The Blog Traffic Challenge Get More Blog Traffic (Hopefully)

hey guys welcome to profit copilot it’s Mike Meany here again and today I’m going to announce the start of a 30 day blog traffic challenge so what I’m gonna do is set up a new website a new blog start entirely from scratch so no contacts no email lists no affiliates nothing like that no social media profiles it’s a brand new domain name so there’s no following its associated with the domain name it’s completely from scratch in for the next 30 days I’m gonna see how much traffic I can generate to the website and I invite you to follow along with me or at the very least monitor my progress and see if there’s anything that you can take from this journey that I’m about to embark on and use in your own websites and on your own blogs so you’re going to see exactly what happens as it happens I’m gonna tell you the methods that I use as I use them. So you can use them too if you like the results. Now you’re probably wondering what the website is I’m actually going to hold that information back I don’t want to skew the results so imagine if I put the website address here in front of you. Now then you might go look at that website might have other people looking at that website and that would skew the results so for that reason I’m going to hold back the website address for a while to do this properly we’ve got a few rules that we need to follow the first one is absolutely no spam we’re going to be respectful we’re gonna be low key low pressure we’re we’re going to be ethical at all times the second rule is we’re going to let the data guide us so we’re going to look at the analytics look at the metrics and that will determine the action we take. Okay, the topic of the content and the the the content we create has got to be heart centered and the third rule is we’re going to use at least two types of blog posts to do this so the first type that we’re going to use is temple posts you might know them as Cornerstone posts or pillar posts these are typically long how-to articles that are filled with passion and step-by-step tutorials to help people to achieve a B or C and it helps move them from from Stein point to an end point so we’re going to use a few of those over the next 30 days and then we’re also going to use speedy posts these speedy posts are quick and easy to make what we’re going to do is spend a few minutes every day creating these little speedy posts just so we have something on there every day and we’re growing the blog in terms of traffic hopefully and also in terms of content as well so everything that we produce is going to be of high value we’re not going to use at all spinners or any junk like that we’re going to use our brain we’re going to sit down and we’re going to write how centric content that actually delivers value and helps people and this is is going to be an exercise that leaves the niche in a much better place than when we found it. Okay, so we’re not we’re not creating junk here we’re we’re using our knowledge and our passions to to benefit other people even if it’s just a little bit. So if you want to grow your blog traffic join along with me get involved or just watch what I do. So if you’re interested in this hit the like button below give it a thumbs up and subscribe to the channel to follow along if you’re not already subscribed and we’ll see how we are at the end of the 30 days so I’m gonna leave it there for the moment thank you for watching and I’ll update you tomorrow with who knows how much traffic we’re going to get it could be maybe. You know. a handful of people who knows either way you’re gonna see the results as they happen so thank you for watching and I will see you tomorrow.

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