The Stash Invest Portfolio After 2 Months!

What is up. ladies and gents and welcome back to the tech cash house. So if you like this content feel free to leave a like share and subscribe and hit that little notification button below to receive an update every single time the tech cash house uploads another article What is up. ladies and gentlemen and welcome back to the tech cash house so it’s time for a stache invest portfolio update. Now I’ve been putting $25 into my stash invest account each week. Okay, each each payment is subdivided into these five different accounts or these five different ETFs five dollars into each per week which has actually turned out really pretty well so far, okay. Now essentially what stash invest I have run experiments before and they’ve been conducted similar to this. But in this experiment I really wanted to try to buy some different ETF some different securities buy one just. You know. kind of try to come out on top and be as successful as I possibly could with the portfolio and so far, I really do think that that’s turning out pretty well so with all things being said it’s been about two months. Now I’ve put two hundred dollars of total capital into the portfolio which means that I’ve returned $13.50 so essentially the total return over here is a bit BS. Because this actually missed a total return for the account overall over the entire period of the account which is a couple of years or at least a year and a half so that’s not really too accurate I haven’t returned 58% with this portfolio I wish that I had. But I have not so really so far, I’m pretty satisfied. Okay, that’s thirteen dollars and fifty cents of growth over the past two months with really pretty minimal work I have done a bit of research I did research the ETF’s that I was actually buying. But this is good. Okay, this is easy. Because really anyone could do this right so the ETF’s that. I actually have our robots rising money machines social media mania internet Titans and American innovators. Now the highest scoring ETF so far, is robots rising with a growth of eight point seven one percent Internet Titans is not far behind with a growth of seven point four eight percent and really the other ones are still doing pretty well with all them being over five percent growth so that’s pretty satisfactory ok so like I said two months very little work really pretty easy it’s all set up on autopilot I’m satisfied with this the investments have been good I have made a decent amount of money and honestly it’s all working out pretty well so I’m probably going to continue this maybe indefinitely I don’t really know. I mean 25 bucks a week isn’t really all that substantial it’s decent. But I wanted to go for a more synthetic approach that I feel like people actually use when they invest instead of going with the lump sum approach I wanted to really kind of use the app as it is actually intended with incremental investments every week or every couple of weeks and my in my case every week so I’m really pretty satisfied with this I think it’s it’s good. Okay, when I recommend this amp to other people after two months and after having used it for a really long time. I would say I definitely would. Okay, the growth is good everything looks nice I’m happy and. Yeah, so anyway folks that’s the end of this little update let me know if you have any questions or comments and thank you all for watching I’ll see all of you in the next article and adios as always thank you so much for watching. It really means a lot to us here at the tech cash house the tech cash house is funded by viewers like you. So if you enjoyed this content feel free to check us out on patreon as always it’s been Mike from the tech hash house signing off.

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