The Joseph Sugarman Framework for High Converting Sales Pages

today I’m going to give you the secret to writing highly effective high converting sales copy I’m going to give you the structure that you can use a framework to help you write sales pages vs ELLs blog posts podcasts any type of content that you use to persuade other people to embrace your message buy your product subscribe to your email list take some kind of action or belief in you or your message this is gonna be really beneficial to you so you’re in really good company today. Because I’m going to give you the exact structure that Joseph Sugarman uses to write high converting sales messages the whole purpose of this is to help your prospects construct mental images images in their mind that have immense value to them in association with your product so by the end of this article you will know how to hit both logical and emotional drivers that compel your prospects to take action so when it comes to creating your sales message the very first thing that you need to do is have a strong opening so the first thing you have to do is trigger interest and excitement that will hook your audience hook your readers and pull them into your content then the second thing that you have to do is develop the drama you need to explain why your message your product or your service is different to everything else out there. So you explain how to use the product or service in a new way and this builds on top of the initial excitement and then the third thing that you need to do is elaborate on the unique benefits of your products your service or your message. So you make the entire sales experience a very positive journey for your prospects and then the fourth thing that you have to do is to justify the purchase and identified the lasting value that they will obtain by buying into or believing in your message and then the fifth thing that you have to do is address potential concerns identify acknowledged and overcome the obstacles those barriers that prevent people from making the sale and then the sixth thing that you have to do is ask for the sale or ask for some kind of action to be taken this is the call to action and that is the structure that Joe Sugarman has used to write wildly successful sales messages I would actually inject one more step and that is to remove the risk so offer a guarantee of some sort maybe it’s a money-back guarantee maybe it’s a price match guarantee. But remove the risk of the purchase so once you have those seven steps to construct your sales message the next thing that you need to do is storyboard your content so think about the mental images that you want your prospects to experience to visualize as they read through your sales message think about the personality the tone of the content I’m going to show you how to use personality and the different perspectives that you can inject into your sales copy in another article. But for the moment think about the words that describe the complete mental image that you want your prospects to experience what you want them to visualize think about the nouns the objectives the verbs the adverbs really consider the language that you are using keep it simple keep it short if you can make sure the sentences don’t run on keep them really short and to the point think about the phrases common truths accept the truths in your niche think about the phrases that people tend to use so when you list all these out when you start writing this out and I know it is a bit of a process to go through. But nothing worth having comes easy right so when you go through this process and you’ve you you go through all the steps that I’ve given you in this article you will end up with a flow chart and that will help you to storyboard the content and help move your prospects through the different emotional states. Because the decision-making process is kind of the same for everybody and once we hit those key points we know exactly what type of sales copy to write so there you go I hope you found this useful if you have hit the like button below subscribe to the channel to hit the little notification bell and you will get another article from me tomorrow and that will help you get more independence and freedom through your website and through your mailing list so thank you for watching and I’ll see you again tomorrow.

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