The bandwagon effect

hey guys in this article we’re going to talk about an area of persuasion that can produce dramatic results for you when used correctly today we’re going to talk about the bandwagon effect it’s a persuasion technique that we can use to sell more stuff. Now there are three types of core groups that you can use and you have to know all three to make this work for you. But we feel getting to all the nitty-gritty stuff and to help me illustrate how you can profit from this I’m going to tell you a quick story you see growing up when I was a kid I didn’t want to view myself as a normal kid who had lots of homework and boring chores to do I wanted to see myself as a musician I wanted to believe that I had at least taken the first steps on a path towards becoming a professional guitarist and rock band and instead of doing all that boring stuff that probably should have been doing instead every day I would literally spend hours playing the guitar practicing for years all the way through high school and right open till well bomber first son was born I would play the guitar for hours every day and even until my fingers got sore totally looked the part I grew my hair long or all the right t-shirts and eventually I found that I was only hanging around with other musicians my entire social circle was filled with people who made music and I completely limited myself I was in a group of subculture that valued creativity valued at and technical musical ability. Now the guitar of my dreams the one that I wanted more than any other guitar on the planet was a Gibson Les Paul it was insanely expensive totally out of my reach at the time. But why did I want it well I wanted it. Because all the guitar legends that I aspired to become like those heroes that I looked up to the guys that inspired me to and the hours a day developing and improving my musical ability well they all had they all played that same model of guitar they all played a Gibson Les Paul and I don’t think I even realized it at the time. But so consciously I thought that if I had the same guitar as my heroes then I could possibly become as good as those guys the fact that I was spending eight hours a day practicing didn’t matter to me although I loved every second of it and I did it purely for the enjoyment of plane I subconsciously believed that the only way I could progress to the level that I wanted to be at was to get the same type of guitar as those iconic legends eventually after some time and a lot of hard work I eventually got my hands on my very own Les Paul guitar and I felt like I could finally step on stage and perform with a live band having that one simple object impacted my self-image and gave me the confidence I needed I felt like I could belong to a group of musicians who took their out seriously and produced great music as a result and today I still have that guitar and it still means a lot to me. In fact, I’ve are you all my guitars they all mean a lot to me. But I have value that one immensely and. It really stands out so as you can see i want it to belong to an elite group. Now realistically i could probably never really belong to that group. But it. But that design made it logical for me to want to spend money. But i didn’t really have on a purchase that i couldn’t really afford and that’s the power of the bandwagon effect and what we all do it with some people it might be something like a car or the area that you live in or even down to the brand of cigarettes you smoke we all buy into this group think this herd mentality to some degree and well you and I we can profit from basically there are a couple of different groups that we either associate with or we want to associate with and if enough people in those groups believe something then your prospect will assume that it must be true I’ll explain this for you in more detail. Now we of the human race we are a social species and we always have been if we look back through history we can see that our ancestors were social they formed belong two tribes clans they lived in groups in order to survive and they would hunt together they would eat together these communities provided safety and protection they assisted in the advancement of the human race by allowing time space for the development of primitive tools the birth of Technology so being part of group is hardwired into us it’s deep rooted at a psychological level own even today we still instinctively seek out and join groups. I mean there are hundreds of examples out there and all we really have to do is look at religions fraternities or sports the tribe mentality really is prevalent in our society so how can we you and I use this for profit well. Because the need to belong to a group is so strong we can easily use it to influence and persuade people to buy more stuff from us we can actually use it to make people feel accepted valued and important. Now when I went deep inside cult indoctrination methods the bandwagon effect was used to manipulate people into joining and then staying in cults soften used to prevent people from leaving cults. But you and I we can use it in much more ethical ways so when it comes to influence in consumer behavior there are three types of groups that we need to know about and they are aspirational groups associative groups and disassociative groups I’ll explain each of these in more detail. Now an aspirational group is a group that you don’t like to belong to and associative group is one that shares your morals ethics ideals or values and disassociative group is one that you do not want to belong to so. But this knowledge in mind you can use this to influence your prospects to buy more of your stuff by suggesting that they could belong to the right group of people and I’ll show you how to do that right. Now it doesn’t matter what you’re selling or really how you sell in it let’s assume that we’re going to use the aspirational group to influence your prospect. Now to do that we need to make sure that your prospect can easily identify with people in that group so for example let’s say that you’re in affiliate for. Now let’s say you’re selling guitars let’s go with gibson les paul get has it doesn’t really matter what you’re selling we can apply this to pretty much any niche that we like. So if you are selling Les Paul guitars then you wouldn’t want to show images of just anybody playing them you’d show images of legendary guitarists who play let’s pause like / jimmy page or eric clapton the key thing to remember here is the word aspirational the other group that we can use is the associative group. So you prospect feels like they belong we do this in a couple of ways the first to make sure that your sales copy reflects the same values as the associative group and then secondly by disassociating you stuff or whatever your site from other groups I think a couple of good examples of this can be seen in politics and in religion. Because people will often align themselves with ideals values and morals at one party or one religion or faith is promoting above others while demonizing the opposition a shared a common enemy often the harder you demonize your opposition The Closer your core group will align themselves to you also one more tip before we finish up for today another way that you can help your prospects to identify which group they will belong to you when they buy your stuff is through vocabulary the words you use you see each group of significant size and pretty much all niches have their own set of words and acronyms that are unique to that group so for example in the marketing world we use words and phrases that have a great deal of meaning to us. But have very little meaning to anybody else so things like SEO conversion rate click-through rate NLP so by using words like this you can immediately tell your prospect they have an easy way to belong to the group that they want to associate with also using testimonials and endorsements from prominent figures in your niche. But you don’t always have to use high profile people as long as the testimonials clearly reflect the ideals and values that your prospect expects to see so. Because this is such a massive area i’ll go into testimonial strategies in another article and also show you how you can approach and get endorsements from high-profile figures in your niches so think i will leave it there for today guys i hope you put this information to good use and i’ll see you again real soon thank you for watching.

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