The fastest way to build your email list for free A lesson from Ray Edwards

hey everybody welcome to profit co-pilot it’s my Kamini here and I’ve just been listening to an awesome podcast by Ray Edwards it’s about giving away your best stuff for free in order to promote your website which in turn builds your email list which drives your sales so it’s all about giving value first before you can sell. Because I’ve just spent 30 minutes 30 something minutes listening to the podcast I’ve got immense value from it and content marketing is absolutely for everybody who sells online. So if you building an email list if you’re blogging if you’re a coach and mentor if you’re offering services if you’re a thought leader anyone who is selling something. You know. in particular advice. I mean that works really well for people selling information. But. You know. even if you have an e-commerce store there’s no reason why you can’t utilize content marketing and use that to bring traffic to your website people into your sales funnel and one of the really interesting points that I thought Ray was talking about was how nobody is born with a list everyone starts from zero. You know. we think about these big people in digital marketing and how they have massive customer bases massive followers massive email lists so even if you don’t have a list yet that’s okay. Because nobody started with one we all start from the same place in order to get attention we have to deliver the most value to the audience so instead of delivering thinly disguised sales pitches we have to start delivering actual content that really delivers results and then the more you do that the higher the frequency of your output that we high-value content the faster your audience will grow the faster you will build that email and recommends that you appear on every major social media channel that you can. Now this is something that I am really struggling with in my own business as. You know. I’m still getting to grips with social media I’ve built my own website to the millions of hits a month without social media and Ray recommends that you got to get a blog you have to be on YouTube you have to do podcasting and you have to be in print media as well and I know that’s that sounds like an awful lot of stuff and the podcast also points out that you have to be willing to sacrifice short-term gains for long-term profit. Now this is something that I have been telling you guys on my email list on my blog in on YouTube for a long time you got to think a long term you see so many people come along in our industry doing churn and burn that means they build an email list of fans of subscribers and then they start promoting product after product after product instead of delivering value and they’ve effectively just ruined their audience. So I advise I have always advised against doing churn and burn. Because. Okay, you can promote a product today and you’ll get a nice Commission for that and you’ll have money in your pocket today. But in five years time will your business beat us as healthy with that mentality. But if you put a high value content first then you won’t encounter that kind of problem. Because your audience will grow instead of shrink and then the last thing that Ray Edwards talks about is the practice of preeminence. Now this is something from Jay Abraham’s and it is to be the superior value provider. So you think about what your audience needs what they’re not getting from other marketers or content creators and you fill in the gap you you become the guy that gives them the stuff that nobody else is giving them and then Ray Edwards has got some action steps that you can take so three action steps first when he suggests is create your own content marketing plan and then the second step is to actually do the work and then the third thing that Ray Edward suggest you do monitor and track the stuff that works and then do more of that this stuff and you break it down it’s simple right anyone can do the stuff that we do and anyone can build a successful business with those three steps it’s not rocket science if it was I wouldn’t be able to do it myself it is. Because it is so simple that I can do it so there you go I’ve got immense value from roasts podcast today I thought I just have to share it with you guys. So if you like this article let me know let me know that this is the kind of stuff that you’d like to see more of by hitting the like button below and then subscribe to this channel hit the bell notification and you’ll get another article like this one tomorrow and that will help you get a little bit more freedom and independence through entrepreneurship so thank you for watching hope you have found immense value from Ray’s podcast thank you for watching and I will see you again tomorrow have a great day.

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