The Two Simple Indicators I Use for Forex Scalping

a traders and investors Tyson Clayton here hey I wanted to put together a quick video talking about scalping indicators we’ve put together a video before talking about what the scalping market is what you do when you scalp trade alright, but, let’s talk about the indicators we can use these are just some of the indicators that I love using when I scalp the market now first of all, let’s remember what we do when we scalp when we scalp we’re looking to get in today right now and get out as fast as possible, so we can get paid, and then go do other things, let’s talk about some of these indicators we can use there’s something called moving averages I talked about that in another video also moving averages essentially just the average price over a certain period of time one of the ways that scalp traders love to use moving averages they plot two moving averages together and they look for crossovers right, so, let’s just hypothetically say that this was a 21 period moving average the Greenline and this was a 5 period moving average when the 21 period or the 5 period crosses over the 21 period like right there that’s an indication that short-term price action is now starting to overtake longer term precession and we want to look to buy scalp triggers we’ll jump into that opportunity a lot of times we’ll get a rise higher we’ll look for on the downside as we’ll look too short or sell when we get the cross of the 5 period over the 21 again 5 and 21 are just examples you can use settings such as 5 + 13 7 + 24 all sorts of different settings, but this is moving averages again as you can see what we’ll do is when price moves higher we’re going to look for that short term moving average to cross above the longer term and that’s when we’re going to write it higher, and then the opposite is true on the downside we want to just ride the waves now moving averages are awesome to use for entry techniques, but they can lag a little bit, because they’re behind price it’s looking at the average of the last 5 days or five hours or 21 hours right here’s what we want to do we want to combine this with other indicators such as the parabolic SAR what does SAR its stop and reverse what we like to do is we like to combine entries with moving averages with parabolic stop and reverses as you can see here or what a pair of stop and reverse does not to get real technical, but what this does is it’ll track along with price much closer and it uses what’s called pivot points right, so these little peaks and valleys it uses these pivot points and when price is able to break through that pivot point the parabolic stop and reverse will cut through price aggressively instead of floating through price it’ll cut through and it’ll go to the top side, and then when price comes down and it cuts through this top side pivot it’ll cut through aggressively to the downside and as you can see, so what traders will do is they’ll use the entry points like right over here enter over here on this long, and then we’d use the exit for the parabolic stop and reverse when we get that shift to the upside these are just two examples of some amazing indicators that scalping traders use we have many more that I’d love to go over I’d love to invite you to one of our live trading sessions I want you to sign up right now we’ll see you in the trading room.

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