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I’ll be back right Justice fun back in my office here yes or other guys, but a lot of people from time this accessorize the idea of a trading personality participation economic structure in my day trading strategy it’s really important for me to understand the underlying market anticipation for in today’s players versus the other line mark participation birds twittering okay just like how you hold position for maybe a five minute time interval and a five minute time frame or a 30 minute time frame there’s big money guys doing the exact same thing, if you understand the essence flow of that market money moving in the marketplace you will really be able to gauge and understand when to take crop and what an entrance in position, because you understand why and how the market players are reacting off to some of these internet key levels though very important to understand how different it is and how different swing trading strategy is from a day trading strategy, because they’re all through two completely different players okay, so what I’m going to do is we’ll head over into the chart and I’m going to break the book down for you guys mean to burgeon, because mean diversion was the basis of intraday trading strategy I don’t know, if you guys know this, but the forex market ranges intraday 80% of the time all right, so, if trying to do a trend trading strategy on a 30-minute time frame or a 5 minute time frame it’s going to hurt you going to hurt your business ok, so what you need to do is you can say okay well, if I know that there’s, so much property taking happening on intraday levels where the market literally is usually just ranges and sometimes randomly great structure to the high maybe comes back down rectus wraps on the minute from structural level we’ll go through the charts and I’ll talk about it you need to understand that hey well that’s the style of trading that I need to be executing in my platform ok, so what we’re going to do is we’re going to go through the chart I’m going to show you guys how I usually trade my mean – virgin trading strategy and you know how I exactly execute it I usually keep inside top trader Pro, but I’m going to give you guys the basics of it alright, so guys let’s pull over into the charts in actually we’ll do what I do instead of doing that I’m going to go to a chart board and, I want to really break down me into versions on a higher level, because I think that’s the most important part I can say mean divergence, but you guys may have never even heard that word before, so before we pull over into the charts let’s go to a whiteboard downstairs, so I’m going to drink my chili say guys I love this is all this is my office by the way I love coming up here I usually do a lot of book reading or you know just tell any time I’m writing things off or even pushing out some content that’s just kind of like voiceover work I’m usually going up here, so, if you’re ever in Atlanta area even come to the school office just let me know hit me up okay, but on other than that folks let’s go through whiteboard I’m going to show you guys exactly what means of versions days on the internet time frame and the we’re going to do is we’re going to go to the charts I’m a senior live examples to really help conceptualize okay Dan this ontology to the trading get your day alright, so God go over to the chart this majestic Trilok day talk together a bit are guys, so Leesburg we diversions is spontaneous increase or decrease in price action object only to revert back down to its usual me okay you can call that reversion or a tradesman hard, but we’re going to get into that a little bit later and a lot of people think be diversion assembly as, if volume build accessibility display retracement I’m not I’m not to stick with me, but I don’t you understand exactly what’s going on, so think of it like this via the marketplace of buying at a certain price okay here the floor let’s say I like you stock up and examples up another come from a Greek background, so I’m obviously going to help you guys conceptualizes a lot more than 4 X Prime you guys really just don’t understand forex market place and how it works, so let’s say Apple is trading at a hundred bucks okay and let’s say we have 50 million shares traded at that frighten point okay and let’s say some big institution like say JPMorgan or something like that decides to do something with their at low with their own eyes Apple access alright, so say they buy more are I say they buy more fitting double up and it gives Apple a new multiple fitted figures and they’re categorized together a completely different sectors and why different things that they can do to kind of value Apple a little bit differently and let’s say they go from only two million shares I’m not sure how much JP Morgan without okay let’s say they go from two million to four million shares god what you’ll see is you’ll be a quick spot all right, so let’s say Apple wizard 100 bucks a share and buy some – let’s just say somehow you pulled it up to a hundred and five dollars a share alright, so most of the marketplace value apples down here at this price point, but we have one guy that is interested in to the market okay a huge institution just like in forex one guy that enters the market and that value that will and a different price point up here at a dollar five okay, so what you guys are going to see is there’s a people to Quincy up here okay, so they’re calling quiddity pools and this is called a market inefficiency object, so let’s say the actual chart looks something like this let’s say we’re training the market shift and ranging down here in the globe and, then boom you get a pop you get a pop, so we know that there the liquidity pool in the market down here alright, but subsequently as you keep going a different price points market participants dried up all the way up into these levels up here okay, so let’s say there’s another what you pull up rating time of sellers same thing happens is for X all right, so, if their local is full of sellers up here in you level and there’s a market and efficiency here god what you’re going to have it you’re going to have a divers a reversion back to the meat back to the true training price okay now this is a very very actionable and understandable way of actually executing an SS, because it happened, so much you had enormous institutions that is throw in hundreds and hundreds of millions of dollars of assets into certain um in a certain currencies are in a certain countries that are capsules are certain times currency and you just see a huge spot, so this is why 4x is literally five times more volatile than other markets, because you have just be a forty one banks with an immense amount of buying power and you obviously have a central banks, but they again a little bit less involved, but you have these portable Vegas was immense enough to buy power that can just make a decision and when you guys make a decision it’s usually a big one and you’ll see a run the market okay, so I’m going to raise this here and we’ll apply it’s an FX, but I wanted to help you conceptualize it by using athletes, because I think you can I help okay, so again let’s say we’re in the euro and the urinals at a dollar spot okay let’s do the more pushes up and we show you how to modify, if you got the dollar five a couple days ago okay, so move mikuni cool in this area now remember an efficient market is the next we’re going to give you an efficient market is a market that has buying and selling happening on a very frequent basis okay think of the most illiquid market okay all right let’s trade the turns up the Turkish with lira and the Mexican peso right that currency pair would be horribly illiquid and horribly inefficient why would be horribly inefficient, because you have, so little mark resistors actually training one guy to get in another guy get in and look like this okay you probably have really spontaneous price action with no true steady marketers dissipation at certain levels, because they don’t really have a value for it at certain price point, so they’re just getting it at any price point, but we have a market it’s liquid SM Cheryl USD which literally takes up eighty percent of most of the trading volume in that bag God you have, so many players that have, so much information it’s, so much data on these specific currency pairs what’s happening there valleys they’re valuing the market has much smaller increments okay, so literally they’ll say a dollar five and 50 pips okay don’t talk to talk about doing decisions at that price point okay we’ll talk about those decisions and you know maybe $1 basis and 25 pips alright, so you know again it’s still not precise, so to speak, but you know they have large gaps of trading activities and in between those two positions there you will coin these marks as inefficient, so what you can see is let’s say you have a market at a dollar and sixteen to twenty five six let’s we redraw it down here let’s say this is 105 50 okay and let’s say this is 106 25 all right now let’s say there’s a lot of buying activity up into this price point okay even still you may have some spice in the outside maybe some again some just head market players coming in obviously you have an inefficient market, so you have sellers come back in and value the market back at its original mean and, then out of nowhere guy you have will make amazing runs of the market where the market pushes really really far okay Lou this is what 75 points all things are some structural up that happened today now I’ve seen some examples of how that happened today on the LG dollar euro dollar you’ll see how the markets and efficiencies run the mark is a different acquitting bulls in the marketplace okay boom market comes up into a 100 50 25 levels and, then potentially starts to consolidate as those levels now the interesting part is the markets lacking the data and a lot of the market participants that are trading in these levels and are used to the market being down here at E level are going to deem that market up that price is expenses, and, if people are heated as prices expenses you may have a change of system in terms of selling a pair or two this might have a like a body, so these are going to have like a bar graph change them either way you’re going to have a reversion back a deviation version whatever back down infrastructure now a lot of people will coin that just as a simple retreats mix and I’m really pointing at, so much after the truth it is a retracement it absolutely is, but you have to understand that not every retracement is the same and you can really gauge well how much the markets or trades based on them most to the back let’s throw volatility into the picture okay let’s say the market run seventy five six in a span of 30 minutes okay 30 minutes 45 minutes god weakness and happen the 30s that happens let’s change this up and say that that happened on the almond dollar okay let’s say they’re happy no me Olga dollar okay the markets at seventy seven fifty all right, if that happened $11 guys the average true the average true of the APR the average trading range of the Audion dollar is very small alright it’s a pair that is really really slow will be comfortable to the GDP or the euro USD new people appear you know really risk I’m getting rip you know 155th and you can’t save yourself okay yeah I’m Adam, but, if you get all the Beatrice boom look it only pushes 80 pick, because it that’s way outside of the meat of what we all do usually does okay, so there is your regular buying activity happening you have to assume that there’s probably market and efficiencies okay you understand is there market of this region and the volatility of that move happening happen quickly, then you can really engage that deal look that has another short time frame okay market players that are trading in a smaller time frame are taking profit intraday as well just like how you take profit in today there are large institutions that do the same thing, and, if you can gauge is be inside yourself wow these are some large institutions institutional move happening like in today timeframe you need to start understanding gauging okay well how much profit taking is going to happen and quantifying how fat how big the movement is and how long the moon cook will give you a great great edge in understanding how far you can take these deviations back down in today’s other olinger traits literally 100 percent 100 percent it came too low I’ll show you guys in charge and pop all the way back up out of thousand seventy seven level okay since to me, so God begin understanding volatility is one of the factors and underpinning time 12 all the filling is going to give you guys an edge and say okay the non-autonomous hopes that is move to happen and that’s how large the move was is very regular I need to start really coming to a conclusion and a base is gone how much you retrieve it as an asset and whatever traces on happen maybe you’re looking at your higher time frames your four hours or daily and you’re kind of saying to yourself okay cool market structure was hit on entire time frame its deviated way outside of this means this is an amazing trading opportunity okay there’s a less likelihood of this market of this level breaking here, because the market is far outside of normal deviation and there’s an innocent Celer potentially waiting here in this liquidity pool to push this market back now we have two advantages to that specific trade in that moment right there okay, so I’m going to go to the chart I’m going to show you guys exactly what I mean he doesn’t need to learn a little bit more about this I have a completely in socket operator problem over this you know very intensely, because this is how we’re trading into your day every day every day going to live room is free going to heart room you’ll see that we’re using structural break and different fundamentals and we’re using a symbol not retracement level to kind of gain how far the market can come down into all right, so it’s really important to learn more about it inside a top-tier pro of course okay, but I’m going to show you guys an example some today some really help you gauge exactly how these setups are actually happening and not you not kind of exceed my shading writing okay, so we’ll go over to the charts and we’ll follow up after the fact to the questions and stuff like that okay let’s go to the chart all right guys, so just to revisit some of our talking points there are a couple of things that you have to understand to win in an intraday trading strategy first thing first you have to be able to understand how the market is positioned at the moment okay remember, if you’re overlying sentiment all right, if the big picture sentiment it to the sell side, then remember folks statistically you have a better advantage selling the market off, so you want to always build a directional bias for the week now, if your directional bias consists upon a reversal in the market place well, then guess what yeah maybe the market has been selling, but, if you’re polluting to seeing by coming in, then what do you want to see folks you can start taking potential buy orders all right now, if you ever, if your arrange about market your job is to be able to pick tops and bottoms and understand more than anything when volatility assume that come into the market okay, so here that’s the that’s the major talking point the most pertinent aspect of intraday trading strategies volatility either you’re waiting on volatility to come in based off of certain maybe fundamental data or maybe how the market is constructed at the moment or you see volatility and you’re going to take advantage of it by maybe going with it or going against it after you feel as, if it’s meta hi all right other than that you’re we waiting around and consolidation is not the business okay you want to avoid scenarios like that completely okay, so right here we have the audio SD and folks this is about a good two weeks two and a half weeks of price action okay, if you have any kind of trend trading methodology in this ordeal okay you will not scale that well and even, if I push over into the euro/us see we do see a sell-off on the euro/usd right ever since coming up to that oh wait level, but, if i zoom in on the price action you’d have gotten whipped around viciously in this move okay, so honestly folks you really have to understand the maximization of capital in these intraday levels and when the market is perceived to has met its limits okay when it feels as, if it’s minutes limits, if that is that the extension of what those market players can do that day and they are soon to exit the market or again you may have market participants coming in assuming they’ve met value maybe to the five side okay or maybe two you know the sell side assuming they’ve met value and they want to continue on today all right, but, if you’re trying to just throwing an order into the market with no real idea as to, if the market can continue its in its directional move for the in for that intraday move, then you’re going to hurt you’re going to really hurt yourself and you’re going to find yourself losing a lot of your trades okay, so let’s just focus on the Aussie remember underlying market underlying market sentiment to the sell side will aid you in a selling bias all right but, I want to go to a market that is a very very trend down at the moment which is it’s all the dollar which we have been playing very well in our live room there been a lot of guys being able to pick the tops and bottoms of this all the buy again understanding volatility, so, if i zoom on in what you guys will notice is you guys there’s two things you have to understand okay you have to understand liquidity pools okay again you want understand volatility, but you want to understand also apex okay the point at which a certain move has kind of met its high alright and you can define that by understanding when previous moves have met their high okay, so even inside this 30-minute time frame you have, so many more areas of liquidity, but we want a more or less focus on the higher time frame here the higher intraday time frame which is the 30, because, if you guys start playing in the 5 minute in the 1 minute you’re going to be chopped around, so much you’re not going to even know what the hell’s going on ok and volatility happens on those time frames, so it regularly it can be a false pattern okay it’s called a false positive you could assume that this volatility that’s come into the market in Dow now you could you know maybe revert it back down into its me, but it may just be again a quick price move that can continue for who knows how long okay. we happening, because you want to start functioning and structuring your business around when you perceive volatility is going to come into the market now everyone really kind of knows or at least you should that euro open or US open are really the best times that you should be executing, because that’s when most of the market participation is actually happening alright, so let’s just assume this is where we start off here at this low what do we get immediately the market is sitting down here it is a very efficient market ok the market is finding sellers finding buyers and, then boom we pop out of this high here ok we pop out of this high we pop out of this low and we push all the way up into this hot now there’s a problem in this scenario ok you see a inefficient market there aren’t any sellers coming in to actually bidding this thing back down the infrastructure ok and, so again that’s the problem for the marketplace the market wants to always be at a level where it feels is this it is met its value, so it will always it will always revert back down to the mean eventually now remember guys we’re focusing on these intraday positions and of course the market may again have the underlying sentiment to continue in a certain direction that’s not what I’m talking about I’m talking about how, if an intraday Bank enters the market ok with 10 billion dollars ok in a certain position guess what folks it’s an intraday market player, so guess how much money is to probably exit out of the move all right close to 10 billion dollars now it may take an extra day or two for it to happen, but you guys will notice an immense amount of volatility comes in and, then what do you get a slow ease out of that market structure ok same thing here immense amount of volatility comes in we have some immediate price taking happening loves the net you see a slow methodical move outside of the outside of the high back down to the low ok, so what’s happening in this scenario is you’re just having these intraday players you know again having some kind of idea based off of potential fundamentals ok maybe they just want to get exposed maybe they have some clientele that wants to get exposed some big some larger institutions that have an ideal of you know maybe buying this all the dollar up and they just are trying to break out of these levels here, but guess what folks when these buys have when these bodies execute in I don’t want you to assume that there’s just buying happening at all these different levels what you can imagine is you can imagine a large order entering into the market and as that order is being filled okay the value of the market is increasing okay over the course of you know over the course of time over the course of these 30-minute time intervals all right, so in this instance here you have a huge order into the market okay, so let’s say out of the ten billion dollars you have 50 million dollars get filled boom you have an increase in price okay you have more all the dollar being bought up okay, so that’s heightening the demand and as that order is getting filled into the market again you have this continuing and happening and there’s just more buy orders coming in as these orders getting filled, then fill orders coming in, but once that orders filled okay it’s done it’s its cycle is over alright and, so what you start to see happen is you start to see the market try to come back into some kind of equilibrium and you see a over weighing of the buy side you see two men you see too many buyers long in a particular move, so, then what you see is you see a change in sentiment either those buyers are now ready to extract profits and exit out of this marketplace, because again maybe they didn’t achieve a certain price point they just thought the market could come up in – maybe they did achieve a certain price point the market the UH the market got up in – you don’t really know you don’t really need to focus on that I do just have to understand that when you have a huge vault I move them coming to the market you will see the market start to fold on over and start to come back and try to hit hedge back towards the equilibrium alright, so immediately see some still orders come in market comes up now you have to understand what higher lows and lower highs are and I’m you know the contrary to that as well okay higher highs and lower highs alright, so market comes up into here it’s a high okay you see the market come down a lower high and, then BOOM you see I mean a higher low and, then you see a lower low here you see a higher low here okay, so what’s happening in these scenarios there aren’t any buyers able to hold these levels up okay there’s the overwhelming amount of sellers coming in and every time the market somehow meets the high you see a lot of sellers come in, but when the market comes down to a low there aren’t any buyers in these areas okay this entire week leg to the upside does not have as many market participants to the buy side, so what do you see the market slowly just easing on down and, then where does it start to find its value back down here at equilibrium back down here at structure okay, so lack of buyers and use markets here, but look at all the structure here that gives sellers more confidence more and more confidence to keep this market coming down quick up move boom low gets broken you see more seller confidence coming in alright, so we don’t start to see larger trace mminton till win look at where the market said the market has finally met some structure to where you may have some more convicted buyers or some more you know you want to say convicted, but you have some buyers coming in there with some strong opinions to buy this market back up okay, but again overwhelmingly where do you see the sellers come in more structural areas and, then boom we see the market fold over all right and guys you’ll see this happen time and time again all right you see the market rally out even within this small swing here okay the market wasn’t able to help that hold the level here, so what did find value for buyers to feel as, if they are able to come in on the market at a lower price boom down here at this level, so market tried to rally out it tried to rally out to try to push back up into these high, but these buyers they got this market up as it is high they would have loved that, but guess what there weren’t there wasn’t enough buying activity and there weren’t enough buyers on that on that side for it to happen okay, so again you see a rollover, but you see a weakening yourself okay Wendy start when, if you start to see the weakening of selling occur right over here okay, so you see a shift in market conditions larger trace mints are coming in okay we see one more you know fairly large finale to the sell side and you see a lot of them exit out down there at their potential profit taking levels okay, so you see a large amount of sellers exit out the market and, then go okay, but not enough buyers in that cell not enough buyers down here at structure for it to sing to buy up, so potentially a fundamental catalyst okay gave them an ideal to want to push this market back to the back to the upside, so, then what you see market folds on up come back up into this level here this is called the apex of a sort of a move and, then what do you get market rolls back over again, so again guys we see volatility come in volatility is your best friend, but you have to use volatility in market structure that aligns well all right and it’s not hard to find, but it is a practice to be able to identify market structure that will give you reliable results in terms of where to take this market in into okay remember a noisy market is bad for everybody you don’t know where to take profit you don’t know exactly where to enter in a certain move, so that’s why you don’t want to play a market noise you want to play in a very efficient market and, then when the market does become inefficient adjust you see random spurts of volatility okay that’s where you execute hopefully we’ll see some examples of what I’m talking about all right, so market comes back up into the ties sellers do what they were able to break the low now notice these sellers weren’t able to break the low here okay they weren’t able to break the low here, but when were they able to break the low notice they were able to break the low once they came and had the larger retracement the larger retracement gave them the ability and I’m talking about the retreat sment of this swing here okay the larger retracement back up into structure here gave them the ability to get in alright more sellers to get in at a better price point okay and, so what happens we have more sellers getting in okay market comes down and, then it’s now able to break the lower structure here, because remember we look at all the weak by buyers weren’t able to do anything with this move at this point in time okay buyers came in fires rip the market fundamentally tried to get in on some potential up move okay other than that folks what do you have you have the market roll on over all right, so again we know this Aldi market was very range bound as we continue along, but it’s just really good to kind of come in on the market and actually like see the details of these intraday of these inter day moves okay, so as we move on over what do you guys expect before we see anything else do you guys expect knowing how the market is range around at the moment you should you expect the market sees value down here and it’s going to continue selling okay is that your ideal or do you think that the immense amount of volatility that came in on the sell side is cause what remember you’re going to have all these short-term market participants long that’s one fact there okay now what happens when all that when everyone short no one is able to keep going short okay and outside of that what happens whenever when the guys that are short feel as, if they’ve met value when they maximize profits you’re going to have again another point people actually extracting profits okay they’re going to be getting out of the market outside of that what happens, if you’re going to find buyers that feel as, if they’ve hit some type of area of liquidity that the market is being cheap where you’re going to have you’re going to have an up move okay, so is that going to happen here who knows who knows let’s just take a look and, then you see the market start to hold these levels and now we’re actually starting to see some some kind of efficiency happening you see buying and selling happening and it’s very tight remember what I mentioned before, if the market is doing this on the whiteboard, if the market is doing this here folks this is in a very efficient market you only have a couple of people in this thing that are able to buy the market at certain price points okay, but now notice what we have we have some actual participation happening on that on this intraday time frame in a tighter in a tighter area in a closer uh which you can call a tighter spread here okay from this level here to this level here now we’re trying to now we’re finally finding scenarios that where we can say hey look has the market found value at this level okay and is there still an overwhelming amount of buyers that are ready to get in, because they feel as, if they can actually take profit up into certain structural areas are there still too many sellers in this move to continue breaking this low now how do we conclude that there are too many sellers in that buyers field as, if they’ve met value and that they actually want to exit in this level here well guys you’re the way of finding figuring that out is seeing this level broken, if this level gets broken, then there’s a probable chance that this level will continue to the next and that’s trading right you want to take the market from level to level, but even more than that you want to take the market from level to level in a predictable manner okay, so this is one of my favorite trades here 23.6 break okay we won’t go too much into that, because I like to save that for the pro course, but at the end of the day that gives me a high conviction or conclusion that I think the markets going to continue to hire retracements alright, so as you see what do you get market comes up spikes below remember it has to it need it to look for a little bit more sellers, but the awesome thing is we didn’t get faked out too much on the market pushed all the way back up into where liquidity notice how where’s this thing at it’s right here at the same zone there okay now how interesting is that is that okay now, if you ask yourself that question again do you see how it’s a little bit harder to you know kind of figure out it well is that now is the market at another price now what do you do okay do you start to fill it off has it retraced enough to continue breaking the low okay or is there still too many sellers in this move all right maybe buyers haven’t found value here, but are there’s still too many sellers in this move for this market to push back up to the upside now here’s the thing folks, if you’re going to trend bow, if you’re in a trending market it could be very easy to conceptualize how this level could have how this market could have met a high here and it could have rolled on over, but, if you’re in a consolidated market hopefully you’re sticking with the idea that this thing could push potentially all the way back up into the high okay, but you have to be able to identify that the markets consolidated or not okay by just again looking out on those larger timeframes alright, but notice market comes back up in this is still a fairly weak leg, so you may even see the market come down and rest on rest on certain levels okay tries to push out again comes on down okay notice that there folks again this was a still juice was still a weak leg this was still a weak leg and not only that we found value right here at these levels, so you see the market pull on over it still wasn’t it we still didn’t have enough buyers to push out of that high here, because we’re now at strong structure okay and, then eventually you probably have the market finally coming back up in the structure and finally being able to penetrate and hold certain levels alright, but this level wasn’t strong enough here I’m going to go back over to potentially available this level wasn’t strong enough here for it to break that high okay, so it’s obvious that this market has the rollin over now how far can roll on over again you just once the market starts doing this thing and starts creating certain of price structures that are harder to identify, then you know you really it’s hard to it’s hard to say, but this price structure here was one that I identified that I use very regularly and guess what folks it panned out to be fairly well, but notice as price continues and continues to create more levels and more levels it’s kind of hard to kind of figure out exactly where you can take the market to, because, then what happened it becomes it just gets in a tighter and tighter range alright um, so, if we keep pushing forward folks again it’s the same thing it’s the same thing we’re telling the same story you see the mark to come up boom market comes up retraces finds more buys and, then boom why do they come up into this level well obviously we couldn’t hold this little level here market comes up into this level and they was able to break that low okay remember that’s just going to keep happening in this trending scenario all right I mean is a range-bound scenario, so understand how mean divergence happens folks you want to see a lot a lot a lot of volatility all right notice when there’s not a lot of volatility you don’t really have a high you don’t have a high opinion of what the market’s going to do, but notice this boom we see a ridiculous amount of volatile volatility coming to the market, so when we have a large or tradesmen remember the more volatile the market the more market participation is you know at at its extremes okay the more likely it’s going to deviate back down in the structure, so, if we only look at the price formations and the market formations the structural for makers that have these largest enormous candles okay is that our is that your edge maybe that’s what you’re trading okay, if you’re trying to trade little scenarios like this you know that have the smaller candles yeah maybe there still is the probability that the market may you know revert back down in the structure, but you have to ask yourself huh how much volatility should I look for, so, then you can start systematically creating an actual model and saying hey look I need to see the market you know on a 30-minute time frame I always see candles at this size or in a round this size give it dimension okay, so let’s see what how long these candles aren’t here all right, so here we a 28 pip candle in a 30 minute time span is that enough for you to say whoa that’s a lot of volatility we should see this market pull on over I don’t think there’s going to be more intraday market money trying to bar the market up at those level there okay is that is that how large of a candle you need who knows who knows I’m just drawing it up here I’m just I just want you to ask these questions, so you can start building a model okay, so, if you pull on over again notice this here notice this here we have a huge extension to the upside all right now ask yourself is this a level that the market can be that the market can hold okay um we know that we’re at the high, because, if we pull back over we were at the high previously over here at these 76s levels these high 76 s and as we know the Aussie has had a horrible time breaking outside of that uh breaking outside the 77 level even since 2015 okay, so you’re just now asking yourselves huh can the market to sustain eat I notice I didn’t start really one enough I didn’t really draw up any levels in this mess, because the markets too choppy is too ugly, but I loved the series of extensions here, so this may be a move where I could see the market revert back down into structure there knowing that it’s a trending market okay, so, if you pullin over boom market it does break the low where does it find its level fun structure here it finds its low here at structure again and, then we kind of range down and, then eventually we do see the market full don’t over okay, so again guys volatility is something you need to look out for, if I pull out and see this thing on the larger scale this is the price move that we were playing in here okay, so volatility is something you need to look out for volatility is your friend all right every time we see an immense amount of buying happening you see oh the larger retracements coming in okay, so that is going to give you a better opportunity all right and, so understand I mean look at it, but huge amount of volatility what do we get what do we get we get extremely large candles here we get to what to 20 20 30 pips candles in a row on a 30 minute time frame we have an immense amount of selling coming back into the market okay same thing here boom huge sell we have a huge buy able to divide this cell was able to get the market to break this high here okay again very interesting all right, so and as of right now we are on Presidents Day, so the market is very illiquid right now okay and even since, then we did have the market sell-off here, but guess what look what happened the market sold off here and, then what did it do it came back up infrastructure found the inefficient level alright where the market deemed itself is again expensive and now rolled back over, so now what can we see who knows alright we’re going to see what happens on a Tuesday Wednesday Thursday for the rest of the week, but you should just use this to objectify your trading okay this should be able this should help you conceptualize that mean divergence are right and understanding that playing trend playing trending style of trading strategies can really be dangerous in terms of how you’re going to be executing for in in day trading okay I like to use range bound strategies when I’m day trading I like to pick tops okay in bottoms now I know that sounds again it sounds very improbably, because everyone says I’ll never pick tops and bottoms roll with the trend you know no statistically you can see how, if you try to what shrink what trend here, and, if you roll with the trend here I bet you’re going to get washed out I pay you’re going to get washed out, so it’s, so important to understand the positioning of the intraday money when intraday money can’t go any more long or any more short understand that it’s going to revert back down into where it perceives its value to be you may have the underlying sentiment have smaller range-bound smaller smaller retracements okay just like here euro look couldn’t retrace back up into the high why underlying sentiment guys people didn’t want to, but people didn’t want to start buying the market all the way back up, because they understand that the market was pushing to the sell side all right and, then eventually see the levels get broken now notice how choppy it’s getting now I wanted to get, so choppy here well that’s, because, if I pull out to a four-hour you guys will start to notice that we’ve come back down into structure here okay, so that’s that same level right here that we were just looking at alright and this is at euro USD let me pull over into the daily, so again you can understand how price can shift in terms of its actually patterns okay, so notice came down into that fifty percent retracement their market found value alright and now again we started to see some buys come in and I’ve actually been one of the I think I’ve wanted to take this intraday by up in the structure there, because of this move here I saw the market pushed down I felt as, if we pushed down a little quick okay I felt as, if this level here to be broken and I felt as, if we could push to those highs there and I think we’ve come up in here into these 40s okay, so that’s something I am looking out for guys, if you have any other questions let me know, but I will continue with the segment with the best Forex intraday trading strategy, so remember traitors define meeting the cattle is the defining the variables that make the market move okay kind of day you have support and resistance yep noon you have fractal something that I go over intensely inside top trader Pro and again you have mullet ility understanding those variables and align them to an actionable system is the business okay is the business of conceptualizing a really good day trading strategy alright, so again you can have technical analysis yeah you can have moving averages and you can just stick to your technical’s in again I’m not saying that it is imperative to understand news on the only higher levels and understand monetary policy and stuff like that, but just understanding the underlying sentiment of market decisions is extremely important, and, if you don’t know, and, if you’re missing out in Lenny’s cattle there is some trait of the world that isn’t and that is using it to their.

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