Strategy I use to make $100 per day in the FOREX MARKET

Alright guys, so we’re bout to talk about Forks and what we’ve made this weekend today was the kill enjoy what’s good guys, so check this out this is today on my queens Tiffany’s account over five hundred and forty dollars today five hundred and forty nine dollars a week for the week or we have is 1900 once I say for the week okay cool let’s look take your account yeah is this a live account very loved that’s like cannot it not in the demo flexing okay looks like over real quick cash money homie, so guys, I’m about to show you my account, so I’m not gods were about to say, so you know it’s real we go straight there what do we have for the day we have two thousand nine hundred eighty seven for the day okay do you know Josh you know made nine thousand a week I literally make two or three hundred dollars a day training for 30 minutes to one hour a day now trades and incredible skills at the half bath, because you can really return no money into a lot of money every single thing, so what this videos going to go we’re going to show you guys how the market works, I’m going to show you some proof first different people that we’ve helped you know create massive success within the market and I promise you, if you watch to the end of this video you’ll not only learn something, but you’re going to be super excited about learning and skill sets where it doesn’t require our balls doesn’t acquire a job application and we want to help you in the retarded she’s deprived movement retired within 365 days now my name is Brenna string grab you’re making six figures from home for maybe eight years now I’m having worked a job in 10 and I’ve created six figures with the time freedom, so I’m not putting my time for money I have money and time and that’s the true freedom that everyone should want to achieve now what I want to show you some different results before I go over what is the foreign exchange market how you can make money, so as you can see guys we have different people getting amazing results Steve is in one of our people these people they would turn $2,000 to over $100,000 as you see these are this different real life people getting results one hundred thirty thousand fourteen dollars to fifty three as you see guys people are getting results they even got their children learning my two year old cousin just made $65 copy-pasting, so we’re going to go over all of it you I saw guys this I just want to show you proof that there are people on our team make have a match success and we can teach you to do the same thing, if you rock with our team now whoever sold you this video guys before we get this information please get back in contact with now what is the foreign exchange market it is very very simple guys one set let me move this block you and it tasted clear yes okay perfect, so guys what is the foreign exchange market I know this looks very hard and it’s crazy, but you see knows regular people making two or three hundred dollars per day in the market yeah I went through a group for our team just showing random people they’d they go to school for ten years they didn’t have 8 plus college degrees all they did was take time to learn something different and stop believing that everything is hard, because they don’t understand, because it looks foreign at the beginning, so whether the foreign exchange market basically what you’re doing is you’re day trading currency, if you’re not buying stocks like the chairs like in a stock market you’re day trading currencies now foreign exchange market is five point three trillion dollars a day traded every single day, so people are making hundreds and hundreds of thousands of dollars and there are people like us who are making two or three hundred dollars per day, but there are people who ask me making two or three hundred dollars per day winning the market, so guys all we’re doing is trading day trading currencies we’re not by purchasing anything we’re basically bidding on, if the mark is going to go up or down now as you see guys, I’m going to just teach you how for insane to market works i’ma teach you a technique that you can take home today in practice and you can start making some money today now the Great Britain pound vs. Japanese yen for example or we put the euro versus USD or we put it in euro versus JPY, so to keep it simple I like that I like the compared to real life I like to compare things of real life situations, so imagine the Great Britain pound is the Patriots and the JPY is the Giants in football and you’re basically not bit you’re basically betting on either the Great Britain pound which is the Patriots or the Giants which is the JPY on what’s one is going to win now that’s the best way to explain a lot, because people get confused with stocks they believe they’re purchasing something when you’re bidding against one team you’re not buying that team you’re basically betting on that team to the win, so you can make money, so you’re basically trying to figure out is the market going to go up or down, so whichever pair is first guys when the market goes up that pair is getting stronger against the other pair, so when this market shut up from here to here the Drake Britain town got stronger, but when the market shot from here down here from this point the Japanese yen got stronger now that doesn’t mean that Japanese yen is stronger overall, but from here when you took your train from here he got stronger as far as he got stronger over time, but it’s not as it doesn’t mean it’s worth more to pay for it, so it’s very simple guys your basic trying to figure out which direction the markers going to go and you can make money now how does it work guys when you’re looking at the market you’re trying to figure out well how do I know which way it works goes how do I know how much money, I’m going to make how does this work now the market moves up and pips and down the tip, so the easiest way for me explain that is wind up, if I told you I ran far you have no idea how far in, if I told you I ran 10 miles, then you can tell me I ran 10 miles now, if I told you I went up in the market you have no idea how far away in the market, but you’re jumping down in the market you know I’m not with them, but I told y’all when 10 pips up, then that’s how you know how much for example I say you I said you look I went 50 pips up in the market that you know from here to here was 50 pips, if I told you I went 50 pips now in the market, then you know I went 50 pips now, if I want 10 pips up maybe I went home with 10 pips up in the market or maybe I went 100 cooks up in the market, so guys we’re just trying to figure out that this was just a unit of measurement on how far you were in the market, so the over complicate Morgan is now housing pips and correlate to how you make money now let’s say that we both, I’m going to write it out we both have a $1000 account I have a $1,000 account and use have a $1,000 account and you can start with 50 bucks you can start with a hundred bucks I’m just giving the example on the power cord let’s say that we are about to lose I have up my name is Brandon has equals $1,000 you people $1,000 now, I’m going to do $1 cook them explained that means in a minute and you’re going to do three dollars per kid, so when, I’m about to take my trade guys I need to figure out let’s say that we think the markets about to move up and, I’m going to tell you how to know the markets about to move up in a second, but let’s say that we believe the mark is about to move up and let’s say it moves up 100 pips let’s say this is 100 kept moving now before we took astray we took the tree I say the markets moving like this every 15 minutes of Christian new camel stick the count sticks are these bars and let’s say that you know what I’m looking at the charts and I said you know what guys I believe the markets about to go up around this area, I’m going to tell you why in a minute, so you like you agree with me you say Brenda you’re right I believe the market is about to go up, so you said you know what, I’m about to take this train for a body by means up, I’m going to write that down too, because I’m teaching you guys right now by means up and remember purchasing this is just a terminology by me up sell me down sounds like you know I think it’s going to be a good buy, so it means we think the market about to go up, so you say you know what let’s do trade right now for a Buy and I say Brahma do one dollar tip and you’re going to bail okay, I’m going to do three dollars a pip and let’s say the market goes down a little bit and what happens is it’s starting to shoot up that says we made let’s say we pull it out right here, so you know this is another guy’s made enough money I said we made a hundred pitch just now I say that happened I said we took this trade we went to sleep kind of odd they looked at on our phones, so you know what I want to clock I made the money you closed the trade and it went up a hundred cups well I me a dollar a pip, so my account size I’ve my accounts I went from $1,000 to $1,100 and let’s say two hours you did through dollars a pill, so I mean you get three dollars with every pip in the market I got one dollar for every cup in the market, so since you did three you made $300, so you’ll count salesmen from $1,000 to 1,300 now guys imagine you average every single day 100 cups in the market I have reached two or three hundred cups a day, but what, if you only averaged 50 to 100 pips and let’s say that you only do 50 cents a pill, so let’s see, if you did 50 cents a pill we’re going to do something small you did 50 cents a pill and you only did you do 100 per day that’s $50 a day let’s say you trade four times a week it was fifty times four that’s $200 per week now let’s say that you started off with a hundred-dollar account and I say you you start off $100 nest out of a thousand you did $0.50 a pip by the end of the month you made $200 for four weeks thirty that means you’ve made that aim of you have $800 plus the hundred with now you have nine hundred dollars at the end of the month now you’re going to up it from fifty cents a pill to $1 pip and there you an average 100 pips a day, so now is that you go on making two hundred dollars a week you make $400 every week a week that’s in one month you’ve made $1,600 $1,600 plus the nine hundred yard had now you have in two months $2,500 now guess what guys let’s do it up up again now since your average 100 cups a day for four days a week and you have a 2,500 count lasting four dollars okay well that’s the $3.00 a pip to 3 hours per pip and you have 100 pips a day that’s 100 times 3 that’s 4 times we that’s 1200 a week times 4 that’s $4,800 that you just get you made that lump plus you have 2500 in your account, so now your account size is 7300 imagine you build your account up and Street all this to $10,000 over a hundred some $100 can you keep that 10,000 in there you aim for 100 clips a day times 10 that’s $1,000 a day you make any money times four you’re making $4,000 a week and you can take that money out as much as you want you could check the whole 10,000 ah, but I want to teach you the power of compounding and, then now you can, so the bigger your accountants guys the more money that you can do her kit, so, I’m going to take you a quick strategy aha one strategy now guys I figure out which way the market is going to go you need multiple confirmations, so on one conformation in EIU’s I’m not going to go over every conformation behalf of cool education platform I’ll have to check it out which way the mark is going to go, but the first thing I look for is a M or W, so let’s say this is the start of new market every time you see this blue line starting mark, so I always start after the blue line and I say the market goes down I won’t look for an M or W, so I see the market look down, so what does that look like, I’m going to show you why any more W up test looked first in the forest market looks basically like this is how the anymore W look you are you looking for DeMarco to go down up down up now you know this I’m ace minutes @w I made sure to put it lower than this last of you, so the mark has to go down up lower than last time she didn’t shoot up or sign in looks he goes up he goes down he goes up higher, then he goes down, so it has to go huh down higher than the last one and down, so we’re going to ask me draw he’s out and we’re going to looking for a couple of them, so you can, so you can see how easy training this remove all draw tools, so that’s let’s look at this first one really quick the market moved down, so when it moves down what we looking at first we’re looking for a W the market one booth up the market move down is this aw no, because I say live you have to be had to be lower, so now we got we’re still waiting the markets by being patient right waiting for the next load this is lower than this, so this is aw, so what happened was we are since we know, if this is W how do we spend this aw, if it’s going down now what’s the rest in the market we’ll have to go, because we have to create iw read between star W that means that embassy W we know the market is not going to go this way, so that’s not how it W looks a W looks like it’s going up like that, so that means the market has to go up and what happens you call the hundred pips now of course it’s a little bit more to it and that’s what we’re going to turn you, but I want you to see how simple look how simplify I just made the market we’re going to look for another one you the market went down, so we’re looking for it doesn’t the market went up the market went down is this double you know why, because it’s in the same area listen next look here how he completes the W that means that at this point the tree it says no unless we look at the guys to look like the models market moves okay it’s moving it’s moving it’s moving is moving is moving is moving okay watching it watching it that’s okay that’s about the same after that week, so, I’m going to keep watching a little bit it did go up a little bit no I want to keep watching it okay wait just letting the market move wow that’s good now it’s I believe that since this carries a W, I’m going to do a trade right here what happens that today we will took a trade here there we went up here we wouldn’t make fifty two hundred pips now I imagine you do this for thirty minutes out of your day you find five pairs that create a wrm and you use our other strategies to confirm your tree and, then you make money, so guys that’s what I’m saying trading is not hard I teach people how to trade all the time we have a full education platform now this is our Academy it goes over to history Forex our market participation ways for us the basics where’s app it was a trend candlesticks pullback it goes over everything that you need as far as pre-recorded information, so you for watching us on your own time, but I’m a true believer and you learn how to trade better by actually participating within the market, so helo IML TV where we teach you lots of ucq crypto education and Forex education, so we can just focus on the forks for now, but as you can see we got we do live education where we go over the Forex basics at 8:00 p.m. Eastern every Sunday or we trade with you live at 2 a.m. and every Monday Tuesday Wednesday and Thursday or we trade with you every day at 12 a.m. or we go or 9:00 9:00 p.m. or we train the train with you at or we train we got we got transit to teach every Sunday and Tuesday and you can actually go on these calls watch these people alive and check while you’re doing we also got stuff like the web analyzer and it teaches you helps you analyze the market it finds potential trades for you to take it says searching next thing you know it’s going to let you know let me see my first real quick for you guys tsehai says look the aud/jpy is a potential sale, so you click on it and it tells you that this is potentially going to go down, so the fact that you think is going to go down they, if you agree out we teach you how to agree, so it finds potential trades in the market for you and does it for you we also had the Ino harmonic scanner we even have an app called sweat traders, if you watch the next video after this below its going to go over how sweat trays works, but basically they seem to trace the tape you copy and paste the trades and you make money just copying pasting the trades that we sent we also have a harmonic scanner you, so guys we got every got all the tools to simplify the market we got the education we trade together we make money together and this is how we make money guys this is very simple for one the order take advantage of our actual education platform guys it’s two thirty two fifty one time for everything and is one ninety a month that’s everything out there taxes, so it’s 250 right now and in 30 days is one hundred and nine dollars a month now, if you don’t want to pay the 190 a month even though you can make two or three hundred Ostmark just trading with us anyway, so it’s not about the 190 month, because what’s 192 someone making 300 a day, so you guys not looking to get crimes when we’re trying to make real money but, if you want to waive your monthly membership here’s the thing guys Forex is a lifestyle not a job you did not go out a job application this is something that was changing your life and people are going to ask you one thing as you’re showing your results on social media as you’re talking to your friends and you can start talking my words they’re going to ask you how did you learn you’re going to refer them to the Academy, so you’re going to make money two ways way one you’re going to learn how to get 100 pips in the market every single day what you do per pip is on you you might do tension, so good you might be 56 I got friends do $200 per pip, but outside of that guys we’re also going to show you how to refer people to the education, so you can also make your membership free and create a residual ink, so we’re going to go over a residuals out now once you refer to people let’s say you bring them to this video and they say oh wow I like them for Mason Breton told you about I’ll told me about I want to get started, but you said that you’re hurtling all you do is take your link grab the link and, then send it to him and he literally it company knows they got started for you, so once you get two people guys your membership is wait, so let’s say that you refer to people today you don’t look at the paid the 197 a month your membership to and free, but let’s say that you want to take it to the next level that this is completely optional, if you want to create more customers and do business I said, if you refer three people to the company and I say those through peak will also refer three people to the company and you’re going to get paid $600 every single mom, so, I’m going to pull up a diagram to kind of show you how it looks you, I’m going to draw a diagram very quickly, so let’s say that this is you and let’s say you refer three people or two people for example you made your membership free now here’s the cool thing guys and, because like it’s going to make sense in a minute you can also you can people also refer get people to you, I’m going to help you understand why you can also your let’s say that you refer to people and say the person that got you started also places one personally I’m change the color they place one person under you, so now you have three people on you put two people in personally now your membership is free you have a third person that you don’t even know the heat they placed on him now while you think place is person on you now how our referral side works guys now, if you don’t this is the referral side this has nothing to do it for it you can refer people to Forex, but you came for a per-pupil to our education platform on how to learn for us for example I didn’t give people an example just to kind of help you understand, if you went to school to do here and someone asks you how do you do here do you refer them to the same school that you went to now imagine for every referral that you sent to a hair school they’re going to give you a a referral bonus of $50 well this was going to be doing there you’re not referring to the hair business you refer to the hair education well you refer them to the forest education not for it and the force education is going to teach them how to trade Forex, so that’s that you refer to people that make your membership free and that person put through one person under you now you only need three people directly on you after that you can start helping other people, so what does that do for you let’s say that you got your three and let’s say that you refer a couple of more people we’re going to say four more people and that’s say that you put one person since you already have four three you no longer need anyone else on you that’s, if you put one person on this reptak Tyler Ford you put one person under him you put one person under him you put one person on the down and you put one person than them now you’ve helped them start going towards whatever God we’re going to call $600 a month, so, I’m going to go over how that works you need twelve people to make 600 a month and you need two personals for it to count, so you got your two personals, so I’ll put one person on to you you put a couple more people in now let’s say that they, I’m going to change about the red let’s say that they refer to all the last two people they get he prefers one he refers one now you big guy now that person has three people let’s say this person that you put under them refer as a person and that person that dude they did refer as a person and let’s say this person refers a person and I say this person refers a person, so we count it you got one two three four five six seven eight nine ten eleven twelve now you didn’t put this personal moon, but this person still brought in the person that brought in the person that brought in the person you put these two people internet brought in a person that brought in person you helped this person with two people and they brought someone in and that’s, so my point it doesn’t matter how it happens as long as they act you could have put in all 12 yourself, but you still just put in three people that guy three people, but you could put in two people and that person play someone under you as long as it and that person got some people, so once you got 12 people guys you’re going to get 600 dollars every month on the referral side which is paid out weekly, so you get 150 every week direct deposit now as it grows you go from 1,000 a month to thousand a month and I’m not going to go into how you keep those wrinkly I’m just going to see 5,000 a month we got people are making forty fifty thousand a month off with just the referral side, so imagine this guy’s I’m a clear de suite let’s say imagine you’re making two thousand a month which is five hundred dollars a week on the purl side let’s say you also are catching one hundred pips per day in the market and you’re doing and it’s $2.00 per cup it’s your averages and I say that you just do that every single four days a week, so that means you’re making two thousand months in education for all side and let’s say that on the $2 cup, if we’re doing two hundred cups a day a day and eating four hundred cups a week which is sixteen hundred pips per month and he did it mm two dollars a pill was sixteen hundred simple math guys sixteen hundred pills times 2 dollars equals 3200 ultra mega star 6 to 32 3200 kurma plus 2000 per mom was put you with 5200 her mom now realistically, if your account is getting bigger and bigger you’re not going to stay $2 pip I’m just giving an example, so you see the power you can make more money trading do you do on the referral side or you can make more money to prefer people that you don’t range that I just can’t what kind of person you become you never know, but get back country of the person share this with you guys this is a no brainer it’s 251 time you going to spin that 250 we don’t spend on education where are you going to spend that you’re going to spend those shoes a purse some food you’ve been doing that your entire life, but you’re looking for change, so let’s change our way of thinking by doing the different things that – and becoming educated we’re going to work with you seen our group we’re getting results for our team we trade together every night we’re going to do want to help people critical simply they can retire early for just 250 one time and every Thursday is 190 a month or refer #NAME? name is brenda stringer you can also follow me at CEO brandon on instagram whoever sold you the video get that concept I don’t want you to sound fun to me unless you watch this video through me who ever say hey take this website up get back in contact with them when you get started you can do the same thing they didn’t talk to you they just sent you a video that was well explained to help you understand not only the foreign exchange market, but how to make residual, so I’ve just helped you create time for I created six figures in trading and I create six figures in the referral side guys no one can take fork slavery imagine getting paid every week for showing people how you are how to create a six-figure income that is powerful, so guys like I say follow me at CEO Brandon on IG feel free to ask any questions, but whoever share this with you please get back in concept within get started I don’t want you to something to me unless I refer to cease we’re by 18 what about helping each other, so, I’m going to help you also, so guys looking forward to you share this video and growing and, if you want to get some more information you can watch the other videos on this website you.

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