save a little bit of extra money and you’re kind of trying to invest passively and you don’t want to think about actively going into acorns and adding money each we each month or whatever so it’s a great way to passively invest and that’s very nice. Okay, another aspect that it corns has it actually makes it much much nicer than stash is it has dividend reinvestment sand that’s fantastic. Okay, dividend reinvestment are very useful and they make. You know. passive investing a really viable option especially. Because. You know. you might be getting dividends in every week or every few days and then that just compounds onto your principle amount in the account and that’s very nice oh it’s a good way to help you invest and to really. You know. to make some good extra money dividends are actually quite nice so that’s that’s something great that acorns does. Now stash invest gives you a little bit more flexibility and freedom when it comes to selecting your investments which I do like it gives you representative ETFs which you can actually buy into and buy certain quantities of which. You know. that that is nice as I said however many of the ETF’s aren’t really that worthwhile or aren’t really worth looking at so that can be a problem too okay. Now I’ve actually hand-picked all of my ETFs on stash invest which I do think. You know. really gives a bit of a competitive edge when it comes to investing on stash oh. You know. alright picks 100% foolproof I wouldn’t necessarily say so. But I do think that being able to pick my own. You know. ETFs on stash invest will actually help with the overall outcome of stash invests performance for me anyway. So, you know. really what it comes down to is both apps do have perks. But. You know. it doesn’t necessarily um no I don’t think either app so far, has come ahead as a as a clear winner in terms of performance or anything. Now acorns is set up on a. You know. an aggressive portfolio which is pretty good I guess aggressive is it’s a bit more touch-and-go than a moderate portfolio so that makes a coarse I think a bit more risky stash. I would say though it’s kind of moderate leaning aggressive anyway how I have it set up with the investments I have so it’s not exactly. You know. super safe investment strategy either. Now both of these are set up to be relatively safe however I did want to have a bit of a risk factor so could make more money so really my conclusion is. You know. I can’t tell so far, which is better stash or acorns and that makes sense. Because it’s only been one week. But I did want to mention some of the features that kind of set the investment apps apart. Because I thought it would be useful and. Yeah. So if you enjoyed this article. You know. what to do and have a good one lazy.

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