The #1 Most Accurate PRICE ACTION Trading Technique (Not Click-bait)

so over the past several years of my trading career I’ve tried a number of different ways to help accurately predict what the markets going to do I’ve used just as I’m sure you have indicators oscillators, but there’s one way that by far has outperformed the rest and it has nothing to do with an indicator it’s actually based solely around price action and what I’d like to do is share that accurate technique with you today in this video this is a technique that we use week after week here at the trading channel to help us predict market moves and it helped us predict this move you see here on the dollar Swiss where we came down into this previous level and have since made over a 100 pip rally, so, if that sounds like something is going to be valuable for your trading one make sure to stick around for this entire video to make sure you click that subscribe button to be alerted whenever we come out with other free educational content like this and last, but not least make sure you go ahead and click that like button to help support the channel while the intro and disclaimer roll and I’ll be right back to share this extremely valuable content with you see you guys on the other side [Music] hey guys, so welcome back in this video we’re going through a few different things and let’s go ahead and talk about that first really really quickly the first thing we’re going to look at is proof of concept, so I’ve told you guys that this is a really accurate way to predict price action, but in order for you to really trust that statement or try it for yourself you need some type of proof, so what we’re going to do is take a look at some predictions we’ve had from last week that ended up working out really well using this technique directly after that, I’m going to teach you this exact technique that we’re using in order to make accurate price action predictions and last, but not least we’ll be taking a look at the top 5 major pairs and making our predictions for this week on those pairs to give you guys some value going forward, so let’s go ahead and get started with the video here we have the USD Swiss on this pair as we talked about during the intro this markets at over a 100 pip rally from a level in the market that we accurately predicted would act as support and how did we do that well that’s exactly what we’re going to talk about as soon as we get back from this quick clip showing you guys exactly what we were predicting out of this pair last week, so let’s take a look at that clip and I’ll be right back, but we will be continuing to look for possible long trades here on the dollar Swiss around this level, because what we’re expecting is at least a retest of this resistance level and possibly even trained continuation all the way up to 0.96 8 for out of this pair and, if this market gets up to 0.96 84 that’s 11 we can look for possible shorting opportunities with it alright guys, so back here on the dollar Swiss as you can see this market pulled down into that area exactly where we were looking at last week around 0.9 5 6 3 we’re getting a nice push a nice rally out of this market and got right up into what level the level we pointed out as possible resistance right here a red dotted line expecting that level to help us with some counter trend moves, so as I said proof of concept as you can see this worked really well last week here on the dollar Swiss and, if you go back a few videos we produce weekly market prediction videos each and every week and there are many times that these predictions end up being very accurate again you can go back through the previous weeks of videos in the weekly market prediction series and see this working really well the old time and this is not me telling you to go out and blindly start placing trades based around this knowledge that’s not going to make you a profitable trader what I hope to accomplish with these videos is showing you guys how simple it can be to predict price action and give you a technique that you can apply to your own trading plan everything that you see here must be tested and you have must make sure you’re comfortable with the risks involved not only in trading, but in the specific strategies and techniques that you choose to use, so now that we’ve discussed that let’s talk about how we were actually able to make this prediction and how we make predictions each and every week well the first thing we have to talk about is the timeframe, if you look right up here you will see that we are on the daily timeframe here on the dollar Swiss this timeframe works really well the weekly timeframe using the technique we’re going to talk about in this video works really well also, but for me I find that I find a lot more trading opportunities using it here on the daily timeframe, so high timeframes work better than low timeframes now that we’ve established that what else are we looking for on this higher time frame in order to predict these price action moves well it’s actually a very simple concept that we’ve discussed here on the channel before, but repetition is key when you’re trying to learn anything, so that’s why we’re discussing it again as you can see we had a market here on the dollar Swiss that was pushing up to a resistance level, then what happened this was our first clue once we broke above this resistance level after breaking a previous resistance level that resistance level that was broken is a high likelihood place for the market to pull back to and rally out of in an uptrend or, if in a downtrend that very most recent structure support level that was broken it’s going to be a very accurate place to predict that the market is going to continue in trend to the downside, so that very simple concept applied out here on the daily chart is what is made for some really accurate predictions for us here at the trading channel week after week now whenever you add this most previous level of structure that we just broke which would be right here our resistance level whenever you add that concept to a structured level that has been tested multiple times as you can see this level was used as resistance twice here and as support by our big green candle right here when you combine those two factors that’s what has come together to create one of the most accurate ways I’ve ever found to predict price action moves and when using these two concepts together you’re not only predicting price action moves you’re also predicting them in in trend continuation as you can see this market was breaking structure levels into new highs and the only way for this concept to work is, if the markets breaking structure levels in the new highs or breaking structure levels in the new lows and a downtrend in order for you to wait for that pullback in to that previous level that maybe combines with another previous level of support looking left and give you a possible accurate trading opportunity based around your trading plan, so take this concept go out in the market test it for yourself see how many times it works vs. doesn’t work apply different things to this you can apply indicators to this to help make it more accurate there’s nothing wrong with that and you can apply anything else that already exists in your trading plan to this as well and guys I know this concept sounds simple and for a lot of new traders for some reason they believe that trading has to be extremely complicated, but in reality the more simple your rules are for trading the easier it will be for you to follow them and more complicated doesn’t always mean more accurate this is extremely simple and I’m not exaggerating when I say this is one of the best ways I’ve found to accurately predict market moves this extremely simple concept of understanding trend and structure levels and guys, if you’d like more advanced training on structure levels trend along with the entry reasons and the entire trading plan that we use here at the trading channel, then you can learn more about that in the EAP training program which there’s a link for in the description, but otherwise let’s continue the video, so now that we’ve talked about what we’re using let’s go ahead and apply this to some other markets here we have the dollar Swiss right we’ve already talked about last week’s prediction on this pair there was a move up and we also talked last week about a prediction of this market coming in to zero point nine six seven and possibly finding resistance it’s exactly what we’re still expecting a counter trend moved from this level is 0.96 non seven to push the market down somewhere near where our most previously broken level of resistance, because we know that’s a high likelihood place for this market to get to and, then turn around in trend continuation, so that’s what we’re predicting next year for the dollar Swiss it’s going to move on to another pair now next up we’ll be looking at the euro dollar, so since the beginning of the year the euro dollar has been doing the same thing it’s just been consolidating and what we’ve been capturing here at the trading channel is moves off of resistance and support just last week we had a prediction that this market which find support from the one point two to three nine level and that’s exactly what happened here on this pair now what are we looking for going forward we’ve created a new sort of resistance level right in here around the one point two four five Oh the market gets up to that level I’ll be looking for that as possible resistance for a counter trading opportunity, if we get above that around one point two five even will be the next level to look for a possible trade here on this pair for us here at the trading channel now this market pushes down we’ll be looking yet again at this support level to either provide us with support and give us a possible trading opportunity or to break, so that we can start looking for trained continuation trades on the way down and that’s our predictions here for the euro dollar next up we’ll take a look at the dollar yen, so here on the dollar yen we had another accurate prediction from last week this accurate prediction came from a previous structure level and, if you’ll take a look what was this previous structure level well last week this was the most previous level of resistance that was broken it also combined with other levels of structure that we saw looking left in the past once the market pulled back down into that level and since, then we’ve had a nice rally up of a little over 100 pips we expected this market to get somewhere around this previous level of resistance and I’m actually a play a clip showing you guys this from last week’s video and I’ll be right back after that clip to give you guys the predictions we have going forward here on the dollar yen it’s next week, so we have another major level of structure that is formed the reason is, because we have one to three times the market has used this level as support and resistance now this market broke into new highs hold back directly to that level we’re currently just hovering around this level at one of six point eight two, but we will be looking on lower timeframes for possible entry reasons for that trading plan to come together on this dollar yen pair and give us a push up, because we are expecting this push up to come in to the 108 area right here at this previous major resistance combining that with these previous major support levels, so that’s alright traders, so this market was hovering somewhere around the 106.8 level last week and as you can see we had a pretty nice rally out of this market we ended up pushing up directly into this previous level of structural resistance that we were talking about becoming possible support, so another instance where predicting market moves in this very simple way has paid off pretty well and let’s go ahead and talk about what we’re expecting in the future here out of this pair well since we have created this double top situation here on the dollar yen we’re not really looking for a trade at the moment what we’ll wait on is to see, if this market get back down into the 106.8 level once more give us a possible long trade or, if we see this market ahead higher we’re looking at the same level as a possible counter trend move to the downside here on this pair and those are the two predictions we’re looking at here on the dollar yen we’ll go ahead move on to our next pair now which will be the pound dollar on the pound dollar last week we had a prediction that this market would come into our level around one point four to five between that and this wig right up here that you can see looking left and give us some type of entry reason to push the market lower we got into that zone that’s what we’ve had, so far here out of the pound dollar, but what are we expecting next out of this pair well since this market has just come up high into this resistance looking left and we’ve broken above the most previous level of resistance we’re actually waiting to see, if we can get some kind of loan opportunity for trend continuation up into 1.4 409 a really good place to look for that opportunities, if this market pulls back into one point 409 – that’s a level that’s acted as support and resistance multiple times in the past as you can see little spouts of support and resistance in through here, so again a great place to look for trinken you Asian for us here at the trading channel is going to be around 1.4 o 9 – out of this power dollar pair and the final pay we’re going to take a look at and predict the market moves for you using this very simple, but accurate technique is the Aussie dollar here on the Aussie dollar we predicted a possible shorting situation coming out of this zone right in here the markets still hovering around in this zone, so our expectations are still the same we’re looking for possible reasons to go short out of this pair from the zero point seven 805 level now, if the market starts to push down from this level a good place to look for some possible long opportunities is zero point seven seven one five and, if we get a break above this level will look for possible shorting situation around zero point seven eight eight one and that traders is our predictions on the top five major pairs along with a really valuable tool that you can hopefully add into your trading, if you’re interested in doing, so and for those of you who are still struggling to become profitable I personally know how that feels I spent a lot of time studying strategies and techniques that ended up not working at all in the markets and I know how frustrating it can be to consistently lose money in these markets, but thankfully I was able to find techniques and strategies that worked for me when it comes to being more accurate and ultimately being more profitable as a trader and at this point my trading career I really enjoy sharing that knowledge and information with newer traders that are struggling again, because I know exactly how that feels, so, if you’re interested in taking the next step in your trading journey, if you’re interested in investing in your trading education, if you want to actually start taking this trading thing very very seriously, then I’ve left a link in the description for the EAP training program feel free to check that out for some more advanced trading you can see on your screen now what I was included in that program and, if you stay past the outro you’ll see testimonials and traders who have already been through that program and you can read about their opinions of how helpful that program was in their trading career with that said, if you got value out of today’s video make sure you go ahead and click that like button for me make sure you’re subscribed, if you’re new I wish you all the best of luck in your future traits I hope you trade green and I’ll talk to you the next video.

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