Swing Trading to Perfection – Forex Trading Strategy

however platinum traders and welcome today’s trade of the day video my name is Aaron Apple I won the senior traders here at Platinum Trading Academy and in today’s video we’re going to show you a fantastic longer-term trade that was taken on the euro dollar this week it was a trade that hit profit in just two days and the total amounts of profit was absolutely fantastic we’re looking at a profit there of a hundred and 40 pips in just two days trading from a simple pending order placed at the start of the week now to show you this a specific trade I’m going to show you how the analysis was provided to our clients this was a similar trade to the one that we took on the cable last week you would have seen on last week’s video the gbp/usd traded the 3490 target of 3300 this time it was a breakout of the 17 10 level on the euro, I want to bring the analysis across just here, so this is the analysis that was provided now we’re going to scroll on down you can see this this analysis floor is essentially providing you a technical analysis fundamental analysis and trading opportunities on a daily basis now the trade that actually triggered was this one just here now we can see that the trait in question was the breakout of 17 cents, if you follow my cursor across we can see waiting for a breakout of 17 10, then go short with a 40 pips top loss and a target of 1570 now the breakout occurred on the Friday, so it closed below 1710 on Friday the pullback occurred on the Monday and the target occurred on the Tuesday, so it was a very nice chronological trade I guess in that particular sense with the fact that the breakout the pullback and the continuation happened pretty much straight after one another now, if we take it to the actual charts technical chart on the algorithm I’ll show you how this worked, so you can see on the Friday on you all right it closes below 1710, if we take it to a daily chart you can see the closed below was just here on the Friday yeah she closed here at 1650 the pullback occurred on the Monday to 1710 and the continuation to 1570 occurred the next day it was an absolutely fantastic trade and is such an easy trade, because we essentially provided you with the analysis all you effectively had to do was well wait for the breakout and place the order you know and that’s not a very difficult thing to do, and, if you just come to your chart in the evening when the market closes you’re going to know when it breaks out, then you simply place your pending order, if it pulls back it pulls back, if it doesn’t know where is your order will just expire it’s a very simple trading strategy, but it’s one that can be used around any type of lifestyle any type of job know what we’re actually doing the reason for doing this video is well I’m sure you’ve probably heard on my previous ones, but we’re actually providing you with a completely free consultation means that online you can view the analysis you can view the system for which we use you can view some of the strategies by how we use them through a screen sharing sort of session with a trader kind of like a webinar style, but it’s a personal personal webinar we’ve one-to-one and the way to do that is really really simple you just go to the Platinum Trading Academy com you click on the top right hand corner which is a free consultation just pop you pop in your details you know one of our account managers or get in touch with you book a session and with one of the traders and you essentially get to see everything using on this video and obviously in a much more in-depth call with the trader where you can ask them questions on each strategy usually the calls last anywhere from sort of thirty to thirty minutes to an hour depending on depending on how many questions you have of course, but otherwise you know we wish you absolutely wonderful weekend, if you do have any questions for us regards to this particular video please just email in we’re more than happy to answer anything we also have an online chat on website which is again platinum trading academy calm before you leave you know please don’t forget to Like and subscribe the video of course we wish everyone a wonderful day thank you, so much for listening.

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