The 4 Best Investment Ideas You Can Make (for 2018)

it’s that time you finally have some money to invest, but you have no idea where to put it look at all this money I got I’m rich I’m rich look at all this money there are, so many different options out there that people lately try to do research on their own, but they just don’t know where to go it’s called paralysis by analysis I don’t know what to do there’s, so many options and the last thing that you want to do is nothing I’m good I’m just going to invest some other time I’ll just invest tomorrow on it later leave me alone today, I’m going to highlight the four best investments that you can make the fourth one is probably going to surprise you and I’m also going to share my thoughts on investing into a cryptocurrency, so let’s find out what these best investments are [Music] what’s going on everybody Jeff rose back from and today we’re talking about investing, so you probably want me to show you the money show me the border all right for those don’t know this about me I’ve been a fighter planner for over 15 years as a finance major in college, so investing has kind of been my thing especially financial planning investing for the future, so what are the best investments that you can make for yourself now I’ve mentioned at the beginning this video there are four that I want to highlight today, so without further ado let’s get started the first investment that you can make the best one for you is the stock market hmm shocker and I know what you’re thinking that’s that’s your best investment Jeff like I’m watching this video you’re going to tell me that best in the stock market doesn’t everybody say that yes that’s true everybody says to invest in the stock market I know that it’s the most basic investment advice that you can get, but the sad thing is that people don’t invest in the stock market they still don’t I don’t get it now I love you am I saying Jeff look at the stock market right now you know we are at market highs is it really the best time to get in and I get it I would be terrified too, if I was investing into something that was at the top, because they always say you want to buy low and sell high, so is it really smart to invest right now, so let me say this, if I had a million dollars to invest is this a million am i close am i close to be in the million it’s it’s going to grow I would not put it all into the stock market right now and even, if the stock market was at all-time low I still wouldn’t put all my money into the stock market all at one time a strategy that I would implement would be called dollar cost averaging, so what exactly is dollar cost averaging all it is is a simple concept that says instead of putting all our money in at one time we’re going to trickle our money in or the course of a time that we’re comfortable with, so that could be six months it could be twelve months it could be eighteen months it could be five years depending on how much money you really have, so for example, if you had a million dollars, if you might give me a min I’ll take it, so, if you had a million dollars and you wanted a dollar cost average that in you might only put a thousand dollars in the first month the remaining 900,000 would stay in cash for saving somewhere safe at your bank and, then the second month you might put another hundred thousand the third month another hundred thousand now a million dollars that’s kind of a hard number to relate to on a smaller scale let’s say you only have a thousand dollars to invest well maybe you only put in fifty or a hundred dollars at first month and you trickle the rest or the next year or two years or, so dollar cost averaging is also very common, if you have like a 401k or an IRA where you’re only putting in your monthly amount each month, so that’s dollar cost averaging, so as long as I’m implementing a dollar cost averaging strategy, then I would be more than comfortable to invest in the stock market, so that’s why I’m saying right now it’s still a good time to invest, so now we know that we want to invest in the stock market how are we going to do it like what are the best tools or vehicles that we can use well there are, so many different options typically I will tell people to start with mutual funds or ETFs to get started now with mutual funds there are actively managed funds and, then there aren’t index funds now everything that you read on the internet says to invest into index funds and I know why they say that, because there isn’t a lot of great research there are not a lot of great tools that will help you find really good actually managed funds and there are a lot of stats that support that 90% of index funds beat the active managed funds, but my argument that is always as always what about the other 10% the other 10% of actively managed funds that are crushing index funds, so as a financial advisor you know we have access to tools that we pay for to use for our clients that we can weed out all the crappy actively managed funds and find the good ones, so that is just one unfair advantage that us find some advisors have that we have access to these tools, so to invest into index funds I get it it’s easy you have to think about it you can buy any index fund and for the most part you’re going to be okay low cost low fees and you’re still getting market participation, so I say all that just to say this start with index funds get your feet wet just, so that you get used to the stock market you get comfortable with it and how it works now you can get the exact same type of invest using ETFs or exchange-traded funds, so all ETFs are are just like index funds where they’re going to track different indexes from all across the different markets all the different sectors and like index funds they’re super cheap, so you can get into the market without paying tons of fees, so now you’re excited you want to invest in the stock market you want to buy mutual fund index funds ETS whatever is your flavor investing the market where do you go there are, so many different options, so don’t freak out I’m freaking out Jeff I’m freaking out the one place that I always recommend for those that want to invest, but when they start thinking of where to put their money they just start getting a headache and just panicking is betterment, so why betterment, so with betterment they are investing in two exchange-traded funds, so ETF low-cost investments betterment does not charge a high B to managing these ETS for you and the best part for you is that they pick the ETS for you, so they’re picking the investments for you at a very low cost, so what does that mean that means that you can invest your hard-earned money and you can just kind of sit back and enjoy the return and let them do the hard work oh yeah hey penny my money you do that betterment you go, I’m going to sit back and just enjoy these returns, so the only thing you have to do with betterment is add money to the account and, then choose your investment strategy or where’s your financial goal are you investing for retirement are you investing for a down payment on a home are you investing for the short-term whatever that is they’ll, then determine the best way to invest your money, so it’s easy-peasy for you now, if you want to have more control on your investments online brokers like Ally Financial TD Ameritrade etrade these are the types of online brokers where, if you want to pick individual stocks mutual funds ETFs you do the picking, so they’re not going to pick for you now they have an awesome customer service where you can call their toll-free number and each of them will help you, but ultimately it’s still up to you to choose what you’re going to put your money into all right one quick word one thing I did not mention is buying individual stocks, so why wouldn’t I reckon individual stocks to invest into now I’m not saying that by individual stocks is bad just that, if you’re at the beginning stages of investing trying to pick the best dock for you at the right time let’s just say it might not work out couldn’t work out it sure could and yes, if you want to go and do additional training and research to find good individual stocks for you then, so be it, but in my experience those that have never really invested before or have just started investing anytime that they try to buy individual stock they usually just don’t pick a good one and they lose their butt or it’s the fact that maybe they found a good company, but it’s just the timing of buying that stock might not be the best, so that’s why I like mutual funds in ETS, because they are picking those stocks for you inside those funds reach yes, so you don’t have to think about it I don’t have to think about it my mind is free I’m free I don’t have to think about it alright the second best place to invest your money and this is one that I’ve been big on for quite some time is peer to peer lending, so why am i, so big on peer to peer lending, because when you look at the returns they’re okay they don’t knock it out of the park, if you look on a lot of the sites they’ll say that peer-to-peer lending you’re making anywhere about 6% interest could you make more in the stock market could you make more in Bitcoin yeah obviously, but I still like it as a nice alternative to vesting in the stock market, so what is the concept of peer-to-peer lending, so let’s say for example that you need to take out a loan whether that’s to refinance some credit cards maybe is to start a small business whatever that is, so instead of going to a brick and mortar Bank you would go online to a peer-to-peer lender like lending club or prosper and you fill out the application just like you would any other financial institution and then, if you get approved instead of getting money from the institution you’re getting money from other people your peers get it peer to peer lending, so as an investor I’m investing my money not into the company I’m investing my money into you potentially that is taking out the loan, but I’m not going to give you the entire loan let’s say you need $10,000 I may only give you 25 50 $100 of that $10,000 loan other peers are going to lend you the rest that money and that is peer-to-peer lending that’s how it works Oh mind blown, so tell you what I’m not really big on loaning other people money but, if I’m loaning individuals that just a small amount like micro loans I’m much better at ease with that, so the other reason I like it and I mentioned this earlier it’s the stock market it’s at an all-time high do I really want to put all my money in the stock market when it’s near the top plus interest rates are stupid low, so you can’t get really good returns and bonds right now, so where else do you go to get a somewhat safe for alternative investments of the stock market and bonds peer-to-peer lending now there are a lot of options, I’m going to come to peer-to-peer lenders that you can invest your money into the ones that I stick to right now are Lending Club and prosper now Lending Club is definitely the giant of all of them and that’s where most of my peer-to-peer lending money is, so you can get started with Lending Club I think they there are a thousand dollars to get started, so just take a little bit money to open your first account, but that’s it and once you get your money in there they help you make it really easy to find out how you’re going to invest all the different loans that you can buy alright the third best way that you can invest your money is into real estate now I wish I could say here and tell you that I’m a real estate guru and that I have crushed it buying houses flipping houses and buying houses on wholesale, but no I haven’t actually tried real estate about seven years ago and almost lost my, but ya wrote a blog post on read it check it out, but just, because it didn’t work for me doesn’t mean it can’t work for you and I know, so many people that are crushing it at real estate whether that is buying houses on wholesale or flipping houses or buying houses to rent there are, so many different options into investing into physical properties with real estate, so, if that’s still an angle or an option that you want to consider I would just say be cautious and also, if you can find somebody to mentor you, so that you don’t lose your butt on that first deal, because you know what, if you lose everything that you got in your first real estate deal that’s just not a good experience, so don’t do that but, if you don’t have somebody to mentor you or you just want to take it slowly there are other options to invest in the real estate without buying physical property now one option that you can consider our real estate notes, so tip these are through private lenders and you kind of have to know somebody that knows somebody to get into these and I got started to real estate notes, because a really good friend of mine was just crushing it in real estate, so he was buying and flipping physical properties he was buying houses on wholesale he was buying houses to rent, so in addition to that to diversify his portfolio he decided to do real estate notes, so that he would buy a pool of real estate properties and, then investors like myself would invest money into this pool with other real estate investors and I would hand over the money he would manage the properties and, then he would pay me a dividend or interest off that money, so for me it was an attractive way to invest money without having to be a landlord without having to actually manage the physical property and still make a good return now the only downside to these is that obviously there’s a lot of risk involved right I got to make sure I trust this guy that I know what he’s doing, but the second thing is you’re going to have to actually have a little bit of money to get started, so that could be ten thousand twenty thousand fifty on up to a hundred thousand dollars and for many that’s not an option, so, if that doesn’t work for you what other ways can you invest into real estate now earlier we talked about mutual funds and ETFs there are mutual funds and ETFs that you can buy that will invest into real estate and whether that be US properties it could be international properties, so there are tons of mutual funds ETFs and allow you to invest into real estate now another option that is newer that I’m really excited about is a company called fund rise, so what is fund rise, so fund rights recognize that there are a lot of people like you and I that want to invest into physical properties we just don’t have the money we just don’t have the know-how we don’t have the access that a lot of these big investors have, so kind of like the real estate note concept that I explained to you fund rise goes out and finds these properties typically they’re looking at commercial properties and they’re buying these properties and they allow investors like myself or you to invest a smaller amount of money to get access to these commercial properties and they’ll manage these properties for you now like Linde Club that’s going to take a little bit to get started it’s about a thousand dollars to open an account with a company like thunder eyes, so you have a company that is buying these properties for you they’re men these properties for you and all you have to do is sit back and collect the check not a bad deal and that check is pretty good, because, if you check out fund arises website they say that they’re investors over the last five years have averaged between eight point seven six percent on up to twelve point four two percent not too shabby now there are some risks when it come to investing with the company like thunder eyes the first one is that it’s a new company yeah they’ve been around for maybe five years, but still doesn’t mean that they’ll be here tomorrow, so take that into consideration the other thing is that you are putting a lot of trust into them into picking those properties for you now the cool thing is that on their website they are fully transparent in the properties that they own, so you can see them on Google Maps and see everything about them, but just, because you can see them doesn’t mean that you know or I know that, if it’s a good property, so you’re putting a lot of trust into their know-how their knowledge their experience and making sure that they’re buying the right property for you either way it’s just a cool thing, because technology has allowed investors to get access to commercial properties that typically we wouldn’t have to, so fundrise is one company and I’m sure there are others out there or there will be others, but that’s the one that I would have you look at right now all right we’re finally to number four and I told you to be in this video that you might be surprised what number four is surprise the best investment that you can make is in yourself that’s right you you know it’s fun investing into stocks and mutual funds and Lending Club and real estate and seeing those gains, but the reality is that, if you don’t invest into yourself, then you’re really not going to grow doesn’t matter how much you make on paper plus investing into yourself you gain, so much knowledge and experience it allows you to really capitalize and all the investments that I just outlined before this, so one of the best ways that you can invest in yourself it is the cheapest way is by reading books you see all these books yeah I read all all them I read all of them it’s been stated that CEOs of major corporations read on average 60 books a year 60 books a year these guys and gals are managing multi-million five billion dollar businesses and they can still read sixty books a year imagine how busy they are now ask yourself how busy you are how many books do you read per year per month per week, if you dedicate to reading just one book a month twelve books a year you would be amazed on how much knowledge how much experience that you would gain from reading those books and no books like this don’t count from someone that runs multiple businesses has four children I still find time to read books whether that be your heart physical books or listening to audiobooks either way you have to read books another investment you can make into yourself is in courses or investing into material that you can learn from other people there are amazing sites like it udemy Skillshare or you can buy courses from mentors or entrepreneurs that have their material that they packaged whatever topic or subject that you want to learn more on whether that’s an investing $15 or thousands of dollars buying these courses will advance your knowledge your career your know-how, so much more than other people that are not willing to take up that investment just to show you that I put my money where my mouth is I wanted to learn how to do YouTube again I’ve been doing YouTube for quite some time, but it been a while and I know that YouTube had changed through algorithms and how videos get shared and viewed, so I want to make sure that I knew exactly what to do before I real aunch the channel, so what did I do I bought a course and paid $3,500 yes $3,500 to learn how to do YouTube again for many that might be crazy, but I will tell you that I have made back that investment actually make back in the first month of relaunching this channel, so yes investing into courses and investing into someone else’s experience can propel you to the next level at a much faster pace all right the third way that you can invest into yourself is through personal coaching now I’ve done a few different ways I went to a business coach or an entrepreneur coach for five years and dropped a lot of money and I want to tell you that was hard for me to justify at the time I think it was between seven or eight thousand dollars per year for this coaching program and for I joined that coaching program I had never did anything and I liked it I thought it was weird like what are you hiring a coach for and why are you spending that amount of money, but this coaching program I can’t even tell you what it did for my career what it did for my business what it did for my personal life just understanding concepts and strategies that I wasn’t applying on a day-to-day basis, so I did that coaching program for five years five years and it has grown my business exponentially, so that is more of a group coaching program you can also hire a personal coach there are career coaches there are business coaches there are fitness coaches there are life coaches there are, so many different types of coaches that you can hire, so find out what type of coach you may need and whatever that money is you would be amazed at having somebody that’s there to hold you accountable and to give you guidance along the way it will blow your mind how much success that you have, if you find the right coach all right, so those are the four best investment that you can make in yourself for yourself and I did tell you that I would give you my thoughts on cryptocurrency Bitcoin and all that jazz now quick disclaimer I have not invested into cryptocurrency or Bitcoin at this time trust me I know I get it I see where it’s at and I don’t want to say how much it is, because at the time of this video you’ll probably change a thousand percent in either which direction, but let me tell you why I have not invested into any sort of Bitcoin or cryptocurrency the one reason the main reason why I have not invested into this type of investment is, because frankly I just don’t understand it I don’t know enough about it I don’t get it yet and for any investment that you make, if you don’t understand it, if you don’t get it, if you can’t explain what that investment is to somebody else that you have no business putting your money into it, so right now I have been, so focused on investing into my businesses investing into my family investing into this YouTube channel to where I just haven’t had a lot of time to do research on cryptocurrency and Bitcoin, so I did invest into it, so many of you thinking you’re an idiot you’ve lost, so much money have I have I really, because what I have invested into has made me money has made me a lot of money, so don’t get caught up in FOMO fear of missing out with this crypto craze I’ve seen this with the tech stocks back in the 2000 time frame you know when every dot-com company was going to the moon and back bubbles happen now is Bitcoin a bubble I’m not going to say here in speculate you know you guys can do that in the comments below what I’m telling you right now is that that, if you don’t understand it, if you don’t get it, then you have no business investing into it at least with a company like betterment where you’re investing into etf’s maybe you don’t get it, but at least in that they’re investing into fortune 500 companies that have a proven concept right now bitcoin is a lot of craze it’s a lot of speculation that’s driving the price up, so until I see some hard-earned data that shows that this is a stable investment and that it makes sense for long term, then maybe maybe I will invest into it and maybe I won’t to be determined we’ll find out, so here’s my question to you which of these investments are you going to make first are you doing the best in the stock market are you going to invest into Lending Club are you going to invest into real estate or are you going to vest into yourself with books courses or coaching which one of these are you going to make today let me know in the comments below I want to find out what you’re investing into and what investment questions you have and, if you haven’t done this yet which I don’t know why you haven’t, if you haven’t subscribe to this channel, because I’ve got more videos like this coming, because I want to educate you today you can just know what’s up you know what’s up with investing get your money in order get your money like on track, so subscribe like it comment I want to hear from you until next time this is jeff rose from probably lost 500 bucks doing this your money in my couch about money my couch yeah forgot this first that what I said mm-hmm my notes that crypto crypto crypto.

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