The Stash Invest Portfolio After 5 Weeks!

alright ladies and gentlemen welcome back to another quick article on this New Year’s Eve hope you’re all having a good one and are enjoying yourselves out there in this article I kind of wanted to give you an update on the stash invest portfolio and how it’s been doing lately and essentially what I’ve been doing with it. So if you weren’t aware or familiar with what I’ve been doing lately I’ve been putting twenty-five dollars into the stash portfolio each week five dollars of which go into each of these different ETFs robots rising money machines social media mania internet Titans and American innovators so it’s kind of an even spread across those different ETFs. Now if you look at these you might notice that these are actually somewhat technology centric and I shouldn’t even really say somewhat. Because they are actually pretty focused on technology and with that being said technology in the past month or slightly over one month hasn’t really been performing all that well over the past year high technology funds such as XT or V GT I believe anchor Technology Fund have been performing extremely well however certain sectors don’t always perform well consistently or constantly over a longer period of time so while they have been performing well in 2017 while technology stocks have been performing well in 2017. I personally think we might see a bit more of a slump with technology stocks in 2018. Now there wasn’t a ton of innovation in 2017. But companies such as Tesla we’re still making waves with their specific technologies that they’re releasing if we look at AMD also they released a new line of processors that really had the ability to compete with Intel more in a direct manner than ever before really and technology innovations like that really make a huge difference especially when it comes to technology stock prices rising. But if you’re always invested in technology. You know. exponential technology funds where technologies are expected to grow exponentially to really continue to poor perform well you might not see as consistent of performance of time obviously over shorter periods such as the year or the past few years you might see more explosive growth. But you will have periods where the stocks and ETFs kind of slow down also and then I think is what we’re seeing on the stash invest portfolio here so it’s been performing fine I not anything too exceptional. But it’s definitely been alright and I’m. Okay, with everything performing the way it is so far, in terms of stash. Because it has at least held on to the value of the initial investments it hasn’t really grown a ton. But it hasn’t really lost anything either of course you do pay one dollar per month with stash so in terms of fees we’ve had about a dollar and and and slightly more. You know. theoretically pardon me with the five week outlook however that isn’t really a major contributing factor when it comes to the lack of performance here. But it’s only been five weeks at the same time and not a whole lot of money was invested upfront so like I said this is really kind of a more realistic approach to using the app if I were going to be investing. You know. in kind of a slower more methodical manner I would probably approach investing like this I would put a certain amount of money in the portfolio each week and then kind of let it grow from there and see how everything goes and that really lets you adapt as you go also which i think is really pretty important so anyway that’s an update on the stash service portfolio it hasn’t really done a whole lot over the past five weeks it’s been okay. But it hasn’t really been anything revolutionary so anyway just wanted to give all of you an update and hope you enjoyed the article and have a great New Year’s Eve this channel is powered by viewers like you. So if you like the content visit our patreon page if you make a donation your name will appear in every single article you.

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